Fryette Power Station PS-2 Review: Must Read Before Buying

fryette power station

Learn more about the Fryette Power Station PS-2, including its features and advantages, by reading this article.

The Fryette Power Station PS-2 is a reactive load box with exceptional flexibility that also functions as a complete 50W tube power amp. It’s possible to reduce the volume of your monster head to bedroom levels with this box without losing tone, and you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without such a wonderful invention.

We’ll examine the Fryette Power Station PS-2 in this article. Please keep reading.

About Fryette Power Station PS-2

The Fryette Power Station PS-2 has a compact design and combines external effects loop, power amp, and reactive load functionality. It is clearly intended for tabletop (or rig top) application, is slightly wider than one-half rack space (rack ears are available for those who choose to rack it), and rests on rubber feet.

We just want to point out that approximately 75% of the Power Station is fully operational even without any power connected before we get into the specifics. There is no requirement to connect to power if you plan to use it to connect your amplifiers to your DAW.

Only when using the unit’s power amp section to drive a guitar speaker cabinet will power be required.

fryette power station

Features of Fryette Power Station PS-2

The Fryette Power Station is not as complex as some rival products. There is actually no need for a computer connection because it is so simple. It’s similar to our guitar amps in that it lacks wireless or USB connectivity and is preserved in time for the aesthetic value that it possesses.

alterations that demand a soldering iron to complete. a genuine hardware component without any interference from computer programming Ah, the good old days, while keeping your tone contemporary.

The Fryette Power Station has a simple exterior. At the far right, you’ll find the familiar Power and Bypass switches. On the face, the power amp section’s volume, presence, and depth knobs are to the left of the center, and two tone-shaping toggles for high and low frequencies are located on the far left.

These alter the reactive load of the unit rather than acting as conventional tone boosts or cuts. The output volume directly affects how an input level button functions. It should be noted that this volume control only influences the sound coming from the power amp section when a guitar speaker cabinet is connected.

Although there are a few more features on the back of the device, they are still organized and laid out logically so that they are easy to understand. The Amp In jack is the most significant jack on the back of the device. The speaker output of your amp connects to this using a speaker cable, not an instrument cable.

fryette power station

For your preamps, amp modelers, or the slave out from a guitar amp, there is a dedicated Line In jack. For FOH mixers or DAWs, there are quarter-inch line outs in addition to balanced mic line outs. In case you need to turn your Fender Blues Jr., there are two speaker-out jacks. into a full stack.

To prevent mismatches (unless you want a purposeful mismatch, of course), there are two impendence switches. Even better, there’s an extremely thoughtful effects loop Send and Return with an instrument or line level button that lets you add an effects loop to an antique or boutique head whose direct circuit signal path lacks this capability.

What Can Fryette Power Station PS-2 Do?

  • For any amp without one, a post-distortion effects loop.
  • a mono power amplifier for modeling, floor, and guitar preamps.
  • a power amp with effects for a wet/dry amp rig.
  • an onstage monitor power amp for direct live modeling to the FOH system.
  • a desktop power amp for adding tube power sound to direct recording for any instrument or signal source.

For every playing or recording scenario, Power Station offers a wide range of performing and recording solutions for guitarists.

How Does It Sound?

fryette power station

This attenuator/reactive load box sounds the best to my ears out of anything I’ve used. Don’t get me wrong; there are some excellent reactive load boxes available. Although the Suhr is excellent, this device offers slightly more flexibility.

The Universal Audio OX would be the biggest competitor in my opinion, but even still, I still think the Fryette sounds a little bit more natural to my ear. Using UA’s cabinet impulses and effects is also cool because the UA is more focused on direct recording.

But for me, for my money, and for my studio, the Fryette has the best sound quality and feature set for what So let’s take a closer look at the PS-II’s many features to see what I need.

Price of Fryette Power Station PS-2

The direct price for the Fryette Power Station PS-2 is $699. This is a home run for anyone looking to attenuate (or boost) a guitar amp or use it for the variety of applications we outlined in this review, especially given that the competing products sell for nearly twice as much and the majority lack a power section.

Conclusion: Have a Fryette Power Station PS-2!

The new Fryette PS2 Power Station has a rear panel Low Pass Filter Bypass switch, a Balanced XLR Line Output, and an Input Level Sensitivity switch on the front panel, making it more adaptable and user-friendly than ever.

If you’re an audio engineer who records a lot of guitars, or a guitarist who records yourself, you need this in your toolbox. It broadens your options for amp/cab combinations, amp settings, recording, and mixing.

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