Arlo Solar Panel Review: Read Before Buying

Arlo Solar Panel Review - SolarSena

In-depth information about the Arlo Solar Panel, which works with the Arlo Pro 2, Pro 3, and Ultra cameras, is presented in this article.

Consider buying the Arlo Solar Panel if you have any Arlo security cameras, such as the Arlo Pro or Arlo Go, so that they can be powered by the sun indefinitely. A wall mount and power cable for charging your camera’s battery is included with this panel.

Will the $108 investment be worthwhile, though? Let’s find out!

About Arlo Solar Panel

Any owner of an Arlo camera would benefit greatly from a solar panel. It is a solar-powered gadget that can recharge any Arlo cameras you own using the energy it has gathered. For simple installation, it comes with a wall mount and can withstand the worst weather.

Key Features

  • It comes with a 6-feet power cable to connect the panel to the camera
  • An adjustable mount for an easy installation is present
  • An installation screw kit is provided with the product
  • Compelete product guide
  • Window decal available
  • 0 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius are the acceptable operating temperatures.
  • can finish charging the security camera in 8–10 hours.
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  • Allows wireless charging
  • Energy conservation
  • Provides an environment-friendly powering option
  • Weather-resistant design
  • High sun-light capturing potential


  • There isn’t much space between the solar panel and the camera because of the short connecting cable—just 6 feet.
  • The cable is not designed in a way that makes it simple to hide.

Performance of the Arlo Solar Panel

The Arlo camera’s battery will be recharged by this solar panel, but the camera and panel cannot be farther apart than 6 feet in order for the power cable to reach.

There are solar panels designed specifically for Ring cameras, such as the Ring Solar Panel, if you’ve invested in one. The RAVPower Foldable Solar Panel is ideal for camping and other outdoor activities even if you don’t want to charge any cameras with it.

How Does the Arlo Solar Panel Perform in Low-light Conditions?

My house has a side that gets very little sunlight. The first to receive complete shade on my property is this side. Depending on the season, I would estimate that there are between two and four hours of sun per day. Will that be sufficient power to keep the camera charged? In order to find out, let’s actually step outside.

Solved: Solar Panel Charging - Arlo Community

On the side of the house that receives the most shade, I have a camera installed above the front door. It currently receives three hours or so of sunlight per day, roughly. I fixed the solar panel to the side of my house, connected it to the camera, and continuously recorded the performance. All of that is visible in the video.

After testing, I’m happy to report that even on this shady side of the house, the Arlo Solar Panel captured enough sunlight to keep the camera charged.

I was actually quite impressed to see that despite being in the shade, the area still has enough residual light to power the camera to some extent. Even though it is probably just a tiny trickle, at least the panel is receiving something.

The camera had been operating for about six weeks when I began this test, and the battery was all the way down to 53%. On the first day of testing, the battery life increased by 13%, and it took three days to fully charge this camera with three hours of bright sunshine. I loved seeing that.

How Does the Arlo Solar Panel Perform in Stormy Conditions?

There was a time when a storm threatened for roughly a week and a half. Every day was windy and rainy. The table cover in my backyard was buffeted by the wind, and this caused the backyard camera to detect motion, draining my battery all the way to about 35%. Because of all the rain, there was no sunshine.

Due to the storm, all I actually did was turn off the camera. I knew that receiving so many notifications was draining the battery, and I was sick of it. I turned the camera back on after the storm passed and the sun came out. The backyard battery charge took about two days to complete.

Remember that you might need to turn the camera off if it’s stormy or windy outside in order to keep it from going completely dead.

How Does the Arlo Solar Panel Perform in Sunny Conditions?

Arlo Pro Solar Panel charger available in Australia for $149 » EFTM

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t much to report here: in a sunny location, the solar panel charges about twice as quickly. Moving to the backyard will demonstrate this, as it receives significantly more sunlight than the front of the house.

That camera took about a day and a half to fully charge from its 50% battery strength, which is roughly twice as fast as in the shade.

Design of the Arlo Solar Panel

The solar panel’s layout is fairly simple. Just the panel itself and an 8-foot charging cable are included if we look inside the box. On the other side, there is the magnetic mount.

And a wall mount is included. In contrast to the camera’s included wall mount, which appeared to be fairly subpar and made of plastic, this one is robust. This one is much more robust and made entirely of metal.

Value of the Arlo Solar Panel

Because it is made with one straightforward task in mind—keeping the Arlo security cameras on—the sleek black and straightforward design is ideal for users. Instead of just charging the Arlo products, it would have been better if it could also charge other applications.

For Arlo users, it is the ideal charging station for all cameras, keeping wireless security systems fully charged through a variety of weather conditions.

Arlo Solar Panel Review: Read Before Buying

What Do Customers Say About Arlo Solar Panel?

Good products made by Arlo include solar panels. However, you should be aware of what previous customers have said about this product before you purchase these solar panels.

Arlo solar panels have a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Customers who don’t have to worry about using a ladder to change batteries laud it as wonderful. Others, however, discovered that when it’s cold outside, Arlo batteries won’t charge.

Arlo solar panels are also worth purchasing, as evidenced by the fact that 426 of the 552 customer reviews are favorable.

Conclusion: Arlo Solar Panel Review

For any Arlo security system, the Arlo Solar Panel is the ideal complement. Due to the sun’s free energy, all of the cameras will be powered indefinitely and you won’t ever have to worry about paying an energy bill. We can only hope that Arlo will soon be willing to charge other devices besides their own.

Arlo is a great option but read this in-depth review carefully before making a purchase. Good luck with your decision!

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