Calvera Hydrogen to Open 8 Stations in Spain and Throughout Europe

Calvera Hydrogen to Open 8 Stations in Spain and Throughout Europe

The company plans to locate the remaining facilities in Poland, France and the United Kingdom as part of its expansion strategy.

The development of eight new hydrogen stations in Spain and the rest of Europe has been awarded to Calvera Hydrogen. Additionally, the project entails the installation of tube trailers, which are used to transport hydrogen, throughout these new areas.

Each project’s implementation and development is being overseen by Calvera, who also oversees routine facility maintenance. This includes design, hydrogen engineering, manufacturing, final testing, certifications, and safety checks. In operation between 2023 and the first quarter of 2024, the stations are planned.

“The deployment of these new hydrogen stations is an operational milestone for the company as a result of the work and great effort carried out by the entire team, both in the development of products adapted to the specific needs of each customer and in the positioning of the company at national and international level,” said President of Calvera Hydrogen, Rafael Calvera.

The company’s new operational milestone is a part of its long-term expansion strategy, which aims to boost production capacity by growing its facilities across the country. In the markets where it competes—Poland, France, the United Kingdom, and Spain—Calvera plans to end 2022 with a record number of stations and tube trailers in production that will be delivered to various customers.


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