8 Best Solar Gate Openers 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

8 Best Solar Gate Openers 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking for the top eight solar gate openers for your property? To assist you in choosing the best solar gate opener for your house, we’ve compiled a list of the top solar gate openers.

  • Best Overall: Ghost Controls TSS1XP Swing Gate Opener
  • Best Budget: 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM123)
  • Best Premium: Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener
  • Best With Keypad Access: ECO-WORTHY Dual Solar Kit
  • Easy Installation: TOPENS DK1000S
  • Best Smart Gate Opener: Mighty Mule MM571W
  • Best for Roller Gates: Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B Solar Roller Gate Opener
  • Best for Light Duty Gates: Mighty Mule MM271 Solar Automatic Gate Opener

Solar gate openers are the best investment if you want to automate your gates on a budget. Once installed, you won’t need to get out of the car every time to open and close the gate, which is especially convenient during the winter and on wet days.

To ease you in the selection process, we have done a lot of research and shortlisted some top-notch Solar Gate Openers in the market followed by a detailed Buying Guide. Read on to get an idea of finding the correct option that meets your budget and requirements.

Best Solar Gate Openers

Here are the best solar gate openers:

Best Overall: Ghost Controls TSS1XP Swing Gate Opener

Ghost Controls® TSS1XP Kit: Solar Automatic Gate Opener

The Ghost Controls TSS1XP gate opener is the market leader for solar gate openers in general. The lifetime quality guarantee makes it unquestionably the simplest DIY installation available.

The Ghost Controls TSS1XP swing gate opener is safe, dependable, and quiet. It can open swing gates up to 20 feet wide and can lift 900 pounds. It can be operated remotely from up to 1,000 feet away.

Best Budget: 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM123)

10-Watt : 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM123) for Mighty Mule Automatic Gate  Openers : Amazon.in: Car & Motorbike

Unquestionably the most affordable solar gate opener on the market right now is the Mighty Mule 10-Watt Solar Panel Kit. It comes with everything you need to mount this strong, long-lasting solar gate opener quickly and easily.

Not only is this gate opener affordable, but it also lowers your electricity costs. Because its DIY installation allows for quick self-fixing and use, you don’t need to worry about any complicated setups.

Best Premium: Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener

TDS2XP Solar Heavy Duty Dual Gate Opener Kit | Ghost Controls

The Ghost Controls TDS2XP is the best option if you’re willing to spend a little more or are specifically looking for a solar panel swing gate opener at the top of the line. This solar gate is the one for you if you want the optional mobile phone control.

Best With Keypad Access: ECO-WORTHY Dual Solar Kit

Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with Remote Controller | ECO-WORTHY

Leading manufacturer of renewable energy products ECO-WORTHY is our fourth choice. It is very adaptable because ECO-WORTHY kits are available for all types of gates, including single, folding, and swinging. It has strong stainless steel arms that can support gates up to 661 pounds and 20 feet long.

A 20-watt solar panel, two 7Ah batteries, a smart control box, and an infrared beam sensor are all included in the ECO-WORTHY Dual Solar Kit. In order to give you multiple access points to your property, it also comes with two remote controls and a keypad.

Easy Installation: TOPENS DK1000S

8 Best Solar Gate Openers 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

The TOPENS DK1000S might be the solution for you if you’re hesitant to install your solar gate opener. It won our award for the simplest installation due to its detailed instructions and tutorial.

The DK1000S not only starts up quickly but also performs well while using little power. It is appropriate for both residential and commercial applications, and it has a lifting capacity of up to 1600 pounds or forty inches in length.

Best Smart Gate Opener: Mighty Mule MM571W

Mighty Mule MM571 Single Residential Gate Opener

Our top five is completed by The Mighty Mule MM571W, a well-known brand in the gate opener industry that rightfully won an award. You can use it with single swing gates up to eighteen feet long or 850 pounds, and it’s compatible with all kinds of fence types, such as ornamental, chain link, vinyl, and wood. You can quickly set up the device with its thorough setup instructions.

Given that Mighty Mule was the first to introduce smart gate openers and that they consistently produce top-notch smart products, we chose it as the best smart gate opener. For added convenience, you can operate your gate using your smartphone rather than a remote. A limited warranty of 18 months is also included with The Mighty Mule.

