Can You Charge a MacBook Pro With a Phone Charger?

can you charge a macbook with a phone charger

Everyone is aware that MacBooks are extremely well-liked laptops that are renowned for their superb performance and stylish appearance. But can you charge this Apple product with a phone charger? Here is the solution.

Can you charge this Apple product with a phone charger? MacBooks are very well-liked laptops that are praised for their excellent performance and stylish designs. Given that Apple products are notorious for being incompatible with other devices, it can be simple to feel defeated if you own a MacBook and are missing the original charging cable.

You might be able to use a phone charger to charge the device, though it depends on the MacBook and phone you have. These methods will allow you to charge your MacBook without a charger in case you find yourself in this situation.

Can I Charge My MacBook Pro With My iPhone Charger?

You cannot charge your MacBook using an iPhone charger, sorry. Many Apple customers who own a variety of the company’s products have expressed serious dissatisfaction with this, especially in light of the fact that many rivals are moving toward making devices cross-compatible.

You cannot charge your Apple laptop with this type of phone charger; it must be USB-C. This is true regardless of the type of iPhone charger or MacBook you own.

This could, however, alter quickly.

Apple’s patented Lightning charging cable is required to charge all of the current iPhone models (including those released this year), and it is incompatible with any other gadget. Apple has stated that it will switch to USB-C as of 2023, so that is what we’ll talk about now. Therefore, the iPhones that will be available in the upcoming year will be able to recharge your MacBook.

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Which Port is for Charging Macbook Pro?

Below is a comparison of the charging ports on older and newer MacBook Pros.

The Older MacBook Pro

Take a look at your laptop’s two sides. An older MacBook Pro from before 2016 has a square-shaped port into which the magnetic charging cable snaps. The charging cable’s light flashes orange when it is charging or turns green when it is fully charged.

The Newer MacBook Pro

Any Type-C port on the left or right can be used to charge a newer MacBook Pro because it charges through USB-C. However, it is advised to charge using the right-hand port. Because charging the MacBook Pro with the left port could lead to the CPU overheating and lowering performance.

How to Charge MacBook Without Charger?

Use a USB Type C

You can use an Android USB Type C phone charger to charge your MacBook, depending on the model you have. The MacBook can be charged from an outlet by simply plugging in the cable. Like how you normally charge your iPhone, so does this charging system. While charging slowly, it ought to be able to power your MacBook.

Get a USB Converter

You can use this to charge your MacBook if you have a PC handy. To do this, a USB 3.0 to USB Type C converter cable is required. All that’s required is a simple cable connection between the two components.

Using a Power Bank

can you charge a macbook with a phone charger

Unbelievably, a power bank can also be used to charge your MacBook. Of course, the type of MacBook you have will also play a role in this. Furthermore, a USB 3.0 port on the power bank is required for this to function. Your MacBook should be able to be charged by using a simple USB 3.0 to USB Type C converter cable.


Before you attempt doing any of these, here are some precautions that you need to consider:

  1. There may be consequences for your MacBook battery if you decide to use a mobile charger or any other type other than the original charger for your laptop. Consider yourself forewarned as there are risks, such as battery swelling and damage.
  2. These techniques might be effective, but a different problem is a charging time. This fix may take longer to charge than usual because you won’t be using the original MacBook charger.
  3. The USB Type C port on your MacBook may become looser over time if you frequently use these alternatives to charge it.

Can You Charge a MacBook Wirelessly?

No, you cannot wirelessly charge a MacBook. Apple has not yet revealed a MacBook that can be charged without a cable, despite this technology being rumored to be on the way out.

In light of this, Apple recently obtained a patent for a design element that allows a MacBook to wirelessly charge other gadgets. Even though there has been no word on whether this feature can be switched around to allow other devices to charge the MacBook, it appears that Apple does have wireless charging in mind for the future.

How Long Will It Take to Charge a MacBook With a Phone Charger?

For many Apple users, being able to use a USB-C phone charger to charge their MacBook has changed everything. The original cable that came with the product will, however, allow you to charge your MacBook much more quickly.

The USB-C cables that come with phone chargers won’t adequately charge your MacBook. They will undoubtedly charge the device and provide power to it, but it might take a while.

You can anticipate extremely lengthy charge times of up to 8 to 10 hours when using a charger from a phone to charge your MacBook, which is why many people end up purchasing an original cable from Apple in the end.

You might find it counterproductive to use your MacBook while it’s charging.

Because your Macbook will consume more energy than it receives from your USB-C phone charger, even though it is plugged in, the battery will begin to deplete. This won’t be a sustainable way to charge (or use) your MacBook, even though the battery will deplete more slowly.

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