BMW Charging Malfunction: How To Fix?

BMW Charging Malfunction: How To Fix?

Discover what causes BMW Charging Malfunction and what to do when the charging malfunction message appears on your BMW car.

Just because you drive a BMW doesn’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong. BMW charging malfunction is one of the many malfunctions you may experience. If your car won’t start in the morning and you’ve noticed a battery light that won’t go out, your charging system probably needs some attention.

If your BMW’s battery fails, stop as soon as it’s safe to do so, turn off all unnecessary electrical devices, and unplug any chargers plugged into the cigarette outlet and USB ports. Turn off your heated seats. The BMW charging issue can be fixed if you read this article.

What Does BMW Charging Malfunction Mean?

If your car’s battery light illuminates as you try to start it, that is completely normal. The light will turn on when you start the car, then it will go out shortly after. It will occur for all different kinds of vehicles.

On occasion, a warning light for low batteries that resembles a battery will illuminate and remain on the dashboard of a car. This indicates a charging system issue with your BMW.

If the problem persists, you will soon run out of battery life and your charging apparatus will stop working. Therefore, you shouldn’t avoid the issue.

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Problems That Cause BMW Charging Malfunction

Any number of things could go wrong with the charging. The following are some of the main causes of battery malfunction in BMWs:

Faulty Alternator

The root cause of charging system problems is typically a malfunctioning alternator. Generally speaking, the alternator creates current for the electronic parts of a vehicle to function properly.

The alternator malfunctions because it produces an inadequate voltage or inadequate voltage due to prolonged use. The battery warning light flashes as a result of this. Changing the faulty alternator out for a new one is the simplest solution to the problem.

Battery Problems

After three to five years, you should replace your BMW battery. Your driving habits, vehicle maintenance, and a number of other factors will all affect how it is.

Low battery power can sometimes cause charging malfunctions because they interfere with the charging process. You should replace it if the battery is the cause of the problem.

Corroded Wires And Connections

BMW Charging Malfunction: How To Fix?

Battery terminals and connections may corrode over time if you leave a vehicle component unattended for several days. To fix the problems, you simply need to clean the wires and connections.

Belt Issue

The alternator is spun by the serpentine belt with the assistance of the engine. The alternator will not be able to rotate or produce enough electricity if the belt malfunctions or breaks, which will result in a malfunction of the charging system.

Using Additional Electronics

The new electronic component is to blame if you notice a decrease in your car’s performance after installing it or after connecting a phone.

Computer Error

The battery light may turn on from time to time, and you might not be able to think of a good reason for it. It indicates that there is a programming error on the computer in your car. To fix the problem, all you have to do is reset it.

How To Fix The BMW Charging Malfunction?

  • Step 1: In order to check the battery voltage, you must first purchase a voltmeter. Positive and negative battery terminals on your car should be connected to the voltmeter.
  • Step 2: Measure the voltage after turning the car off. Your vehicle is in good condition if it displays between 12V and 12.5V. The battery is weak or the alternator cannot charge sufficiently if the reading is less than 11.5, though.
  • Step 3: For greater assurance, measure the voltage both when the engine is running and when it is idle. The battery and alternator are functioning properly if it produces 13.5 to 14.5V. The battery and alternator are unable to function properly if it is either below or above these values.

Alternators and batteries need to be replaced if they are the root of the problem. In order to replace those, it will be advisable to bring your car to a nearby mechanic shop. However, if you want to replace the alternator by yourself, pay attention to the visual instructions.

BMW Charging Malfunction: How To Fix?

More possible fixes:

  • Clean the battery terminals: The car battery light will typically be on if there is significant corrosion building on the battery terminal. All you need to do is use common household items and some elbow grease to clean the battery terminals.

The battery cables only need to be disconnected after the battery terminal covers are removed. Now begin to remove and scrub the terminals. You can scrub with any kind of brush.

  • Secure the cable clamps firmly: Verify the connections of all the wires. Use a wrench or a pair of pliers to tighten any loose clamps you find on the battery terminals.

Symptoms Of BMW Charging Malfunction

For balanced and effective charging processes, all newer BMWs employ a variety of monitoring systems. If there is a problem, the monitoring system will notify the driver with a warning message on the iDrive display about a charging malfunction.

On the dashboard, a red battery icon will also be illuminated.

Potential error indications and signs include:

  • Battery light on
  • Charing system malfunction on iDrive
  • Stop Carefully if the battery cannot be charged.

Is It Safe To Drive If The BMW Charging System Light Is On?

BMW Charging Malfunction: How To Fix?

When a warning light appears on the dashboard, most drivers are extra cautious. The warning light for the battery charging system is also present.

Because the electrical system can malfunction at any time, driving with a charging issue could leave you stranded.

It’s advised to keep moving cautiously toward where you can find assistance if the light comes on while you’re driving and in the middle of nowhere. But before your car leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere, schedule a visit with us right away.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A BMW Charging Malfunction?

Spend between $150 and $800, including labor costs, if you have a charging malfunction problem and want to take it to a professional mechanic.

The major differences in cost are brought on by various causes. Additionally, determining the true cause of the problem and fixing it will take anywhere from one to four hours.

What Is A Charging System?

A collection of parts, known as the charging system, keeps the battery charged and supplies electrical energy to the car’s electronics. The charging system also supplies power to the ECU, brainbox, relays, fuses, headlights, radio, and dashboard indicators.

Battery, voltage regulator, alternator, ECU, and wiring make up the charging system. It fulfills a variety of functions, including:

  • Provide power to the vehicle’s electrical components
  • Utilize the alternator to keep the battery in the car charged.
  • Supply electrical current to fire the spark plugs
  • While the engine is running, the alternator charges dead batteries.
  • Keeping some of the vehicle’s electrical components powered when the engine is not running
  • Sending mechanical engine problems to the engine’s ECU via the sensors.

Conclusion: Fix Your BMW Charging Malfunction

BMW charging malfunction occurs if the monitoring system determines that the battery is not charging. The screen displays an error message, and the battery light comes on. If the battery light is on, you shouldn’t keep driving because the car might stop suddenly. Therefore, whenever you see the warning light, get in touch with a local auto repair shop.


Why Does My Car Say Charging Malfunction?

Whenever this light goes on, it means that the vehicle is running solely on battery power. If the issue persists and your charging system fails, the battery won’t be able to recharge and will eventually run out, leaving you with a dead battery.

How Do I Know If My BMW Battery is Bad?

  1. Dimming headlights.
  2. a greater need for jump starts or engine revving.
  3. when you turn the key or press the button, it takes longer for the engine to start.
  4. unusual power peaks and valleys.

How Often to Replace a Car Battery in a BMW?

On average, a BMW battery will last three to five years. The lifespan of your equipment is affected by a wide range of factors, though.

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