Anker’s Versatile Power Bank Charger is Back to Its Lowest Price Ever

Anker's Versatile Power Bank Charger is Back to Its Lowest Price Ever

The wall charger/power bank from Anker is offered at a 30% discount, the lowest price ever.

Power banks are great devices, giving you an extra boost of juice right when you need it. There are many excellent power bank choices available, but Anker’s 733 hybrid wall charger stands out because it gives users access to a power bank that can also function as a wall charger. In addition to being practical, this serves the dual purpose of ensuring that your power bank is always charged before you leave the house. A substantial 30 percent discount is available for a brief period on Anker’s 733 power bank.

There are two USB-C ports and one USB-A port on the Anker 733 hybrid charger. When connected to an outlet, it can charge at up to 22.5W on the USB-A ports and up to 65W through the USB-C ports. The majority of laptops, tablets, and smartphones should be able to operate with this. Additionally, this charger doubles as a 10,000mAh power bank, offering more than enough power for all of your devices.

One thing to note though, is that when this device is used as a power bank, the charging speeds will change, with the USB-C port providing a maximum of 30W, while the USB-A port still maintains 22.5W of charging. It also does have limitations with charging speed when all the ports are being used and charging three devices simultaneously. However, this is a very smart device that gives you the best of both worlds for the most part. You have a limited time to purchase this if you’re interested at a reduced cost. Just make sure to clip the $30 coupon to receive the discounted price even though it has a $100 suggested retail price.

Reference: xda-developers

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