How Long Does a Dab Pen Battery Last? the Lifespan

How Long Does a Dab Pen Battery Last? the Lifespan

Learn the fundamentals of Dab pen batteries in this blog, as well as how to extend their lifespan and identify when yours may be nearing the end of its useful life.

Your dab pen battery can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. The lifespan of any Dab pen battery, especially if you are looking for a dab pen, is a deciding factor when you are about to make a purchase. The answer to “how long does a dab pen battery typically last?” sits on the following few key factors;

  • Your rate of consumption
  • The size of the dab pen battery (measured in mah)
  • The resistance of your atomizer coil (measured in ohms)

We’ll examine each of these elements in turn in this post to determine how long your dab pen’s battery will typically last after being fully charged.

How Long Does a Dab Pen Battery Last?

Depending on all the factors we mentioned above, the battery life of a dab pen can range from a few hours to a few days. However, because you’ll most likely need to charge the battery once per week, its typical lifespan is only one week.

It will help you enjoy your favorite e-liquid longer if you turn off your battery after each vaping session.

How Long Does a Dab Pen Battery Last? the Lifespan

Key Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Your Dab Pen

Numerous variables affect how long a Dab battery will last.

Rate of Dab Consumption

No two people are exactly alike. With that in mind, it is difficult to predict how long your dab pen battery will last without first taking your usage rate into account. Or to put it another way, how many times do you inhale from your Dab every hour?

Maybe you only Dab occasionally and only use your setup when you go out. If so, all you’ll need to do is choose a moon phase and occasionally recharge the dab pen battery.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re a homebody who has grown so accustomed to using your Dab that you do so almost subconsciously. If you identify with this, expect to need to plug that bad boy in at least once a day.

The Size of Your Dab Pen Battery

This has to do with the milliamps—the measure of power—that the battery can store. To keep things incredibly simple, a higher milliamp-hour (mah) number indicates a longer battery life. Compared to a 350mah battery, a 1300mah dab pen battery will last longer.

Although it’s a good attempt, there are estimates that compare mah to the number of puffs you can take. However, not everyone inhales for the same amount of time.

Instead of making your head spin with a bunch of mathematical equations – we’ll say this, waxy materials and thick concentrates take a second or two longer to vaporize than a standard nicotine e-liquid.

Depending on the material you are using, those extra few seconds could result in the Dab battery producing twice as much output, which would increase the frequency of recharge.

How Long Does a Dab Pen Battery Last? the Lifespan

The Resistance of Your Atomizer Coil (ohms)

The chambers of the majority of dab pen setups have one or two exposed coils that you scrape your material onto. These coils are wound to produce a resistance measured in ohms. You may have seen the tiny horseshoe next to a small number on your Dab kit or heard that word mentioned in Dab shops.

Although Ohm’s law won’t be explained in this article, a practical application of it is provided here.

  • The resistance of a coil indicates the range of battery output needed to heat the wire.
  • The majority of dab pen batteries have a variable voltage feature. Assume your chamber’s coil has a resistance of 1.2 ohms. Setting your battery’s voltage to 3.2 volts may be sufficient to heat the coil, but it might not be sufficient to vaporize your material. For a satisfying Dab, turn up the voltage to 3.7.
  • A 1.0-ohm replacement coil is available for you. Your previous voltage setting is a bit weak for a low-resistance coil, so now you’ve got to turn it up to 4.2 volts.

The battery will discharge at different rates depending on the difference in voltage between 3.2, 3.7, and 4.2. We want to avoid having to charge a Dab battery several times a day, so we advise getting dab pen batteries that are at least 650mah.

Tips for Making a Dab Pen Battery Last Longer

Fear not, there are some simple things you can do to make sure your Dab pen battery lasts as long as possible. To extend the life of your Dab pen battery, follow these directions.

Don’t Overcharge

One of the essential elements to extending the life of your Dab pen battery is this tip. Pay close attention to your battery’s indicator lights as you charge your Dab pen battery. Unplug the battery once it has finished charging, then either use it right away or store it in a fully charged state.

How Long Does a Dab Pen Battery Last? the Lifespan

Avoid charging your battery overnight because doing so frequently results in overcharging, which can harm your battery and reduce its lifespan.

Keep It Clean

Batteries for Dab pens are frequently covert enough to be thrown into a bag or pocket. It may be tempting to do this, but doing so could cause your battery to become dirty with lint, dust, and other particles. This debris can clog the connections between your battery and both your cartridge and its charger. Learn How To Charge A Dab Pen Without A Proper Charger?

A clogged charging port or connection forces the battery to work harder to heat the cartridge, which prematurely depletes the battery. To prevent clogging and increase the battery life of your Dab pen, clean your dab pen battery on a regular basis.

Use Your Battery Frequently

Batteries were designed to be used frequently, despite what might seem logical. A battery can lose power if it is used infrequently or is left unused for an extended period of time. Even for a brief time each day, using your battery will extend the life of your Dab pen.

Turn Off Your Device When It’s Not in Use

Possibly the most obvious piece of advice in this article: turning off your battery when it’s not in use can help you conserve energy and increase the life of your Dab battery.

Although the eventual demise of your Dab pen battery is regrettably inevitable, there are steps you can take to extend the battery’s life.

Here are tips on dab pen charging and battery:

Conclusion: the Lifespan of Your Dab Pen

Dab pen batteries have one drawback despite their advantages (discrete, user-friendly, rechargeable): a brief shelf life. Depending on how well you maintain your battery, Dab pen batteries can last for anywhere between 4-6 months and over a year.

The best recommendation would be to purchase a dab pen battery with 900mah or more and to maintain a moderate voltage setting of 3.8 to 4.0 volts for extremely thick concentrates.


How Often Do You Charge a Dab Pen?

If you use your vape every day, regardless of its modality, then you will most likely find yourself charging it once a day or more. You might avoid charging it until the following day or two if you use it sparingly throughout the day.

How Long Does a Dab Pen Charge For?

Charging times will depend on the mAh capacity of the battery and can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours. To find out precisely how long it takes to charge the vape pen you’re using, you should always refer to the instructions that came with it.

When Should I Replace My Dab Pen Battery?

There are a couple of signs that indicate a vape pen battery needs to be replaced. If it’s constantly warm to the touch, has developed rust spots, is leaking, or isn’t hitting as hard as it used to, it’s time for a new one.

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