15 Best Apps For Tesla Owners 2022: Easy Drive

15 Best Tesla Apps For Tesla Owners 2022

We list the best fifteen apps for you if you are a Tesla owner. You can also learn the guidelines on how to choose the right Tesla app for your car.

Even though Tesla cars have a ton of cutting-edge features, there are lots of mobile apps that can improve your life. The software function is where a lot of the money at Tesla Company goes in order for customers to enjoy incredible features.

Which Tesla owners’ apps are the best? We’ll look at the top fifteen Tesla apps for you in this article. Please keep reading.

Best Tesla Apps

Here are the best fifteen Tesla apps for Tesla owners:

Remote S For Tesla

Remote S For Tesla

Examine the extensive list of remote commands that are supported: unlock/lock the car, start/stop HVAC, roof control, temperature control, horn, flashing lights, calling for reverse/forward/stop, calling for HomeLink, starting/stopping charging, and opening/closing charge port.

In addition to remote control, Remote S for Tesla can reduce your charging costs, show you detailed usage statistics for your car, and let you easily operate more sophisticated features like repeated and queued commands.

The developer actively supports the app, which is the best part—new updates are regularly released. It costs $9.99 and is compatible with all iOS 8.0 or later devices.



Sentry Mode and the dash camera from Tesla are two of the over-the-air and feature upgrades I previously mentioned.

If you format a USB drive and plug it into one of the front USB ports, you can also have your car automatically save the footage from the cameras while you’re driving and record video when someone approaches it while it’s parked.

Although those are great advantages, you are unable to currently watch any of the videos in your car. In this circumstance, SentryView for iOS may be the best help.

Tesla Official App

Tesla Official App

The Tesla app’s best feature is that you can control a number of the features no matter where you are. You can check if your car’s software needs an update or see if it’s still safe in the garage. You can call your car to pick you up using the app if autopilot mode is enabled.

Anyone in your vehicle can change the music with the If you grant them permission, of course, the Tesla app can be used. You can blare the horn or flash the lights if you’re uncertain of where you parked it. With Powerwall 2, you can also examine the energy settings.


Tesla App

Spotify is the top Tesla app when it comes to entertainment, and few can match it.

Prior to the V10 upgrade, Tesla had only a few built-in music and streaming apps. The vehicle’s software update included Spotify as well as a few other streaming services. 

Although Spotify is the best option, you can still use the official Tesla app to manage your music selection.

AutoMate For Tesla

AutoMate For Tesla

The app’s user experience is average; it offers voice command functionality that you can use on your iPhone or Apple Watch to take calls and give instructions while operating a motor vehicle.

Although you must pay an annual subscription to use this app, you can access its free trial.



If you own a Tesla, you can utilize some of the most cutting-edge technology. TeslaFi is one of the best apps on the market, and there are some other great ones that are also included.

On the other hand, this app allows you to keep tabs on your car’s performance and obtain real-time information about it. Some car features can even be controlled by your phone.

When you first launch TeslaFi, grant it permission to use your device’s location services. Because of this, it can always locate you precisely.

Next, type a 4-digit pin code into the keypad on the screen. When changing settings, you must do this in order to prevent unauthorized changes by other drivers.



If you want an app that tracks your trips, your energy use, and your charging rates and displays the data in simple graphs, Stats is the best one for you.

The facts are the facts when it comes to Tesla apps. The navigation and panel layouts that support the experience are extremely user-friendly.

But Stats also adds a ton of exciting new functionality to your Tesla. You can also start the vehicle, control the climate, and access the trunk, frunk, and charging port because it duplicates all of the standard Tesla controls.

On your Apple devices, you can also use it to give Siri all the controls. You can program specific commands and rules for opening the trunk, warming up, and starting your car. To access this, you can use your phone, iPad, Apple Watch, or even the Homepod.



It offers an interactive map where you can look at all the EV stations nearby if you urgently need to recharge your car.

Even if you decide to go on vacation, it’s best for places you’ve never been. Additionally, PlugShare’s greatness is a result of the interaction between the community and it.

It is possible for anyone to rate and comment on stations, making it possible for you to select the best ones to visit. You can also add favorites and pay for the charging at participating businesses. Additionally, you can mark the ones you like the best as favorites.

Since it doesn’t give that information, you’ll need to use the official Tesla app.



You can control your vehicle more thanks to this app. It enables you to remotely lock and unlock your doors, control the cabin’s temperature, and dim the lights.

You must first download the app to your smartphone in order to accomplish this. Then you push the door handle button. The app will then request your confirmation before asking you to lock the door.

