What is a Ducted Heat Pump System: Pros & Cons

What is a Ducted Heat Pump System: Pros & Cons

Are you planning to install a heat pump system with ducts? A comprehensive overview of this type of heat pump system is provided in this article.

Ducted heat pump systems are widely regarded as the best option when it comes to a flexible system that can heat and cool homes with a single central unit. The type of heat pump unit known as a ducted system uses ducts (or vents) to distribute conditioned air throughout your entire home. Commonly, they are installed into your ceiling space and circulate the heated or cooled air overhead before transferring it into specified zones or rooms.

Read this post and then you can make a decision to install a ducted heat pump system. You can check out more information we have on How to Install a Heat Pump System?

What is a Ducted Heat Pump System?

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have climate control? Thousands of Kiwis have to deal with changing weather conditions every day, but how do you keep your house at a constant, comfortable temperature when the weather changes? The solution might just be a ducted heat pump air conditioning system.

A ducted system is a type of heat pump unit that works by providing conditioned air to the entire home or specified zones through vents or ducts. These are typically installed in the ceiling of your home and distribute heated or cooled air throughout the entire structure.

This system provides a discrete and appealing solution to whole-home comfort by providing incredible flexibility in duct and vent placement. Further Reading: How Do Heat Pump Systems Work?

The ducted system’s ability to maintain healthy airflow has some added benefits for you and your family. By removing damp air and encouraging circulation throughout your home the ducted air conditioning system helps to keep the build-up of condensation to a minimum, reducing mold and other issues that are a result of excessive dampness in the home environment.

What is a Ducted Heat Pump System: Pros & Cons

What Are the Pros & Cons of Ducted Heat Pumps?

The benefits and drawbacks of ducted systems are listed below in order to give you a clearer understanding of each.


  • Ducted heat pumps are significantly quieter than standalone units when the primary operating unit is outside. Gain from lower noise levels for a quieter home environment. better for reading, watching movies, and putting kids to bed.
  • A ducted system is very simple to use because you can control the indoor temperature of your home from one central unit to maintain a comfortable environment.
  • Enjoy having a constant temperature throughout your house without having to deal with hot or cold spots.
  • Increase air circulation to lessen the summer’s muggy, humid air.
  • With effective ducted systems, you can reduce operating expenses. Compared to several heat pumps, these are much less expensive to supply and maintain.
  • The sleek and covert design of ducted systems allows them to blend in with your decor.


  • If there isn’t enough room in your house for the main unit, a ducted system might not be able to be installed.
  • It takes longer to install a complex heat pump system than a standard one.
  • Ducted heat pumps have a higher upfront cost, but you get a better product that may end up costing less in the long run. And unlike any other heating source, it will heat and cool your house much more effectively.

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Prices of the Ducted Heat Pump System

This might be viewed as the less interesting aspect of a ducted system. They are more expensive than a single or multiple-split heat pump, but when you consider what you get for your money and how much bigger, more all-encompassing of a solution they are, it all becomes relative. Plus they add value to your home, not to mention luxuriousness and comfort.

Ducted systems are a great choice to take into account when building a new structure, but they can also be retrofitted if there is enough room in the ceiling or beneath the floor.

Conclusion: Ducted Heat Pump System

A ducted heat pump system can provide you with years of reliable temperature control with more benefits than drawbacks. While it is frequently the ideal choice for larger homes with a variety of rooms, it may also be the ideal choice for smaller homes that lack the wall space to support a conventional split system unit.

Due to the increased energy efficiency, it can provide for your home, a heat pump may be the best option if it can function in your climate zone.


What is the Difference Between Ducted and Ductless Heat Pumps?

Ducted systems have a reputation for losing energy. Heat often dissipates through the ducts as it is distributed throughout the house due to the way they are built. Mini-splits don’t need ductwork, so they aren’t as vulnerable to the same kinds of delivery systems and energy loss.

Are Ducted Heat Pumps Worth It?

The initial cost of ducted heat pumps is higher, but you are receiving a superior product than could save you money in the long run. More effectively than any other heating source, it will also heat and cool your house.

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