Are Suitcases With Batteries Allowed on Planes?

Are Suitcases With Batteries Allowed on Planes?

If you want to travel with your suitcase with batteries, you should know whether it is allowed on planes. And here is the information for you.

As smart luggage becomes more popular, more airlines are enforcing restrictions to ensure the safety of passengers during flights. Can you travel with this kind of smart luggage then? Furthermore, are they permitted on airplanes by airlines?

You can fly with smart suitcases with lithium batteries on most airlines if the battery is removable. Let’s dive in and see what air travel authorities and airlines say about flying with smart luggage.

Are Smart Bags Allowed on Planes?

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the IATA, and the majority of airlines did not previously have any restrictions on flying with smart luggage or luggage with chargers, but the majority of suitcases at the time were constructed with lithium batteries already installed.

However, after 2018, the majority of aviation authorities and airlines began to forbid smart luggage with non-removable lithium batteries both in the cabin and in the cargo.

That is when many smart luggage companies took the leap and adjusted their products to include removable batteries and other types of batteries like the AAA type so passengers can keep track of their bags even when transported as checked luggage.

The lithium battery or power bank must be detachable today for almost any airline to accept smart luggage as carry-on or checked luggage.

Are Suitcases With Batteries Allowed on Planes?

Therefore, you are now free to travel with your smart suitcase on any airline, including American, United, Alaska, and Delta.

You might be perplexed as to why the battery needs to be accessible even in carry-on luggage. However, airlines advise against doing that in case the bag is checked at the gate or on the aircraft, or if there is no room on the aircraft.

It should be noted that the battery can remain inside the case as long as the bag’s features are turned off and kept in the overhead bin. The majority of airlines advise against charging the bag on board.

Before you board the plane, check out these devices:

What You Should Know About Airlines’ Smart Luggage Ban?

The FAA and the majority of airlines forbid carrying lithium batteries in checked luggage due to concerns over passenger safety.

Lithium metal batteries are known to be dangerous and can catch fire because of their dangerous materials, so any device that has a nondetachable lithium battery will not be allowed in checked luggage as well, lithium batteries should go only in carry-on luggage, and as long as most types of smart luggage are mostly designed around lithium batteries the same rules apply to them.

Are Smart Suitcases TSA Approved?

The TSA are those people who check your luggage at the airport to make sure that nobody is sneaking anything dangerous onto the aircraft.

Furthermore, they collaborate with airlines to maintain passenger safety and expedite screening procedures. They make no product endorsements and do not suggest any particular brand or style of bag or suitcase.

And so long as the battery is removable or has another type of battery that is not lithium or lithium-ion you are good to bring your smart suitcase in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Are Suitcases With Batteries Allowed on Planes?

Are Smart Suitcases Will Be Searched at the Airport?

Most of the time, the TSA or any other airport security will inspect all types of suitcases; however, if the suitcase cannot be perfectly scanned, 90 percent of the airport security will manually inspect the suitcase.

Make sure that you do not mistakenly place any prohibited objects inside your beautiful smart bag, especially flammable items, remove the battery, and take it with you on board in case you want to check in your suitcases.

What is Smart Baggage?

If this is your first time hearing about smart luggage, you may also have heard also about suitcases that follow you or luggage with chargers, they are suitcases built with rechargeable batteries some of them can be motorized and with advanced features, like charging smart locks, RFID, USB ports, or electric scales.

Any type of luggage with high-tech features like a GPS tracker, Bluetooth, or an electronic smart lock falls under the umbrella term “smart luggage,” as does any luggage with any other high-tech features. They may be used by travelers at the airport, or you may have seen a YouTube video of them.

Conclusion: Are Suitcases With Batteries Allowed on Planes

It will be necessary to take out the battery and bring it on the plane if a traveler intends to check their smart bag. The bag won’t be eligible for inspection if the battery can’t be taken out. Unless instructed otherwise at security, passengers who intend to board with a carry-on can leave the battery installed.

The rules of airlines don’t matter if you have a smart bag that runs on AAA batteries. Just keep in mind to choose a smart bag with an easily replaceable battery if you want one that will last you for many years.


Are Alkaline Batteries Allowed on Planes?

Batteries allowed in carry-on baggage include Dry cell alkaline batteries: typical AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt, button-sized cells, etc. consumer-sized lithium-ion batteries (up to 100-watt hours per battery).

Why are No Lithium Batteries on Planes?

Lithium batteries can produce dangerous heat levels, cause ignition, short circuit very easily, and cause inextinguishable fires. Because of this, renowned aviation authorities, including those in the USA, have prohibited the use of lithium batteries while flying.

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