How Do I Know If My Roomba Is Charging?

how do i know if my roomba is charging

Do you frequently find yourself turning on the Roomba only to discover that it is not charged? It can be extremely annoying and frustrating. So how can you tell if your Roomba is charging? Generally speaking, if the Roomba‘s flashing light is amber (orange), it is charging. If the light is red, there is a battery issue. Your Roomba is fully charged if there is a solid green light. For more information on your Roomba, kindly read this article.

How Can I Tell If My Roomba Is Charging?

Modern Roomba models turn off their status lights while charging. You must press the clean button once to obtain a charge status update for them.

Depending on the charging state, this will result in the light flashing a particular color. Roomba light hues that are most popular include:

  • Green or white if the Roomba is fully charged
  • Amber pulsing if the Roomba is still charging
  • Amber pulsing or red if the battery is very low or empty

You can also check the battery level in the iRobot HOME app for Roombas that are more recent. When the app is opened, the top-right corner of the screen will display a battery indicator icon.

Does Roomba Light Stay on When Charging?

When charging, the older Roombas from the 500 and 600 series would pulse their indicator light every four seconds. The light would remain on for the first minute in the 700, 800, and 900 series before turning off.

The light is never on when charging for the ii and i3 series. You will need to press the clean button to see the current charging status while the Roomba is docked because the i7 once more eliminated this light.

how do i know if my roomba is charging

What Is The Roomba Charge Time?

The charging process for your Roomba will take at least two hours. If it takes your battery more than a few hours to charge, make sure it is still charging by looking at the indicator light.

If your Roomba is charging too quickly, your battery may be having issues. However, it’s also possible that the battery wasn’t completely dead when your Roomba started charging. You shouldn’t be concerned unless the Roomba starts cleaning for shorter amounts of time before needing a recharge.

What To Do If Your Roomba Won’t Charge?

For best performance, battery-powered gadgets like Roombas require a proper charge. You might become frustrated if, on occasion, it doesn’t charge or only partially charges. I’ll also give you a few simple fixes for your Roomba when it doesn’t charge in this guide on “How do I know If my Roomba is charging.”

Clean The Contact Points

Each time you vacuum, dirt and debris build-up and get stuck on the contact points. Simply use a microfiber cloth to clean these contact points; you may also want to use some alcohol if necessary. When you’re done cleaning, try plugging it back in to see if it’s charging.

Check The Outlet

As obvious as it may seem, your power outlet must function properly in order to supply enough power for your Roomba vacuum to charge. Your Roomba won’t charge as a result if it doesn’t. I would perform a test by connecting a different electronic device to the same outlet. To see if the Roomba charges, you can also try plugging it into a different outlet.

Clean The Docking Station

The contact points and connection ports of the docking station’s docking station are both susceptible to dirt building up. The charging process eventually stops when too much dirt obstructs these ports.

By rubbing the docking station with alcohol, you can, however, quickly resolve this charging problem. After cleaning the dock, your Roomba should be able to recharge once more.

Fix The Battery Position

Following the initial plug-in of a brand-new machine, some Roomba owners claimed to experience a charging issue. This shouldn’t be a problem, though, as your Roomba batteries were probably moved from their original place during shipping.

Therefore, you only need to adjust its position by removing the screws from the Roomba battery compartment base, replacing the battery and then screwing the screws back in. You can now plug the Roomba in and see if it is properly charging.

Check The Charging Dock

If the docking station on your Roomba breaks down, it won’t receive enough power to recharge. Therefore, if your Roomba still won’t charge after you’ve cleaned the contact points and the docking station according to the above advice, it’s probably time to replace the dock.

If your warranty is still in effect, you can simply call iRobot’s customer service and have your dock replaced within a few days to a week.

Replace Batteries

If you’ve had your Roomba for a while, you may need to get a new battery because defective batteries frequently result in charging problems. The good news is that purchasing new batteries is affordable and simple as pie.

Simply unscrew the battery compartment, remove any accumulated dirt,, insert the new battery, and screw the compartment back in. At this point, you can see if it charges. It ought to function flawlessly in almost all situations.

Final Thoughts

The iRobot Roomba has significantly streamlined the lives of those who lead busy lives with all its features, including autonomous cleaning and leaving it to work on its own.

Despite all the automation, you still need to make sure that your robot units are operating properly. The Roomba charger light indicator should flash green to show that the robot is charging, as you now know after reading this article.

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