6 Methods To Get The Rice Out Of The Charging Port

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Here are six very useful methods to get the rice out of the phone charging port without breaking it.

  • Use A Tiny Pin
  • Use Vacuum Cleaner
  • Compressed Air
  • Use Cotton Swab
  • Use a Cleaning Duster Can
  • Go To AppleCare

A natural absorbent, rice has the ability to dry your phone more quickly. If your phone is wet, you can completely dry it out by leaving it in the rice overnight. However, it does happen occasionally for a small piece of rice to becoming lodged in the device’s charging port.

Please read this article carefully if you want to learn how to remove the rice from the charging port.

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How Can I Get The Rice Out Of My Phone Charger Port?

You can use dry rice to help your charging port dry out if it has become wet. Even though you may have tried a number of other approaches, rice has consistently produced the best results.

Although it is very simple to soak your phone in dry rice, you should take safety precautions because even a few rice grains can damage your phone. Your phone should be left in dry rice for the night to prevent damage.

Use A Tiny Pin

Rice can be gently removed from the charging port by using a tiny pin or other similar objects. A paper pin, saree pin, etc. are other options.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

To get the stuck rice out, use a vacuum cleaner. Start the vacuum cleaner after gently connecting the pipe to the charging port. To do this, apply the smallest cleaning strength possible.

Continue moving the pipe backward and forwards until the rice releases its hold on the charging port. A phone may be damaged if the rice is left stuck for more than 48 hours. Therefore, make an effort to remove the rice as soon as you can.

6 Methods To Get The Rice Out Of The Charging Port

Compressed Air

Another simple technique for getting the rice out of a charging port is this one. During this process, take care to prevent water from entering the phone through the port. Simply stop the process right away if you have any doubts about it.

Following the removal of the rice, confirm that the phone functions properly. If not, visit a phone store to seek assistance from experts.

Use Cotton Swab

The use of cotton swabs and other pointed objects is another technique. You should remove this for the first time using this method. Only move on to the other methods if this one fails. Use something pointed, such as a needle.

Make an effort to scrape the rice from the port. For easier removal, you can also split the rice into two pieces. To get rid of additional foreign objects from the port, use a cotton swab. This gently cleans the port with a cotton swab.

The toothpick should be your second option. With a little motion, the tiny piece of rice is easily removed. In order to reduce the risk of damage, try using a toothpick instead of a metal needle because it has a very sharp point.

Use a Cleaning Duster Can

One of the best products to handle this kind of issue is cleaning dust cans. It will cost you a few bucks to buy a cleaning Duster Can but they can blow the rice out with their compressed air

The best feature is that they include a straw or nozzle so you can accurately direct the air to the desired area. Additionally, they contain very little moisture, which means that they won’t harm your phone.

Go To AppleCare

The work can be very difficult at times when the rice particles become horizontally stuck. Contact AppleCare if you’ve tried every method you can think of to remove the rice from your phone’s charging port but are still unable to do so.

6 Methods To Get The Rice Out Of The Charging Port

We’re warning you about this because exerting too much force could harm your charging port. In order to see if AppleCare can assist you, you should call them.

Can You Put A Charger In Rice If The iPhone Is Wet?

To determine whether water damage is the root of the iPhone problem, the first step in solving it is to identify the issue. If the iPhone is damp, water may seep into the charging port and damage the internal circuitry.

Make sure the rice is always clean before inserting it into your ear to avoid these problems. Furthermore, rice will be an excellent way to absorb moisture, so be sure to boil the rice first and then cool it down.

To dry out the phone’s charging port, another option is to use a hairdryer. Use a hairdryer that is set to low or medium speed. The phone can also be placed in a bag of dry rice and left there for a number of hours.

Also capable of drying out the charging port is the rice. Try using the phone normally once it has fully dried.

Signs of the Broken Charging Port

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, no trick seems to work. It indicates that the charging port on your device is broken. First of all, even with the lightning connector attached, it won’t begin charging. Search the area or the charging port for some black trash. If you notice this, you should make an appointment with a phone specialist.

A short circuit may result if you continue to charge your phone using the damaged charging port. The charge port on the iPhone is very delicate and breaks more frequently than the one on an Android device. iPhone charging is hindered so look for some help.

6 Methods To Get The Rice Out Of The Charging Port

The Best Way To Remove Water From A Charging Port

If your iPhone fell into water unintentionally, you probably want to know how to remove water from the charging port. The area can be dried off using a dry, static-free cloth. You can also check the Liquid Damage Indicator if there isn’t any water inside the phone.

You should wait at least 24 hours before using your phone if the indicator indicates that there is liquid inside. The phone might sustain more harm if you turn it on.

To dry out the charging port, a standing fan is a great choice. The air’s steady, concentrated force is perfect for drying the water. Additionally, it dries the charging port more quickly than cotton wool.

Your phone can be simply placed in front of the fan if you don’t have a standing fan. Any phone will function using this method. Use a vacuum cleaner in its place if you are unable to remove the water from the charging port.

Conclusion: Rice Stuck in Charging Port

In the event of minor water damage, rice can be your best friend. All of the aforementioned techniques work wonders at getting the rice out of any charging port. However, it is preferable to have a technician look at the phone. The extent of the water damage can only be accurately assessed by a professional.


How Long Does It Take to Get Water Out of Your Charging Port With Rice?

You can get rid of any moisture by putting your phone in some rice. This is because rice can help to dry out your phone when it gets wet because it is a water-absorbent substance. It is best to do this overnight, as it can take some time, but it certainly is a tried and true method.

Does Rice Dry Out Charging Port?

Do not leave your phone in a bowl of dry rice, despite the advice of numerous websites. Small pieces of rice or starch can get stuck in the charging port and harm it, and this does not help it dry out any faster than moving air does. Simply wait for your device to dry.

How Do You Remove Food from the Charging Port?

Use a soft cotton swab to clean out your charging port. To remove and loosen debris, you can also use a bulb syringe. Apple advises against using any abrasive cleaners, such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Likewise, avoid getting any moisture inside your phone.

How Do You Clean a Charging Port With a Needle?

To use, simply point the nozzle into the charging port and give it a good blast. This ought to make the dust lose enough to fall out. NOTICE: Avoid using your mouth to blow air into the port. Your breath contains water vapor, which can harm the delicate electronics in your phone, unlike compressed air.

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