How Long Do Power Banks Last on Average?

How Long Do Power Banks Last on Average?

Continue reading to find out more about how to extend the life of your power bank and how to pick the best power banks.

By recharging a dead smartphone or tablet, a power bank can come to your rescue in an emergency. If it malfunctions or loses power, it won’t be of much use to you. Battery power banks, which are also known as power packs or portable batteries, are not indestructible. They have a lifespan of 600 to 1,000 full-cycle charges and depletions or 1.5 to 3.5 years.

Prior to now, we talked about the battery life of iPhones. Continue reading to find out how long a power bank typically lasts and how to extend its life.

How Long Does a Power Bank Last?

There’s a bit more to the question: “How much time does a power bank last?” Here are a few factors that influence the life expectancy of your power bank:

Battery Type

One of two battery types—lithium-polymer or lithium-ion—is used in power packs. The latter battery type uses a built-in circuit for power flow control that protects the device from overheating. Since a lithium-polymer battery doesn’t heat up when used, it is lighter and lacks this circuit.

How Long Do Power Banks Last on Average?

Power Pack Capacity

Power bank capacity determines the frequency you need to charge the device. The capacity of these gadgets is expressed in milliamp hours or mAh. A power bank with a 5,000 mAh capacity can provide almost two full charges of an iPhone X. Larger devices, like laptops, will call for larger power banks.

Battery Care Or Recharging

Your power bank doesn’t require routine maintenance, but by taking good care of it, you can extend its lifespan. Start by storing your portable battery in a cool, dry area when it’s not in use. Avoid hot or humid storage areas that could deteriorate the electronics. The frequency of your device charging is another important factor.

Keep in mind that every time you recharge it, the internal battery will lose a little power. This is why weekly or monthly charging, as opposed to daily charging, will result in power banks lasting longer.

Choosing the Best Power Bank for Your Needs

A large power bank capacity with a strong battery from a trusted brand provides optimum performance and longevity. A cell phone or other smaller-capacity device can be charged using this combination with fewer full-cycle charges. Each battery pack can easily be charged with partial cycle charges to extend its lifespan.

How Long Do Power Banks Last on Average?

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Guidelines to Extend the Lifespan of Your Power Bank

  1. Do Not Use it in Extreme Heat/cold

Power banks may experience overheating, which can cause any electronic device—such as a laptop—to perform slowly or even crash. The battery cell may be harmed if the portable charger is used in extremely hot or cold conditions.

As a side effect, this will cause the unit to shorten its lifespan. You must use the portable charger in an environment where the temperature isn’t too high or low if you want it to last for a long time.

  1. Don’t Let the Power Bank Battery Completely Discharge to 0%

Discharging the device to 0% all the time will damage it and degrade the battery, especially if it’s lithium-based. The original charge capacity will also be lessened.

Carbonization will begin whenever the voltage drops below 2.4A, which gradually reduces the device’s lifespan. It’s a good idea to charge your device once the battery has been depleted by 50%. This will ensure there is minimal damage to the cell.

  1. Avoid Using the Device in a Bag
How Long Do Power Banks Last on Average?

It’s not a good idea to use the battery pack to charge your smartphone while it’s in a bag. It will obstruct the proper dispersion of heat in both devices. As a result, all the extra heat could potentially damage your smartphone and power bank, so it’s a good idea to use them in open ventilation areas.

  1. Make Sure the Power Bank is Only Used With Compatible Devices

Standard power banks have an average of 3.7V and use 1A or 2A current. The 1A output is intended to be used for charging smartphones and sometimes you might want to use the 2A port for a quicker charge. Your power bank and smartphone may be harmed if the 2A output is used for this.

  1. Keep Your Power Bank Away from Water

The fact that most power banks aren’t waterproof presents a challenge. Your device will become flooded and useless if you leave it out in the rain or accidentally spill water on it.

  1. Charge Your Smartphone to 80-90% With the Power Bank

It will require more time and energy to fully charge your smartphone from 90%. It takes more time and energy to charge it to 100% because the voltage reaches a constant value with the charge current slowly tapering off over time.

Conclusion: How Long Do Power Banks Last

So how long is the lifespan of a power bank? According to factors like quality, battery capacity, build, brand, type of battery, and how you use the battery, the average lifespan is between 1.5 and 3.5 years, or 300 and 1000 charge cycles.

In order to increase the life of a power bank, it is, therefore, preferable to buy a big one and use it slowly. A cheap power bank will quickly reach 500 charge-discharge cycles, so you should avoid buying one. The power bank will last at least two years if you can afford one with a high-quality battery capacity.


How Long Can a 20000mAh Power Bank Last?

20000mAh has the capacity to charge your device for about 15 – 20 hours (5 or more times your device), A family-sized device with dual USB output, 2.1A fast charging, and multiple layers of protection.

How Long Will 10000mah Power Bank Last?

10,000mAh /1,000mAh=10 hours. The power bank requires 5 hours to fully charge when using a 5V/2A power supply: 10,000mAh / 2A (2,000mAh) = 5 hours.

How Long Does a 30000mah Power Bank Last?

At least 1 Week of Power without worry: A fully charged Remax power bank with a 30,000mAh high capacity can fully charge a Nintendo Switch four times and provide 4.5 charges for a Huawei Nova 8i and 7.2 charges for a Samsung S9.

When Should I Replace My Power Bank?

You should replace your power bank if it has been dropped and the following issues are present:

  1. There are cracks or damage to the outer shell.
  2. If the power bank is heating up abnormally while charging, there is a temperature difference.
  3. The LED lights are flashing abnormally.

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