Advent Technologies Methanol Fuel Cell Supplies Highly Efficient Heating and Cooling in New CHP Offering

Advent Technologies Methanol Fuel Cell Supplies Highly Efficient Heating and Cooling in New CHP Offering

In a new CHP offering, Advent Technologies’ methanol fuel cell provides extremely efficient heating and cooling.

Inc. Advent Technologies Holdings (NASDAQ: ADN) (Advent or the Company) released the mobile SereneCHP (combined heat and power) 5kW system. SereneCHP significantly boosts efficiency by enabling users to mix and match heat and power output by powering a heat pump.

Up to 10.5kW of cooling or 13 thermal kW of heat can be produced by the SereneCHP system. The unit provides for the immediate needs of logistical centers, defense operations that are mission-critical, housing, and critical infrastructure in off-grid locations.

Mr. Vasilis Gregoriou, Advent Technologies CEO and Executive Chairman of the Board said:

For organizations and businesses that require heat, cooling, and power today but are located in remote areas or difficult grid locations, Advent’s SereneCHP solution is a game changer.

“We are listening to the world’s demands and adapting our technology to support the global move to decarbonize with solutions that bring us one step closer to our net zero future,”

For the SereneU 5kW unit from Advent, batteries, an inverter, and a fuel tank, the SereneCHP uses easily accessible methanol as the hydrogen source. By utilizing the heat exhaust from the fuel cell, the SereneCHP can increase thermal capacity above and beyond that of the heat pump with which it operates. The SereneCHP’s main benefit is flexibility; when less heat is needed, more electrical power is available, and vice versa.

Depending on the geographic needs of the customer, the interchangeable energy solutions of SereneCHP can be combined in various ways. To provide 3kW of heat and 3.5kW of electrical power without a heat pump, combined heat, and power, for instance, uses an add-on heat exchanger.

This is the best option for lighting up small and medium-sized structures in remote locations or in grid-stiffening situations. Another option is used primarily for heat, with optional power generation. Using Serene fuel cells, for instance, a heat pump can generate 1.5kW of electricity and 8kW of heat. The fuel cell’s cooling capacity of 10.5kW makes it perfect for backup in off-grid and patchy grid areas.

Essentially eliminating the need for diesel generators or combining with other renewable energy sources, Advent’s new fourth generation product can operate autonomously 24 hours a day to provide a primary source of energy. The SereneCHP helps users get closer to their net zero goals because of its significant CO2 reductions.

SereneCHP also makes clean electricity and heat (or cooling) available to residents of areas with poor infrastructure. With readily available and portable liquid fuels and biofuels like methanol and biomethanol, the SereneCHP can be quickly deployed.

Relying on Advent’s patented HT-PEM technology, the SereneCHP has the following advantages:

  • Autonomous operation via an automatic start and stop charge, allowing for fast deployment for urgent needs;
  • Mobility by being light and easily portable;
  • Performance in extreme conditions of ambient temperature -20°C to 50°C, as well as in dense air pollution and heavy humidity;
  • Fuel flexibility with the ability to use​ methanol and biomethanol today, and hydrogen/eFuels in the future;
  • Eco-friendly by lowering CO2 emissions by 80%-100%, and eliminating nitrogen oxides (NOx)/sulfur oxides (SOx) emissions and particulate matter;
  • Low noise at <50 dB(A) vs. 85 dB(A) of a diesel generator;
  • Low operational costs with a 30%-80% fuel savings versus diesel and far lower maintenance requirements.

About Advent’s Serene

Advent’s line of Serene solutions includes the core SereneU unit, which is a 5kWfourth generation methanol-powered hydrogen fuel cell that can be configured and/or stacked to meet energy needs up to 250kW.

The SereneU is based on Advent Technologies’ proprietary membrane electrode assembly (MEA) and high-temperature proton electrode membrane (HT-PEM), which together not only allow for higher efficiency and performance in extreme temperatures, but also for a lower total cost of ownership and reduced start-up time, while offering fuel flexibility.

pertaining to Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc.

Holdings for Advent Technologies Inc. is a Corporation based in the United States that creates, produces, and assembles complete fuel cell systems as well as gives customers access to crucial fuel cell components for the renewable energy sector. Advent is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with offices in California, Greece, Denmark, Germany, and the Philippines.

Advent holds the intellectual property (IP) for the next-generation HT-PEM, which enables various fuels to function at high temperatures and under extreme conditions, providing a flexible fuel option for the automotive, aviation, defense, oil and gas, marine, and power generation sectors. Advent holds more than 150 patents issued, pending, and/or licensed for fuel cell technology.


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