Nevertheless, if you have MyTesla set up on your smartphone. You’ll always be aware of how much battery life your car has left before setting out on your trip home!

The app will estimate how many miles or kilometers you have before running out of fuel based on your current energy consumption.

This feature will work accurately and be accessible, allowing you to change the temperature in your car and the music playing through the speakers.



Tesla vehicles produce a ton of data due to their extensive use of cutting-edge sensors, and they make this data accessible to their owners via APIs. Tezlab is one of the best apps for Tesla owners.

The data includes a variety of information, such as the average speed, patterns that are broken, starts and stops, and more.

The total efficiency, expressed as a percentage of the ideal mileage rating, can be calculated using all of this data.



A real-time crowdsourced database of Tesla Superchargers and a forum for connecting and exchanging information with other Tesla owners make Teslarati more than just a reliable source of news about all things Tesla.

Most Tesla owners are interested in what’s happening in the world of electric vehicles and what the future holds for Tesla as a company, perhaps because Teslas are fascinating cars or perhaps because electric vehicles, in general, are more than just a means of transportation.

The most reliable source of information on Tesla and electric vehicle news, reviews, and events is the best app, Teslarati.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors

Owners can speak with their cars and Powerwalls directly through the Tesla Motors app. It can also heat or cool your car for you before driving, control the locks, find your car or track its movement, flashlights and honk the horn, vent or close the panoramic roof, call your car out of your garage, and more.

This best app might not have as many features as Remote S for Tesla, but it has an easy-to-use interface and the endorsement of the world’s most significant and prolific electric vehicle manufacturer.



On this display, you have access to all information and features, including some top-notch apps.

However, ParkMyTesla is one of the best apps for Tesla owners. It’s an easy-to-use app that helps you locate parking spaces for your Tesla.

Start the app and enter your location. Utilizing ParkMyTesla, owners can locate parking spaces for their automobiles. Additionally, ParkMyTesla will provide a list of available parking spots, prices, and other information.

To find the best deal, you can even filter the results by price. To have ParkMyTesla direct you there after finding a location, tap it.



Every public charging station in the area is listed on the free best ChargeMap app. It also provides real-time availability data so you can modify your itinerary. To use the app, enter your location and the desired charge level. After that, the app will give you a list of nearby charging stations.

Once you’ve located a station, tap on it to view more information. The address, operating times, and price per kWh are all listed here. If you want a simple way to charge your Tesla, ChargeMap is the best app for you.

Scan My Tesla

Scan My Tesla

This app has the same feature as SentryView but the best app is available in the android version.

You can easily maintain and create a good trip plan by having access to all the statistics from all of your previous journeys, battery health, and many other things.

Guide on Choosing The Best Tesla Apps

This is a guideline on how to choose the best Tesla app.

Focus On Function

Many Tesla apps offer fancy tools that aren’t actually necessary. My recommendation is that you focus on the function that you need. Ignore all the chatter about other features and check to see if the function you want, which will show you the closest charging stations, actually meets your needs.

Check The Tesla Model

There are a few apps that only cater to some Tesla models. Each of them is covered by the official Tesla app, but not all of them are. Before downloading, make sure the software version is compatible.

15 Best Tesla Apps For Tesla Owners 2022


It helps if the Tesla app integrates well with the car’s system and functions. How well can you control the media in your car, and can it allow you to raise and lower the windows? You should also check to see if it integrates well with other mobile applications.

Read The Reviews

Like you, a lot of other people have looked for the best Tesla apps. Finding the best ones that work required a lot of trial and error. So, if you’re ever wondering if you should download an app, take a look at the user reviews to see what they say.

Final Thoughts

There are a ton of fantastic apps available, as you can see, that Tesla owners should have. The majority of these are merely convenient to have on your phone, enabling you to quickly locate charging stations nearby or to simply find all the most recent and exciting Tesla news.

Overall, you still can’t go wrong with the official Tesla app. No matter where you are, you can update the software in your car whenever a new version is available by using your phone. Additionally, you can use any of your car’s features, like autopilot or movie or music streaming.


Does Tesla Allow Third-party Apps?

Yes, Tesla does permit numerous third-party apps via an unofficial API, allowing you to use them to gain access to extra features and advantages.

Does Tesla Have Apple CarPlay?

By connecting to a Raspberry Pi using an in-car browser, you can use Apple CarPlay in your Tesla. Using multimedia buttons, you can control simple apps like Music and Maps.

Does Tesla Have An Apple Watch App?

Tesla has third-party apps on the App Store, but there is no official Tesla app for the Apple Watch.

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