8 Best 510 Dab Pen Batteries 2023: Perfect Power Source

8 Best 510 Dab Pen Batteries 2023: Perfect Power Source

No matter what you’re looking for—a long battery life, simple activation, or affordable bulk—we’ve carefully chosen a selection of the best dab pen batteries.

  • Best Overall: ToQi 510 Threaded Battery
  • Largest Capacity: PCKT One Plus
  • Best Standard: Yocan Wit
  • Best Auto-draw: CCELL Rizo
  • Best Vape Pen Style Battery: CCELL M3B
  • Runner up: Nectar SP
  • Best Battery Life: SEM X Vmod 2

Look through the most common 510-thread batteries! There is a growing market for straightforward and effective 510-threaded batteries due to the increase in concentrated oils and prefilled 510 cartridges.

Many people are searching for the best 510-threaded dab pen batteries as a result of the increasing popularity of oils and oil cartridges, so Power Your Feed has put together a list of the top 510 dab pen batteries to help you better understand what’s on the market.

Best 510 Dab Pen Batteries

Best Overall: ToQi 510 Threaded Battery


A 510-thread battery device called ToQi has an intriguing and unique appearance. It is simple to use; all that is required to turn it on is five presses of the power button. The ToQi has three voltage settings: the minimum setting is 2.6V, the medium setting is 3.6V, and the maximum setting is 3.8V.

This 510 battery has an intriguing feature that allows you to pre-heat before your session begins, making the inserts work more smoothly and in a pleasant way.

Largest Capacity: PCKT One Plus

PCKT One Plus

An excellent improvement over the original PCKT One is the PCKT One Plus 510 Thread battery. Larger cartridges up to 11.5mm can be used with the One Plus. You can also preheat your oils to significantly improve the vapor’s quality.

The battery is one of the largest on the market with a 660 mAh capacity. The main issues with this device are its size and weight. Although it is a little larger than some of its rivals, it is still portable and light.

Best Standard: Yocan Wit

Yocan Wit

The Yocan Wit is a pretty good competitor in the 510-thread battery industry. The 500 mAh battery and three available voltage settings are standard for such a device. Although the material the device is made of occasionally makes the grip a little slippery, its small size really makes this device extremely portable.

Since all you need is a power outlet, the Yocan Wit can be charged using Micro USB, which is a little antiquated but still functional. The Yocan Wit isn’t particularly unique, but it’s good enough to be included on the list.

Best Auto-draw: CCELL Rizo

CCell® Rizo

The Rizo is one of the best batteries available today. You have the option of choosing between a high and low power setting while it is inhale-activated.

Absolute sensory pleasure is provided by subtle haptic feedback and led activation while you breathe in. Additionally, benefit from quick USB-C charging.

Best Vape Pen Style Battery: CCELL M3B


You can count on satisfaction with the CCELL M3B 510 pen battery. 3 heat settings ensure you’ll find the perfect power for all viscosities.

The sleek stainless steel housing makes for a stylish match with CCELL 510 threaded carts. Additionally, pre-heating any cartridge is a breeze with button activation.

Runner up: Nectar SP


The Nectar SP battery has a slim design similar to the M3b but makes vaping more practical with inhale activation. With a 350mah battery and 3.7v of power, it also has a lot of punch. The SP 510 thread battery is one for every 510-thread collection.

Best Battery Life: SEM X Vmod 2

SEM x V-MOD 2 Battery

You won’t ever have to be concerned about running out of power thanks to the V-Mod II! The enormous 900mAh vape battery provides up to 24 hours of continuous use, which is more than enough time for whatever your day has in store.

What is a 510 Thread Vape?

The term “510 thread” was originally coined by The eGo-T, one of the first vape pen batteries made by Joyetech. Ten 0.5 mm threads on tanks that are compatible with these pens are the inspiration for the name of the invention. It doesn’t necessarily need to have ten threads to be 510 compatible, despite the fact that this 0.5 mm threading is now standardized.

A 510-threaded battery, which happens to be the industry standard for the majority of atomizers and tanks, is technically referred to as a 510-thread vape. Nowadays, it’s most likely that when someone mentions a 510-thread battery, they’re talking about the ones designed to work with oil cartridges.

What Can 510-Threaded Batteries Be Used With?

  • Wax/Dab Atomizers– These atomizers (coils) are compatible with THC “solid extracts.” Crumble, honey, and wax are a few examples. These powerful coils heat up very quickly. Typically, these coils are sold along with a vape pen that has a 510 thread. For more information, see our guide specifically on dab pens.
  • Oil Cartridges– The most typical application for 510 Batteries is this. cartridges of THC or CBD oils that have already been filled and are prepared for use. Vaping oil cartridges is the easiest, least involved way to start vaping oil carts (cartridges).

How Do 510 Thread Batteries Work?

8 Best 510 Dab Pen Batteries 2023: Perfect Power Source

510-Both pressing a button and pulling a plug will charge a thread battery. Benefits and drawbacks are present in both.

  • Draw Activation is when the 510 thread battery senses the user take a hit and begins heating the oil. Although these gadgets are very simple to use, not all cartridges are compatible with them.
  • Button Activation is when there are tactile buttons that are pressed to begin heating your cartridge. Devices with buttons typically also have a voltage control.

Tips for Using 510 Thread Batteries for Oil

A 510-thread vape makes it incredibly simple to use a cartridge. To find your ideal dosage, start out slowly by taking small puffs with breaks in between. Here are some pointers to remember when utilizing different cartridges and 510 batteries.

  • Silica wicks might still be used in a few of the older oil carts. To avoid tasting burnt or dry hits, keep your variable voltage vape at a low voltage. Stay between 2.5 and 2.8 volts, if possible.
  • Newer styles of oil cartridges, like CCELL cartridges, use more current wicking that allows you to utilize more voltage without the risk of burning out your wicks. Typically, you can use them up to 3.3 volts.
  • Some oil carts use ceramic coil systems, which might need higher voltage than usual to produce a satisfying puff. Start at around 3.3 volts and try not to exceed 3.6 V or you might experience a burnt taste.
  • The battery life capacity of each 510-thread vape battery varies and is measured in milliamp hours, or mAh. In other words, your vape’s battery life will be longer the higher the mAh.

Here are some problems with dab pen charging and battery:

Conclusion: Best Dab Pen Battery

Our curated collection of 510 threaded batteries only comprises the industry’s best. We sincerely hope that this article has assisted you in selecting the ideal battery.

  • Best Overall: ToQi 510 Threaded Battery
  • Largest Capacity: PCKT One Plus
  • Best Standard: Yocan Wit
  • Best Auto-draw: CCELL Rizo
  • Best Vape Pen Style Battery: CCELL M3B
  • Runner up: Nectar SP
  • Best Battery Life: SEM X Vmod 2

Voltage is going to come down to personal preference, generally, the lower voltage will provide less visible vapor and better flavor, while higher voltage will result in larger clouds, but less flavor.


What Are 510 Batteries Used For?

510 batteries are mainly used for pre-filled vape cartridges, but they can be used with refillable oil tanks and 510 threaded wax atomizers.

Are Cartridges Included With 510 Batteries?

Some batteries include a refillable oil tank, but you won’t find any that include pre-filled cartridges, those are sold separately.

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