Charger Broke Off In iPhone: 3 Reasons & 8 Solutions

Charger Broke Off In iPhone

In this article, we’ll explain how to get an iPhone’s broken charger out of the charging port.

Imagine that you’re in a hurry and your iPhone charger breaks as soon as you unplug it, leaving a piece of it stuck inside the charging port! You won’t be able to charge your device until the broken tip is removed if the charging tip of your phone charger has somehow broken off in the charging port of your phone.

Try these simple fixes to see if you can possibly solve the issue before deciding to go out and spend money on buying a new charger.

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment is one option.
  2. Turn on the attachment by placing it over the end of the charger.
  3. The charger ought to be removed by the suction.
  4. Use a toothpick as an additional method.
  5. Enter the charging port with the toothpick and wiggle it around until the charger emerges.

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Why Does Charger Break In iPhone?

The focus of the following section of this guide will be on the various explanations for why your phone charger might have come unplugged inside your iPhone. This list can assist you in determining the cause of your cable’s breakage and in preventing it from happening again.

Rough handling, drops, and general wear and tear are the main causes of lightning cable failure. The causes are all covered in more detail below.

You should make an effort to determine what caused your broken charger so that you can prevent the problem in the future. By doing this, you might be able to save money on new chargers and possible phone repairs.

Rough Usage

One of the most typical causes of a broken lightning cable is rough to use. Because a phone charger’s internal parts are so delicate, misuse can easily result in damage. This includes pulling, twisting, being submerged in water, or being exposed to high temperatures. Or, maybe you need to clean the rice in the charging port.

Lightning cables are not built to withstand heavy use and are not designed to last for very long. Another contributing factor to the damage could be improper lightning cable storage.

To avoid damaging the wiring of your lightning cable, you should always carefully remove the charging cable from your device.

Charger Broke Off In iPhone

Avoid getting the lightning cable tangled in any way because doing so will lead to wiring problems that could lead to your phone’s charging tip breaking off.

People frequently trip over their phone cords, which harms the lightning cable’s internal components. Any rapid exertion of force on the cable in any direction could weaken the wiring and outer casing, increasing the risk of a break.

Your lightning cable will last the longest if it is stored and used properly, so make sure you do both. A phone charger breaking inside an iPhone is less likely as a result of this.

You Dropped It And The End Snapped Off

The lightning cable end in your phone may break off if you drop it and catch it by the charging port while it is plugged in to charge.

A lightning cable’s end is not particularly strong and is easily snapped off if enough force is applied in any direction.

As many people unplug their phone charger from the power source and leave it plugged into their phone while traveling, this is a frequent occurrence. It is only natural to try to catch your phone in any way you can when you drop it in a situation like this.

The charging tip frequently breaks off inside the phone when you try to hold your phone by the charging cable, which is unfortunate. In case your phone falls, you shouldn’t ever try to catch it using the charging cable.

As a result, there will be less likelihood of your iPhone’s phone charger coming unplugged. With the addition of a phone case, newer models of the iPhone are incredibly drop-resistant and can probably survive a drop from a reasonable height.

Here are other charging problems of the iPhone:

The End Of The Lightning Cable Was Weak

When trying to remove your lightning cable from your iPhone, it may break more frequently as the coupling that holds the charging tip in place weakens over time. Lightning cables breaking inside iPhones are probably the most frequent occurrence.

The typical lifespan of an iPhone charging cable is about a year before it needs to be replaced. However, this lifespan could be much shorter depending on how you use your cable and how carefully you unplug it from your phone.

Your lightning cable’s end is the most delicate part of the entire cable. It will eventually fail if the bond between the charging tip and internal wiring is harmed or weakened over time.

Once you’ve had your charging cable for a while, you’ll need to remove it from your iPhone with extra care. Your charging cables will be less likely to break while still inside your iPhone as a result of this.

phone charger broke off in iphone

How To Remove Broke Charger From iPhone?

You can try a few different methods if your broken charger tip is stuck in your iPhone:

Schedule A Genius Appointment

You might think about making a Genius Bar appointment to have the charger removed from your phone if it has broken off inside the charging port of your iPhone. Apple’s repair staff is called the Genius Bar.

iPhone owners can call and schedule a Meeting at the Genius Bar, or make a reservation online. You can show the Genius Bar staff your phone during your appointment so they can take out the damaged charger from it.

Use A Magnet

You should think about using a relatively powerful magnet (view on Amazon) to try and pull the broken piece out of your iPhone if the magnetic portion of your charger has broken off.

