Are Lithium Batteries Allowed on Planes? Why?

Are Lithium Batteries Allowed on Planes? Why?

For lithium batteries that you bring on your flight, there are guidelines. You must make sure that your battery or device can be transported and that you know how to pack them securely.

When it comes to traveling by plane, there are limitations. A lithium battery-related restriction is one of those. They might be small, but imagine the impact if they start a fire on board. Lithium batteries have a number of dangerous properties, including the ability to generate high temperatures, ignite, short circuit easily, and start uncontrollable fires.

But don’t worry, we have put the information together to help you understand the rules of lithium batteries on planes.

Are Lithium Batteries Allowed on Planes?

In the event of a short circuit, lithium batteries can rapidly lose their power. This can occur when exposed terminals on spare batteries and power banks make contact with other metal objects, such as a. coins, keys, etc.

Both carry-on and checked baggage containing lithium polymer or lithium metal are prohibited from being brought onto airplanes. Recently, lithium batteries have been in the news. Imagine that the dangers of thermal runways resulted in a single cell catching fire.

On YouTube, there have been popular videos featuring a variety of technology, from earbuds to hoverboards. The videos displayed these devices catching fire.

Are Lithium Batteries Allowed on Planes? Why?

Aviation authorities have prohibited some of these devices from entering aircraft, and the most recent ban involved Samsung Note 7 smartphones coming from the USA after it was established that they could cause fire and explosives. If batteries must be brought onto the aircraft, there are precautions to be taken, and they must be kept completely apart from other flammable materials.

Before you board the plane, check out these devices:

Quick Lithium Battery Guide

A quick list of battery types, whether they can be transported, and how to pack them is provided below. You only need to be aware of the power rating of your battery or gadget.

Low Watt Hour (Wh) Rating Or Lithium Content

  • Lithium-ion (polymer) batteries not exceeding 100 Watt hours (Wh)
  • Lithium metal batteries not exceeding 2g lithium

commonly found in shavers, power banks, laptops, cell phones, and power tools.

Medium Watt Hour (Wh) Rating Or Lithium Content

  • Lithium-ion (polymer) batteries between 100-160 Watt hours (Wh)
  • Lithium metal batteries between 2-8g lithium (for medical devices only)

Jump starter packs, some drones, ride-on toys for kids, and commercial cameras all frequently use lithium-ion batteries. You are approved to carry these batteries if the following requirements are met:

  • Installed electronic equipment in either carry-on or check-in baggage
  • Only keep spare lithium-ion batteries that are protected from short circuits and damage in carry-on luggage. Limit of 2 per person
  • For use with personal medical devices only, spare lithium metal or alloy batteries. Only in carry-on bags that are secured against tampering and short circuits. Limit of 2 per person
Are Lithium Batteries Allowed on Planes? Why?

High Watt Hour (Wh) Rating Or Lithium Content

  • Lithium-ion (polymer) batteries exceeding 160 Watt hours (Wh)
  • Lithium metal batteries exceeding 8g lithium

frequently found in e-bikes, self-balancing boards, and some types of skateboards. These large batteries pose an unacceptably high risk. We cannot accept them on board.

How Do You Travel With Lithium Batteries?

  1. Smart Luggage – Some recently manufactured suitcases have built-in charging ports for your phone. It’s important to keep in mind that many airline policies forbid them from traveling, regardless of how laid-back they seem. Built-in lithium batteries are present in these bags. It is advisable to check your luggage to make sure lithium batteries are present. Take them out of your luggage and bring them on the flight.
  2. Lithium Spare Batteries – If you really need to bring extra lithium batteries, you should pack each battery separately in your carry-on luggage to keep it safe and stop short circuits. In order to protect the exposed terminals, we advise keeping them in their original packaging.
  3. Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Pens – Even though some airlines still consider vape pens to be dangerous, you should check with them first in case the policies have changed. Otherwise, lithium battery-powered electronic cigarettes are only permitted in carry-on luggage on airplanes.
  4. Power Banks and External Chargers – Lithium-ion batteries are built into power banks and external chargers that are used to recharge other electronics. You should move them with the same caution you use when moving spare lithium batteries.
  5. Shipping Lithium Batteries– All shipping requirements should comply with aviation authority guidelines. For the cargo composed of lithium battery devices – laptops and phones being shipped and you as a staff you are not sure whether they are separately packed, kindly contact your business representative for further assistance.

Conclusion: Are Lithium Batteries Allowed on Planes

It can be very difficult to transport lithium battery-powered devices on board. Since they pose a risk of starting a fire, they are not allowed on airplanes. However, there are those who are entirely not allowed while others are allowed.

We advise carrying your battery-operated devices in your carry-on bags whenever it is practical if you must travel with them.


What Happens If You Have a Lithium Battery in Checked Luggage?

Such a risk exists, in fact, that the FAA has just released a new warning about the potential harm such batteries could do to aircraft and the people inside, effectively calling for their outlaw. Lithium batteries present a risk of both igniting and fueling fires in aircraft cargo/baggage compartments.

Can Lithium Batteries Go in Hand Luggage?

You are allowed to transport up to two 100-160Wh or 2-8g lithium batteries. In your carry-on luggage, you are allowed to bring up to two non-spillable batteries.

Do Airlines Scan Checked Bags for Lithium Batteries?

The bags are scanned for security, not specifically for lithium batteries. A lithium battery will travel with you if you leave it in your bag.

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