Best for Roller Gates: Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B Solar Roller Gate Opener

SL2000B Mighty Mule Electronic Gate Opener

Even though TOPENS makes the best gate openers for heavy-duty sliding gates, some homeowners who have lighter or smaller slide gates may find them to be too much. That’s why I made the decision to include the Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B Slide Gate Opener on the list; it’s a fantastic option for owners of lighter gates up to 1000 pounds in weight and 30 feet in length.

A slightly more potent option than the MM-SL2000B is the TOPENS DKC1100S Solar Sliding Gate Opener if your sliding gate weighs up to 2600 pounds. This model includes an adjustable soft start/stop feature, programmable obstruction sensor settings, and an auto-close feature that enables your gate to close automatically after a set period of time, just like its predecessor designs.

Best for Light Duty Gates: Mighty Mule MM271 Solar Automatic Gate Opener

Mighty Mule MM271 Single Residential Gate Opener

Don’t expect this model to handle any heavy-duty applications because it only has a 12-foot length capacity and a 300-pound weight capacity, making it ideal for small to medium-sized gates.

Additionally, this Mighty Mule model uses a 10-watt solar panel that must be purchased separately, just like other Mighty Mule models. You won’t have to worry about running out of power on a cloudy day with the 12 VDC battery backup system.

How to Choose a Solar Gate Opener?

We advise conducting extensive research in advance because buying a solar gate opener is an expensive investment. You should be well-versed in what to look for in addition to poring over product reviews. The best solar-powered gate opener for you can be purchased if you pay attention to our top buying advice.

  • Types of Gate Openers
  • Power Sources
  • Solar Panel Efficiency
  • Battery
  • Quality Controller
  • Additional Power Sources
  • Control Options
  • Ease of Installation
  • Energy Management
  • Water Resistance
  • Temperature Range
  • Model Size
  • Loop Detectors
  • Auto-Close
  • Quick Close
  • Motion Arrest
  • Extra Features
  • Solar Panel Power
  • Durable Material
  • Price
  • Warranty

Types of Gate Openers

Solar gate openers come in a variety of variations, so it’s important to understand these fundamental types so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Single Swing Gate Openers – When operating a single gate with a longer swing distance, this kind of opener is used. They need less hardware to perform a single automatic opener.
  • Dual Swing Gate Openers – If looking for double gates to have a wider driveway opening, then this type of opener is ideal. For each gate leaf, a different motor is needed.
  • Single Slide Gate Openers – The opener can control the slide gates and travel along a predetermined path because of its linear motion. This is an ideal option to arrange in places with less space (best space saver).
  • Dual Slide Gate Openers – Two of their leaves can freely move along the predetermined tracks. A dual slide gate opener’s distinctive components allow it to simultaneously control both leaves. You have to choose a suitable gate opener based on the driveway width and space.

Power Sources

Solar power is used to power solar gate openers. However, it is wise to compare different models and pick a choice that utilizes a variety of power sources. Therefore, you can use the solar gate opener in any weather, such as on cloudy days, rainy days, evenings, or winter days. In addition to solar energy, you can find models here that are powered by electricity or battery backups.

Solar Panel Efficiency

The solar panel’s efficiency will depend on the panel’s capacity and rate of power production. As a result, it ought to generate more power faster. In general, solar gate openers use either a 10W solar panel or a 20W solar panel. Some models use multiple solar panels to enhance their efficiency.

This is especially useful for people living in areas where the sunlight exposure is less (colder countries). Therefore, multiple high-wattage solar panels will help in observing much more sunlight and aid in the efficient operation of these solar-powered gate openers.

8 Best Solar Gate Openers 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide


The battery will dictate how frequently the gate is used. A battery is required for the gate’s proper operation if you intend to open it frequently. Furthermore, it has a longer lifespan to withstand repeated use. This automatic gate opener powered by solar energy can be perfectly operated by a deep cycle battery.

Mostly, these run on a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. If these batteries are not available, then you can go with either RV, AGM, or Marine batteries. Always remember that your first choice will be a Li-ion battery only because it lasts for a longer time.

Quality Controller

To make the solar gate opener operate quickly and easily, use a high-quality controller board. This will enhance the output of the solar panel. Additionally, the effectiveness of the keypads and other parts of the solar gate opener is influenced by the performance of this good controller board, which furthers its usefulness.

