How to Charge a JUUL Without a Charger?

How to Charge a JUUL Without a Charger?

We will go over the most practical and safe ways to charge your JUUL without a charger in random order. There are a few other alternatives.

As a die-hard JUUL-er, the one thing that you probably worry about most is running out of pods or power. While everything you need is at your fingertips, there might be times when you suddenly can’t find your charger. If your JUUL is out of power or broken, there are alternatives like making one at home.

You can plug it into a computer to charge or any other outlet that works with a USB and has your JUUL take an hour to fully charge. Here are other ways to charge a JUUL without a charger.

How to Charge a JUUL Without a Charger?

This is something that you can easily do at home to help you continue vaping if you cannot access your charger. A temporary JUUL charger can be made at home. A USB cord and some scissors are required in this situation. Then follow the following stepwise process:

How to Charge a JUUL Without a Charger?
  1. Take your USB-equipped cable with you. It might be as straightforward as an old iPhone or Android cable.
  2. The USB end of the cord should remain intact as you cut off the other end of it with your wire cutters.
  3. After successfully severing the other end, cut the cord about 2-3 inches down, exposing the wires. Here, you want to cut the wires loose from the chord. These wires are what are going to charge your JUUL.
  4. When the wires are free, untangle them all and look for red and black wires. Those are what you’ll use to fasten to the JUUL.
  5. Separate the red and black wires from the rest, pull back the remaining wires, and tape them around the cord with electrical tape – you don’t need them, and you’ll want them safely out of the way.
  6. The wires are encased in plastic, as you can see. You’ll need to cut through them just a tiny bit just so the wire is out in the open. Possibly a ½ inch to an inch.
  7. Once the wires are free from their covering, twist the red wire until there are no longer any frills in the wire, then twist the black wire in the same manner. You will be left with two wires that appear to be fairly sturdy and pointed.
  8. Pick up your JUUL, place it on a flat surface, and check that the light flashes when charging is directed upward.
  9. Connect the red and black wires to the outermost golden slots of the use the outer golden slots only, JUUL. That will not work.
  10. Plug your device in after they are safely fastened, and then BOOM. Your JUUL’s light will start to flash while it’s charging.

Before plugging the charger into the socket and turning it on, make sure the wires are securely fastened. When JUUL’s LED fails to turn on, fiddle with the wires until it does; when the LED begins to blink, use tape to secure the wires. While it is charging, don’t leave the JUUL unattended.

As you wait for the ordered charger, you will still be able to vape with a charged JUUL.

Here are steps to charge other e-cigarettes without chargers:

Additional Tips

How to Charge a JUUL Without a Charger?

Here are a few more suggestions to get the job done quickly and effectively.

  • Working on a flat surface is always recommended. Once the connection is established, you can let the JUUL charge quietly. You could tape the wires to the surface where you’re working to ensure that the setup does not inadvertently shift. Taping the entire contraption to a foam board also works. You’ll conceal the wires that are not needed, and add stability for a steady charge.
  • Also effective are a set of wire cutters, pliers, or a straightforward blade. You only need to be careful about how much insulation you remove, being careful not to harm the wires inside.
  • Four colored wires make up the majority of iPhone chargers. However, if you’re using an Android charger, you might discover that it has just two wires—red and black. That’s fine too.
  • Consider chopping the wires into a larger section. You can then braid the ends of the metal together and curl them a little to increase the charging surface. This tip can get you more efficient charging.
  • You have the option of adding the unused green and white wires to the homemade JUUL charger rather than folding them back. Once you’re done cutting the plastic covering of the red and black wires, also trim the green and white wires. The red and green wires should then be twisted together. And then, the black and white wires. Do not leave any loose ends that could connect and cause a short circuit.
  • Here is another option. The extra green and white wires can be cut at the base if you prefer to do so.

Keep These Precautions in Mind

A few pointers that you must keep in mind:

  • A large amount of energy is stored in JUUL’s lithium-ion battery. Your homemade charger might not perform exactly as you had hoped.
  • In order to avoid a short circuit, make sure the black and red wires are not touching.
How to Charge a JUUL Without a Charger?
  • Use a wall charger or power bank, whichever you prefer. Do not connect to a laptop or any other electronic device. In case something goes wrong, you might end up destroying the more expensive gadget.
  • When the JUUL is fully charged and prepared for use, unplug the cord from the power source and safely store it. It’s crucial to realize that if connected, the live exposed wires could ignite a fire.
  • If the lights aren’t flashing, try plugging the cord into another USB device.
  • Always keep an eye on the DIY JUUL Charger while it’s charging. Keep out of the reach of kids and pets since the exposed wires are hazardous.
  • Never even consider switching it back to a phone charger after adopting a cord for JUUL’s charging. Always choose an old cord for your DIY project that you won’t need afterward.

How Much is a JUUL Charger?

When you purchase a JUUL kit, the device is shipped with its original charger. But in the process of using your charger, it may develop some issues like breaking down and malfunctioning.

You could also misplace or lose your charger. It is not that expensive, so you might feel pressured to try to find another one as a result. It ranges from $5.95 to $7.00 depending on the online store or other stores. Do not let the need for a charger prevent you from enjoying your vape.

Conclusion: Charge a JUUL Without a Charger

Losing the JUUL charger or misplacing it is a common scenario, more so if you like traveling with your JUUL. The best way to charge your JUUL without the original charger is with this technique if you accidentally lose it and need to keep vaping.

Therefore, it is highly advised to use these methods and charge your JUUL without a charger while taking the necessary safety precautions.


What Can Be Used to Charge JUUL?

To recharge, insert the JUUL into the USB charging dock (it comes in the starter pack) and insert the dock into a USB port (some hotels provide USB ports for phones; others require USB plug adapters).

Can You Charge a JUUL With An iPhone?

BRIK’s iPhone Power Sharing Cable for the JUUL Vaporizer allows you to withdraw power from your iPhone to charge your JUUL device on the go. The 3.5-inch length of this JUUL-compatible iPhone Power Sharing charger cable was specifically chosen to allow for easy tucking behind your phone.

Can You Wirelessly Charge JUUL?

Charge your JUUL on the go with this incredibly thin personal charging case, which includes three pods and an LCD indicator that is 1200 mAh compatible. A convenient, easy-read display shows how much power is left in your device.

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