Expedition 2.0 Off-grid Camper Review: Is It Worth It?

Off Grid Trailers Full Review | Expedition & Pando

Read this review and then you can decide whether you should buy an Expedition 2.0 Off-Grid Camper.

Are you looking for an excellent overland camper? You might find the solution in the Expedition 2.0 Off-grid Camper. The trailer is made entirely of metal, is lightweight, and is small enough to handle rough terrain.

Discover more about the Expedition 2.0 Off-grid Camper and its manufacturer by reading on. In addition, we consider the price and the features.

What is Expedition 2.0 Off-grid Camper?

Four trailers in the Off Grid Trailers line were created especially for living an off-road lifestyle. The one thing all of the trailers have in common is the complete absence of any wood or other materials that water could potentially damage (with the obvious exception of bedding and other items).

The Off Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0 has specifications that make off-roading a good fit. A Timbren 3500HD suspension with a 4-inch lift and 12-inch brakes is supporting an aluminum body that has been powder-coated.

All of this is mounted on 265/65/R17 wheels with 6×5.5 off-road tires. In other words, the trailer ought to be able to follow the trail if your Jeep can.


Expedition 2.0 Off-grid Camper

The Expedition 2.0 has a tongue weight of 290 pounds and a dry weight of 1,700 pounds. 3,500 pounds is the maximum GVWR for this vehicle. A tall person can stretch out on the queen-size bed with ease because of the 120-inch wheelbase and 80-inch interior length.

31 gallons of water can also be transported in the freshwater tank. With an Eccotemp L5 hot water on-demand system, there is an outdoor shower. The outdoor kitchen galley also includes a hot and cold faucet.

Off-Grid Features

Axle-less suspension made of Timbren 3500 HD is one of Expedition 2.0’s off-grid features. Additionally, it has a battery backup breakaway system and 12-inch electric brakes. The 265/10/R17 AT tires are mounted on 17 by 8.5-inch black aluminum wheels.

R10 rigid foam insulation can be found all over the camper, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The trailer can be enhanced with extra features, such as a 360-degree Maxcoupler hitch with a receiver and tow vehicle adapter. Additionally, you can upgrade to a Maxxfan Deluxe 7500 fan, more lighting, and leveling stabilizer jacks.

Where Are Off-Grid Trailers Built?

Canada is home to the corporate office and manufacturing facility for Off Grid Trailers. You can rest assured that Expedition 2.0 is prepared for winter weather and nearly any condition because Canadians are no strangers to the cold.

The Canadian designers of Off Grid Trailers have carefully considered every requirement for camping in secluded locations and in any weather.

Expedition 2.0 Off-grid Camper

Options in the Expedition 2.0 to Accommodate Your Off-roading Style

There are various off-roading options that can fit your style, depending on how you define it. You could choose a Max Coupler articulating hitch, for instance, rather than a typical ball hitch.

This allows for more flexibility in movement between the tow vehicle and the trailer. Additionally, wheels that resemble those on a Jeep are available.

This trailer’s interior sleeping area is the only reason that, in some ways, you could classify it as a teardrop. Furthermore, there are opening panels that lead to the kitchen, which is outside.

In Expedition 2.0, the kitchen is divided into two sections. At the very front is a Dometic 55-liter “cooler-style” 12-volt refrigerator-freezer on a slide-out drawer-type arrangement. A two-burner stovetop and a stainless steel sink on a drop-down mechanism are located at the back of the trailer.

A small propane bottle is located on the side of the trailer and is used to fuel an on-demand water heater that provides hot water as needed.

At a resort I owned, we used these exact water heaters, and they were awful—but only because the visitors couldn’t figure them out. They do require some turning of the knobs.

The pantry, which has movable metal shelves, is revealed when you lift up a panel that runs the length of the back of the trailer.

How Much Does the Expedition 2.0 Off-grid Camper Cost?

Expedition 2.0 Off-grid Camper

The base price of the Expedition 2.0 Off-grid Camper is $31,500. The price will rise with any additional features. With the purchase of a camper, you do receive some benefits.

For instance, you will get a free 23Zero Walkabout 62 Roof Top Tent. Additionally, a $2,000 freight credit is included in the price if you need the Expedition 2.0 delivered to you.

What Type of Vehicle Can Pull the Expedition 2.0?

There are several options for a tow vehicle because the Expedition 2.0 Off-grid Camper weighs 3,500 pounds when fully loaded. It can be pulled by some SUVs and big sedans. A Jeep or off-road SUV would be a great choice if you want to travel overland or off-grid with the camper.

If you don’t already have a costly truck, you don’t need to upgrade to one in order to use this camper. It’s the ideal overland camper at an affordable price.

Conclusion: is the Expedition 2.0 Off-grid Camper Worth It?

The interior of these trailers is a little disappointing because the company did such an amazing job with its website and the optional exterior graphics. Owners can, however, quickly resolve this by using something like stick-on wallpaper from a business like Spoonflower.

The camper is incredibly strong and well-built for off-road use. It is a worthwhile overland camper, in our opinion. You could bring a portable camping toilet with you if there isn’t a bathroom.

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