How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost? Price Guide

How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost? Price Guide

Our guide to solar batteries can assist you in choosing the best option to suit the requirements of your facility or household and provide answers to your questions about solar batteries.

In fact, batteries can significantly raise the cost of the overall installation, sometimes even doubling the cost of a solar panel installation, depending on the size of your solar and storage installation.

The current market price for most solar batteries ranges from $8,500 to $10,000+ (not including installation). If all installation costs are included, the cost may rise to between $10,000 and $20,000. Read on for more info!

A typical home battery will usually cost between $10,000 and $20,000 fully installed. Read on for a summary of what affects the cost of home batteries as this figure can vary significantly depending on a number of variables, according to EnergySage.

As far as some of the more popular solar batteries available here’s what you can expect in terms of starting pricing (for models we don’t have standalone pricing for, we’ve included estimated total costs including installation):

Tesla Powerwall$8,500
Generac PWRcell$9,999
Sonnen eco$10,000
LG Chem RESU$9,500 – $13,000 with installation
Panasonic Evervolt$15,000 – $20,000 with installation

Factors That Influence Solar Energy System Storage Cost

The cost of your energy storage system depends on a number of variables. The equipment itself may determine the expense of installing a battery. For instance, what type and number of batteries are you installing? Does it have an inverter and how is energy stored?

Equipment costs typically make up between 50 and 60 percent of the cost of an energy storage system. but the installation itself—how much electrical work is required and where you find your installer—has a significant impact on the system’s total cost.

Solar Battery Manufacturer

The price of the battery will vary depending on the brand you choose, just like with any other purchase. Different companies offer various services and produce their goods in various ways. Some of the high-end solar batteries manufactured by the German company Sonnen cost more than $30,000. Tesla Powerwall, on the other hand, is only $11,000.

How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost? Price Guide

The Quality of Your Batteries

Before doing anything else, think about the product’s quality before installing batteries. The overall quality of energy storage systems can vary, and better products might cost more even though all currently available storage products pass rigorous safety tests.

The Number of Batteries You Need

Every storage installation is different and has particular storage needs. A solar panel system’s size is typically more flexible than a storage system’s size. The capacity of an installation can easily be adjusted by adding or removing a single solar panel. However, the majority of solutions on the market make it difficult to adjust the battery size.

As a result, the price of energy storage will be greatly influenced by the number of batteries installed and the amount of energy stored in kilowatt-hours.

Battery Chemistry

Batteries for homes and businesses come in a variety of varieties. But the most common ones store electricity using lithium-ion chemistry.

The two most common types of lithium-ion batteries (LFP) are lithium iron phosphate (LIP) and nickel manganese cobalt (NMC). There are distinctive qualities to each type of chemistry.

Things to Look for When You’re Picking a Solar Battery

Your solar battery’s effectiveness is influenced by a number of variables. Before choosing your battery system, consider the following:

How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost? Price Guide

Type Or Material

Among the types of batteries to choose from, each type offers a different major advantage. You can choose the right style for you by weighing these benefits and drawbacks. Lithium-ion batteries might be what you need if you want something small and long-lasting. For those who are aware of more pressing financial restrictions, lead-acid batteries might be preferable.

Battery Life

The “lifespan” of any battery is multifaceted; the age, type, quality, and depth of discharge of the battery all contribute to its longevity. It can be useful to check a battery’s manufacturer’s specifications to see how long it should last.

Depending on how they are used, lead-acid batteries typically have a lifespan of one to ten years. Seven to fifteen years is the typical lifespan of lithium-ion batteries.

Depth of Discharge

The amount of stored energy that is used up before a battery is recharged is referred to as the depth of discharge. The battery’s lifespan typically decreases with the depth of discharge. Batteries frequently include a recommended maximum depth of discharge in addition to a cycle life estimate (which estimates the number of cycles the battery will last given a specific depth of discharge).

How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost? Price Guide

Both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries will degrade more quickly when deeply discharged, but lead-acid batteries have a lower tolerance for deep discharges than lithium-ion batteries, which can drastically shorten life expectancy if done frequently.


Solar systems and batteries are not 100% efficient when transferring and storing the collected solar energy from panels to batteries, as some amount of energy is lost in the process. It might be worthwhile to spend more money on a more expensive, more efficient battery, depending on how much energy you can produce from your panels and how your system is set up. Long-term financial savings could result from this.

How to Select the Best Solar Battery for Your Needs?

When selecting a solar battery for your setup, you may want to consider how you’ll use the batteries and what your need actually is, how safe each system might be, and the overall cost of the system.

Use and Need Considerations

Do you require the battery or battery bank to sustain the combined electrical requirements of your entire home or facility for extended periods of time, or just short bursts of emergency power when the power goes out? How much sun exposure do you expect to have on a daily basis? Take into account the depth of discharge that is best for your batteries and how this will affect how long they last.

How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost? Price Guide

Safety Considerations

How should the battery be kept to ensure its safety? What kind of upkeep is necessary for the battery? What is the safe temperature range for your battery, and will that temperature be maintained where it is being stored? What will you do with the battery when the time comes to recycle it?


Do you think it makes more sense to invest in lithium-ion batteries’ efficiency and longevity or to save money upfront with lead-acid batteries? How many batteries will you need to buy to meet your needs? What’s the expected lifespan of the battery and will you be prepared to replace it when it dies?

Are Solar Batteries Worth It?

Solar batteries are an expensive upfront investment, but they can ultimately help you save money by reducing your energy costs after sunset or in an emergency. They might be crucial elements of your energy system if you live off the grid.

Instead of needing to rely on outside energy, solar batteries can supply your home with clean, comparatively green, renewable energy. When adding a solar battery to your system, some localities also offer rebates or incentives to help offset the costs. If you are eligible for the federal solar tax credit, you may also be able to get up to 30% off your battery installation.

The choice to purchase a solar battery and reap its benefits ultimately rests with you.

Conclusion: How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost?

The current market price for most solar batteries ranges from $8,500 to $10,000+ (not including installation). The price including full installation fees can increase from $10,000 to $20,000.

Buying a battery as part of a brand-new solar panel system might be less expensive than adding one to an existing one. This is especially true if the old system is several years old and would require a significant amount of updating to function with the battery.


Can I DIY Install a Solar Battery?

No, because home solar systems are a complex technology that must be modified or installed with the help of a building permit and require proper installation to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

What Size Solar Battery Do I Need?

To determine what size battery will work for your home, it’s a good idea to look at your utility bills and see how much energy your home uses each month. You must also consider whether you prefer a partial system for critical backups or a whole-home battery system. Most homes will need a battery capacity of around 10 kWh.

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