How Much Does EV Charging Station Franchise Cost In India?

EV Charging Station

If anyone is looking for a new business that can bring them profit in the near future. The electric charging station is one of the best options at that point. But how much does a franchise for an EV charging station cost? We’re going to talk to you today about franchising for electric vehicle charging stations.

What Is The EV Electric Charging Station

First of all, we would like to describe what an electric charging station is before visiting a dealership. It is, essentially, a location or station where charging ports are accessible.

Its construction makes it possible to quickly charge both four- and two-wheeled electric vehicles. In order to charge electric vehicles, this has also been designed to manage high voltage and power.

Batteries installed inside the vehicle are the only source of power for all-electric vehicles. In these cars, there isn’t a diesel or gasoline option. So, when a vehicle’s power is running low, a person can charge it at one of these charging stations.

If your charging station offers fast charging, then it will undoubtedly increase demand and your rEVenue. Nowadays, fast charging is a necessity. The stock charger that is included with the scooter is a regular charger, and it will obviously take 4 to 5 hours to fully charge it.

Benefits Of Setting Up Electric Car Charging Stations

India is on track to switch over to electric vehicles in the next few years as demand for them grows quickly both domestically and internationally. And in order to maintain their use, electric vehicles require charging stations. Simply put, setting up charging can be a resource that generates income, just like Future Electric.

 Range anxiety is one of the major drawbacks in the global automobile industry, so by installing charging stations all over (in key areas and major cities), you can play a significant role in assisting the community to switch to electric vehicles.

Additionally, you can contribute to India’s environmental progress, which will likely be to your advantage.

Electric Vehicle Station Setup Basic Requirements

The following infrastructure is needed in order to set up a charging station:

  • Parking space for charging a vehicle
  • Local Certifications
  • Efficient civil work
  • Proximity to a transformer
  • Connection to any renewable source in case the transformer is not available

Why You Should Set Up An Electric EV Charging Station In India

I should install an EV charging station in India, is the first thing that comes to mind. In this article, we’ll go over the advantages of charging stations.-

EV Charging Station

The demand for electric vehicles has risen significantly in recent years, and they are the future of India. You will benefit if you set up a charging station.

Electric vehicle owners will be drawn to your services if you offer fast charging. since fast charging is not supported by the stock charger.

You should consider installing fast-charging stations in parking lots, shopping centers, tourist attractions, crowded markets, and both large and small businesses.

Another advantage of installing a charging station is that it requires a very small investment. The cost of the investment varies from company to company.

EV Charging Station Investment Cost

The cost of investment required in that business is the first thing that comes to mind for anyone who wants to launch a new venture. For a charging station business to get off the ground, different investments are required. In the majority of Indian states, this can range from 1 lakh to 10 lakh rupees.

The cost of an investment varies significantly. The quality of the business, the amount of power produced, the handling fees, and the setup fees all play a role. From one business to another, it differs.

  • Bharat AC-001: 70000
  • Bharat DC-001: 240000
  • Type 2: 125000
  • CHAdeMO: 14,50,000
  • CCS: 14,40,000

Electric Vehicle Station Setup Requirements

Set up a charging station need some infrastructure that is mentioned below –

  • Parking space to charge a vehicle
  • Local certifications
  • Good civil work
  • Proximity to a transformer
  • Connection to a renewable source in case transformer is not available

EV Charging Stations Companies In India ​

A charging station can be a great business opportunity if you are inspired by this post and want to set up a charging station in India. The list of EV Charging Station companies in India is provided below.

Companies in India that offer EV charging stations:

  • Exicom Power systems | Gurgaon
  • P2 power solution | Noida
  • Magneta Group | Navi Mumbai
  • TATA power | Mumbai
  • Okaya power group | Delhi
  • Numocity | Bangalore 
  • Volttic | Noida
  • Charge+zone | Vadodara 
  • ChargeMyGaadi | Delhi
  • EVQPoint | Bengaluru

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise

Franchises are currently available in India from a few different companies.

  • Charge+ Zone
  • Dyna Hi-Tech Power Systems
  • PlugNGo
  • Tata Power
  • Statiq

Tata EV Charging Station Franchise

Of all the businesses mentioned above that offer you a franchise, TATA is one of the oldest and most reputable. You can contact Tata through their corporate website if you’re interested in learning more.

You must go to the official Tata Power website to do that. You can see EV charging options offered by Tata Power on the official website. There are three choices available to you when you get to the official page.

For fleet companies, workplaces, retail establishments, and hotels, I’m looking for an EV charging solution.

You can select the option that best fits your name, after which you should press the “Click here” button. A new page, essentially a business inquiry page, will be displayed after the redirect.

You must enter your name, company, phone number, email address, and department (Billing, HR, Project, SED, etc.) on this page.).

Choose your department option, and then write a comment about the company and your business objectives.

Then enter the captcha code and press the submit button. You’ll receive an automatic call from the business. Additionally, you can email the business at: [email protected].

Plugngo Charging Station Franchise

  • If PlugNGO interests you, you can choose that option as well.
  • You must go to this company’s official website to inquire about a franchise:-
  • One option, “a partner with us,” is displayed on the homepage. Franchise operators will appear when you click on it.
  • There are three choices when you click on it: franchise models 1 and 2.

PlugNGo Model 1

Electric car charging ports with voltages of EV, e-3W, and e-2W are included in the first model. According to this business plan, the organization will grant a franchise for the ongoing needs of electric vehicles.

Model 1 Franchise Requirements

3 The outlet will be equipped with EV chargers. An area of 800 to 1000 square feet must be set aside for parking cars, and each bay must accommodate four cars.

If your land is the only one, there is a minimum 10-year agreement with the landowner, and the electricity load in your area should be between 100 and 140 KW.

Both the charging station’s operation and the presence of staff around the clock are provided.

An electronic billboard and network connection are available at the outlet. For managing the operation, use the PlugNgo software application.

A canopy, security camera, fire extinguisher, signage or branding at the entrance, and additional network connectivity requirements are all available on your charging station.

You can download the company brochure for more information:- Download Here.

Model 2 to Franchise

For the charging of e3W and e2W, this franchise is offered. 18 At your outlet, a KW charger will be installed.

200 square feet of parking space are needed. The required amount of electricity should be 20 KW.

You ought to be required to supply land in order to obtain a franchise. Other characteristics are the same as those mentioned in model 1.

Model 3

The installation of a 13 KW DC charger and an 18 KW AC/DC charger at your outlet is necessary for this franchise. At the time of charging, a parking space of 400 to 500 square feet is needed.

A 50 KW minimum electricity load is required to be available. Similar to those listed in model 1, there are also other requirements.

You can get in touch with the PlugNgo EV charging station franchise through their email address and the company website. You can also write to them at their registered office and corporate office address.

Charge+zone EV Vehicle Charging Station Franchise

The manufacture of electric charging stations is another area where Charge+Zone excels. For EV drivers to easily locate their charging stations, they can create a user-friendly smartphone app. In India, there are numerous charging networks.

If you’re interested in a Charge+Zone franchise, you can reach them by phone at +91-7227025948 or via WhatsApp at +91-72269 99590.

Alternatively, you can email the business at: [email protected]

The franchise’s mobile app contains additional information. You can get their mobile app, which is accessible on both the Android and iOS operating systems.

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