Fisker Partners With Chargepoint for Public Charging Solutions

Fisker Partners With Chargepoint for Public Charging Solutions

The electric SUV manufacturer Fisker has announced ChargePoint as its North American partner, bringing the two companies together at last.

A partnership was announced by Fisker and ChargePoint today. We anticipated that this charging partnership would materialize about a year ago. The businesses intend to provide North American Fisker Ocean owners with a hassle-free charging experience. They want to create a seamless user experience that gives Fisker Ocean owners access to ChargePoint’s top-tier network. This includes Level 2 chargers, DC fast chargers, and roaming partner stations.

More than 80% of public charging stations in North America are covered by this extensive charging network. For example, it has more than 210,000 managed active ports, including more than 16,700 DC fast charge ports. Access to more than 400,000 roaming ports is also supported by the charging network. Fisker Ocean owners in North America will find it simple to locate a dependable charging station thanks to this network.

As soon as the Fisker Ocean is delivered in the US and Canada, owners will have access to the ChargePoint network. Drivers of the Fisker Ocean will have several options for finding ChargePoint and roaming partner charging stations. A couple of examples include the ChargePoint mobile app and the navigation system on the Fisker Ocean. Customers will be able to access the charging network conveniently while out and about thanks to this.

Fisker Ocean drivers will be able to carry out a number of tasks at launch thanks to the vehicle’s central touchscreen and ChargePoint app. Customers will have the ability to look for and find charging stations. By selecting DC fast charge locations as a search filter, they will be able to locate the charge stations that are the quickest. Customers will also be able to plan simple EV routes and estimate arrival times at charging stations.


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