Electrify America Charging is About to Get More Expensive

Electrify America Charging is About to Get More Expensive

Starting on March 6, the cost of charging on the US network will increase by up to 5 cents per kilowatt-hour and per minute.

  • It’ll be more expensive to charge at Electrify America stations starting on March 6.
  • The company is increasing its per-minute and per-kilowatt-hour rates by up to 5 cents, depending on the location.
  • The upcoming price increases by EA will also affect Pass+ members who pay $4 per month for discounted rates.

When using one of the many Electrify America chargers dispersed across the nation, be prepared to pay more money. Beginning on March 6, the business will increase prices for its location-based per kilowatt-hour and per minute charging options by up to 5 cents.

People who have a Pass membership as well as guests who aren’t members will see the price for a per-kilowatt-hour session jump from 43 cents to 48 cents. Prices for the same group will rise by 5 cents from 32 to 37 cents in states that mandate per-minute charges. That’s the price hike for fast-charging speeds up to 350 kW; the rate rises 3 pennies from 16 to 19 cents for those charging at speeds of 90 kW or less.

While Electrify America says the people who pay $4 per month for the company’s Pass+ membership save roughly 25 percent on charging costs, they’ll still be affected by the upcoming price hikes. From 31 cents to 36 cents per kilowatt-hour, their price will increase. For up to 90 kW charging speeds and up to 350 kW charging speeds, Pass+ members’ per-minute pricing increases by 3 cents (0.12 to 0.15) and by 5 cents (0.24 to 0.29) respectively.

EA first made the announcement earlier this month in an email sent out to customers. The company attributed the rate increases to rising energy and operational costs. With 800 total stations and 3500 DC fast-chargers, Electrify America claims to have the nation’s largest fast-charging network.

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