Additional Power Sources

A model that can be powered by additional energy sources in addition to solar power is what you should seek out. This will guarantee that you have a dependable power source even if the solar panel breaks down or there aren’t any sunny days.

Control Options

You have three ways to operate your gate opener: a remote control, a code lock, or a manual key switch. As the name suggests, a remote control will allow you to operate your gate from afar. You can operate several gates using a single remote control that some gate openers come with, which may have three or two buttons.

A range of up to 1000 feet is offered by some models for the utmost convenience, ensuring that you can always open your gate regardless of your location. On the other hand, if you want a more secure option, you should choose a code lock.

This will enable you to create a unique code that can be used to open the gate, adding an extra layer of security and privacy. However, since you must exit the vehicle and enter the code to open the gate each time, choosing this option could be quite inconvenient.

When there is no power, you can still open your gate using a manual key switch. In order to always be able to access your gate, you should choose a model that offers a variety of control options.

8 Best Solar Gate Openers 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Ease of Installation

Always choose a solar gate opener that is simple to install and requires little to no maintenance. If you are interested in installing the device all by yourself, then go with a solar-powered automatic gate opener that offers DIY easy installation, especially having handy tools around. If you don’t have much experience installing things, you might want to choose a model that includes professional installation at an additional cost.

Energy Management

How effectively the gate opener manages solar energy and its functions are determined by its energy management system. Ensure that your gate will deliver the correct amount of power, and has to consume less energy to extend its lifespan of the gate.

Water Resistance

You must look for the model that offers the best water resistance (waterproof) because these gate openers are typically used outside. In this way, no weather condition—rain or snow—will limit how well it works. Moreover, they come with an IP66-rated design with water, corrosion, and dust-resistance features. While some models have IP44 resistance standards.

Temperature Range

You must select the model that functions flawlessly in any of those conditions based on the climate or weather in the area where you currently reside. Most manufacturers create their gate opener models so that they function flawlessly outdoors in any kind of weather. To extend the life of the models, it is advisable to look for those that perform even better in extreme weather.

Model Size

The size of the gate opener is an additional factor to take into account. Some models are compact and light, whereas others are big and heavy. This is why you should make sure that the arm size is compatible with your gate’s size and weight, so it doesn’t obstruct the gate’s movement or cause any other hindrance.

Loop Detectors

Loop detectors are installed underneath the gate to look for any metallic objects, much like a metal detector. Once it does so, signals will be sent to an operating board that can then determine if the gate should remain open or closed.

8 Best Solar Gate Openers 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Although there are many different kinds of loop detectors available, the exit and safety loops are the most significant ones. As for safety loops, they will spot any obstructions in the driveway, like vehicles, and stop the gate from closing on them. A gate will open for metallic objects, on the other hand, if an exit loop detects them leaving the driveway. ensuring both your safety and the safety of your belongings.


Choosing a solar gate opener with this auto-close inbuilt feature will make you free from closing the gate after entering the property without wasting your time. To close the gate automatically within this time frame, all you need to do is set a timer.

Quick Close

Another great feature of solar gate openers is the ability to quickly close the gate to increase the area’s security. As soon as your car pulls into the parking lot, the gate automatically closes to protect your home or property from intruders or visitors.

Motion Arrest

This feature helps the gate to open and close slowly. If the gate opens or closes fast, there is a chance of damage to the gate. Some gate openers have sensor systems to look for obstacles as the gate closes. The gate will not close if there is any obstruction.

Extra Features

Some additional features that you should take into account for better purchasing choices. The opener kits and accessories typically change from one model to another. Some models include batteries, and 2 – 3 remote controls, while other models let you separately purchase the battery and might come with a single remote control.

Additionally, some models come with mounting brackets and cables for simple installation. It is simple to complete when you have everything you need in a single kit, even though you can buy each component separately.

Solar Panel Power

For your gate opener to operate properly, a strong motor and a strong solar panel are always the ideal combinations. You must select a model whose panel power corresponds to the needs of the motor. This idea is incorporated into most models’ designs for the opener’s best performance. You should use the manufacturer-recommended panel in the manual if the manufacturer didn’t include it in the specific opener kit.

Durable Material

The materials used to construct the solar gate openers should be strong enough to withstand any extreme weather, including hail, heavy rain, and hot, sunny days. You should pick a stainless steel 202-made solar gate opener, as advised. This substance offers built-in resistance to corrosion and is robust and long-lasting.