On the metal tip that your iPhone charger uses to transfer power to your device, the magnetic force will function effectively.

To successfully generate the magnetic force required to pull the metal charging tip out of your iPhone’s charging port, you should think about using a magnet with an N rating of at least 48. A magnet’s power is indicated by its N rating. The available N ratings range from N 27 to N 64, with N 64 being the strongest.

Use Tweezers

A broken phone charger can be removed from an iPhone’s charging port using tweezers as well.

You must carefully insert the tweezers into the charging port of your iPhone in order to remove a broken charging cable from your phone using tweezers. The broken charging tip needs to be carefully removed once you have a hold of it.

To successfully remove the broken charger tip from the charging port of your phone, it might take several tries to get a firm enough grip on it. It is also crucial that you use extreme caution when putting the tweezers in so as not to harm the charging port.

Use A SIM Ejector

phone charger broke off in iphone

All iPhones come with a sim ejector that allows users to replace their SIM cards using a unique lock and key system. When trying to remove a damaged charging cable from your phone’s charging port, the sim ejector can also be helpful.

The charging port is quite small, so you should use the smallest sim ejector tool you have. This will allow you to remove the damaged charger with more precision.

The broken charging tip should be moved out of the charging port by inserting the sim ejector into the charging port. It might take a few tries to get it right.

Use A Super Glue

You can repair the broken charging tip on your iPhone by using super glue. To accomplish this, you will require a screwdriver with a flat tip so that you can apply super glue to it.

It is vitally important that you utilize a screwdriver small enough to fit inside the charging port of your phone without touching the side. You should ideally use a thin, narrow pocket screwdriver or glasses screwdriver.

The next step is to dab some glue on the screwdriver’s tip once you’ve chosen the appropriate size tool. As tightly as you can, quickly place the screwdriver against the end of the damaged charger in the charging port of your phone.

Make sure the glue is in contact with the broken charger tip, and then give it 45 seconds to dry. It’s crucial to avoid letting the glue completely dry, or you run the risk of also gluing the screwdriver into your phone.

Use A Nail Clipper

You should think about using a pair of nail clippers to grab the end of the broken charger and remove it from your phone if it is sticking out far enough from your iPhone’s charging port to be grabbed.

If it works, this is a good approach to take into account. The chance of harming your charging pins is reduced because there is no need to reach inside the charging port to try to remove the broken end of the charger.

Use A Toothpick

phone charger broke off in iphone

A toothpick is thin enough to fit inside the charging port on your iPhone without touching the charging pins. Because of this, it’s possible to remove a damaged charging tip from your phone’s charging port using a toothpick.

Even so, you should proceed with caution when attempting to remove the charging cable tip from the phone’s charging port. You should gently encourage the broken end to come free.

Use A Safety Pin

A safety pin is also thin enough to fit into the charging port on your iPhone without touching the charging pins inside. As a result, a broken charging tip may be removed from your phone’s charging port using a safety pin.

Even so, you should proceed with caution when attempting to remove the charging cable tip from the phone’s charging port. Gently urging the broken end to come free is something you should do.

How Do You Get The Top Off Your iPhone Charger?

The top of the phone charger typically has a tiny notch or hole that you can use to pry it open. Another option is to wedge a tiny screwdriver or other pointed objects between the top and bottom of the charger and twist.

Conclusion: Charger Broke Off In iPhone

In addition to making it difficult to charge your iPhone, a charger stuck in the charging port can also cause the pins to break and cause more harm than necessary.

You can easily repair a damaged Lightning connector tip on your iPhone by following these simple instructions. Just keep in mind to turn off your phone before beginning any repairs, and make sure the plastic cover is removed correctly before beginning to use the charger.


Can a Broken Charger Mess Up Your iPhone?

Frayed cables stop electricity from correctly flowing through your charging cable into your device, and as a result, could cause power surges that damage the internal components of your phone or tablet.

How Can I Charge My iPhone With a Broken Charger Port?

  1. Verify that the issue is occurring at the charger port.
  2. Clean the charger port on your phone.
  3. Examine wireless charging. Check out Why is My iPhone Not Charging Wirelessly?
  4. Remove your battery and rub it between your hands (emergency fix)
  5. Charge your phone battery with household batteries (emergency fix)

What Happens If You Break Your Charging Port?

Similarly, if pins inside the port become broken or bent, your iPhone won’t charge. Since the phone must be disassembled in order to identify the issue, this problem is more challenging to diagnose.

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