We advise you to compare the necessary features with your price range in order to make an appropriate, cost-effective purchasing decision. Choose a solar gate opener with those important features. Although they are not at all expensive, you will need to pay anywhere between $250 and $1500 depending on the features and warranty they provide.


The warranty should be taken into consideration before purchasing these gate openers because they are outdoor devices. This will determine their longevity, dependability, and robustness. The majority of manufacturers offer a one-year warranty on their products, but some also do. Additionally, we advise you to review online reviews and ratings as well as the manufacturer’s customer service. To answer user questions and address operational issues, these solar devices need some technical assistance.

How Do Solar Gate Openers Work?

Solar power is gathered, transformed, and then used to power your automatic gate by solar gate openers. The gate can be opened or closed at your command thanks to a solar panel, which is typically attached to a nearby post or pole and transfers energy stored during the day to the gate control box. Additionally, extra electricity from the day is kept in order to operate the gate at night when the sun is not out.

Typically, solar panels for solar gate openers are small to medium-sized, measuring 1 meter in height and 0.5 meter in width on average. The panels absorb and generate electricity that is transferred via cable to the gate’s system control box. This part is made up of two components: the 12V solar reserve battery and the power pack that supplies electricity to the gate.

8 Best Solar Gate Openers 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

How Do We Install This Solar Gate Opener?

  • Along with the safety equipment, gather all the necessary supplies and tools, such as wrenches and screwdrivers. Furthermore, wear safety eyewear and work gloves.
  • To make it simple to access the opener position, you should know exactly where to put this opener. It must be placed inside the perimeter of the fence or close to the middle of the gate.
  • Mount properly to assemble the post bracket and then go with the installation of the opener arm.
  • The stop plates that are mounted in the closed position should now be installed, followed by the control box.
  • Connect the power cable, the battery wires, and the solar panel together.
  • Now, connect the remote’s battery to the solar-powered opener to ensure proper operation.
  • Finally, run a number of tests to ensure that everything is connected correctly and operating to automatically open and close the gate.

Pros and Cons of Solar Gate Openers

The most significant benefit of solar gate openers is that they use renewable energy and are environmentally sustainable, among a plethora of other advantages. Like any other solar device, they do have some slight drawbacks as solar technology is still continuously working out the best possible solutions for so many different applications.


  • Solar gate openers are a sustainable and eco-friendly way to power your gate without resorting to grid electricity
  • They also cut costs and lower electricity bills. The fact that the solar panel (which functions as the main power source) is directly attached to the gate also means no additional wires or cables are needed
  • Gate openers of the solar variety are great to have during power outages, as they do not rely on traditional grid electricity


  • Solar gate openers work as the sun wills, just like any other solar-powered device. If one considers overcast, cloudy, or rainy weather, this makes them a little bit unreliable. If no solar energy is produced during the day, the solar component will not work all night (though most come with backup or alternative power supplies)
  • Even in ideal weather, the typical solar gate opener only gets used 10 times per day on average. You might have to invest in a larger battery for more openings and closings

Conclusion: Best Solar Gate Openers

Ok, so now you’ve read all about the top-rated solar gate openers available, all that’s left is to choose the right one for you.

  • Best Overall: Ghost Controls TSS1XP Swing Gate Opener
  • Best Budget: 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM123)
  • Best Premium: Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener
  • Best With Keypad Access: ECO-WORTHY Dual Solar Kit
  • Easy Installation: TOPENS DK1000S
  • Best Smart Gate Opener: Mighty Mule MM571W
  • Best for Roller Gates: Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B Solar Roller Gate Opener
  • Best for Light Duty Gates: Mighty Mule MM271 Solar Automatic Gate Opener

If you’re still debating, we’d like to reiterate that the Ghost Controls TDS2XP is our top-rated recommendation. This model has received excellent reviews, offers plenty of power regardless of the weather, and comes with a lifetime extended warranty.


Do Solar-powered Gate Openers Work?

Solar-powered openers can usually open and close a security gate about eight to ten times per day. You will require more power than that.

Are Solar Gates Reliable?

A solar gate is an effective way to protect your property, family, pets, and possessions. Fencemakers’ range of solar gate openers are guaranteed to work – they are reliable and secure.

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