How to Charge a Laptop Without a Charger? 6 Ways

How to Charge a Laptop Without a Charger? 6 Ways

Try starting your laptop with one of the ways to charge a laptop without a charger if your adapter or charger cord isn’t an alternative available

Unbelievably, you can charge your laptop without a typical laptop charger. It’s quite easy to do, and you should learn how to do it if you’re a fellow 21st-century dweller who feels compelled to take your laptop with you anytime you hit the road.

In addition, you might be unsure whether it is secure to use a different charger to charge your laptop. However, let’s first learn how to charge it before we discuss this portion.

Charge Your Laptop Using a Power Bank

A power bank is among the most convenient ways to charge your laptop. A power bank is essentially a portable laptop battery. All you need to do is link the power bank to your laptop. The best thing about power banks is that they don’t need to be plugged into an outlet while they’re charging your laptop.

Power banks are made in a variety of models, and they aren’t all designed with the same charging capacities. With a USB Type A power bank, you can charge laptops with less power. If you want to charge a more powerful laptop, like a mobile workstation, then you’ll need to get a power bank that’s USB-C-based. Your smartphone or tablet can be powered by USB-C power banks in addition to other USB devices.

How to Charge a Laptop Without a Charger? 6 Ways

Especially if you’re charging a more powerful laptop, your power bank will most likely only have enough power to recharge it once or twice. Please keep in mind to recharge it by plugging it into an electrical outlet. You won’t be able to use your power bank to recharge your laptop after it runs out of juice.

That’s why it’s best to reserve your power bank only when you really need it – like when you accidentally lose your laptop charger. Never remove your laptop bag from it while carrying a power bank.

Charge Your Laptop Using a Car Battery

Now, you can use your car battery to charge your laptop without a charger if you can’t afford a power bank. Anything requiring up to 300 watts can be powered by an inverter like the BESTEK 300W Power Inverter.

Although it may not be sufficient to run power tools, it is more than sufficient to charge your laptop in this instance.

The drawback of this approach is that you have to leave the power inverter on the vehicle’s floor somewhere. On the plus side, you can still take your computer inside and out, which is excellent for beginners.

Use a USB Type-C Adapter

A high-power connection is provided through USB-C ports, which transmit substantially more current at faster rates than a USB-A dock. Laptops that have USB-C connectors built into them can be recharged using a USB-C cable.

If you’re considering how to recharge a laptop battery using a USB-C connection, make sure the USB-C cable comes with a plug adaptor. Connect one end to an electrical socket while the other connects to your laptop.

How to Charge a Laptop Without a Charger? 6 Ways

We recommend using a magnetic wireless charger, or the Anker 60W converter is a dependable USB-C adapter that can concurrently supply up to 30W of energy to five USB-C external devices at maximum speed.

These four power connectors have innovative designs that speed up charging by automatically recognizing the type of device being charged. The USB port on your computer can also be used by your phone to recharge its battery.

Using Your Smartphone

In an emergency, using your smartphone as a backup power source can mean the difference between life and death. Using this method, connect your phone to one side of a USB-C cable and your computer to the other. Go to your connectors’ power options and choose the “Power another device” checkbox.

You might anticipate that your device’s battery will quickly run out as your PC starts up. There are several disadvantages to this strategy because your phone can’t store as much juice as a rechargeable battery:

  • Only thirty minutes’ worth of laptop power will be available to you.
  • A dead smartphone may be more of a hassle in some situations.

Even though it’s not the best long-term solution for a dead battery, it’s still a helpful tip that can really get you out of a jam.

Using a Universal Power Adapter

While having a backup way to charge your laptop battery without using the official charger is great, if you use a universal power adapter and set the voltage too high, you’ll likely end up with a dead or failed battery.

It usually comes with interchangeable tips, and many different brands are supported. Many battery packs can even be connected to the 12-volt cigarette lighter in your car, making them truly portable.

How to Charge a Laptop Without a Charger? 6 Ways

Using a Super Battery

Super batteries are similar to additional or backup laptop batteries. Your laptop’s original battery is exchanged for one that has different charging cables. Make sure that it fits your laptop and is the right size when you get one. These accessories are brand-specific, so if they weren’t made for your laptop they might not function with it.

This technique is only used in emergency situations because, as you might have guessed, it isn’t very effective.

What to Pack in Your Laptop Travel Backpack?

Make it a habit to always have your laptop with you when you’re on the go so you can have a successful tech-filled trip away from the home office. Here’s what you should put in it.

First and foremost, keep your laptop in there. Put your laptop in a laptop sleeve first, then place the laptop case in the backpack if you want to be extra cautious. Take all necessary precautions to safeguard your laptop because you never know when the going will get tough.

How to Charge a Laptop Without a Charger? 6 Ways

Keep in mind that your laptop likely contains a lot of sensitive or valuable work information as well as personal information, such as work projects or family photos. Don’t chance to lose those.

Insert a power bank that is fully charged next. If at all possible, try to avoid using your power bank. In the event that your laptop power cord fails, it should primarily be used in an emergency.

Third, bring a travel adapter. If you’re traveling abroad, you might find yourself in a place where the electrical outlets aren’t compatible with your laptop. To plug into a foreign outlet, you can use a travel adapter, which has interchangeable plugs.

Having fully functional electronics could help keep you safe while you’re traveling abroad and make sure you don’t miss any transportation plans. When traveling abroad, don’t forget to pack one of these.

Bring a USB port hub last. When you’re on the road with your laptop, having a USB port hub is a lifesaver. Its primary purpose is to increase the number of USB ports on your laptop.

When you’re away from the organized workspace in your home office, you can easily connect all of your USB devices with the help of a USB hub, which typically has 4 to 7 extra USB ports.

Conclusion: Charge a Laptop Without a Charger

The techniques in our guide are ideal for starting up your laptop if you’re stuck in a jam, even though certain individuals would suggest it’s risky to use a laptop charger cord that isn’t from the official designer. In particular, if you’re planning a lengthy business trip, consider using one of these methods to recharge your laptop if you don’t have an adapter or power supply on hand.

  1. Charge your laptop using a power bank
  2. Recharge your laptop with a car battery
  3. Use a USB Type-C adaptor
  4. Charge your laptop with a universal power adapter
  5. Carry a super battery

Any of these solutions might prevent you from having to spend a weekend away from your laptop.


Is It Safe to Charge Your Laptop Without Its Official Charger?

Use different methods to charge your laptop if you don’t know what you’re doing because it could be harmful to the battery. You must confirm that the voltage and power meet the requirements of your laptop charger.

How Do I Force My Laptop to Charge?

Remove the battery from your laptop, and if it’s detachable, replace it. If the laptop won’t turn on when you try to turn it on, remove the battery once more and hold down the power button for 10 seconds to completely drain the battery. Then, connect your charging cord and check to see if your device starts to charge.

Can You Charge the Laptop With HDMI?

Many modern laptops come with USB-C ports, which can be used with an HDMI to USB-C adapter to help you charge with HDMI. You can use a universal adapter to charge with HDMI if your laptop lacks a USB-C port.

How Do I Start a Dead Laptop?

You can remove any residual electricity by removing the battery, disconnecting the power adapter, and pressing and holding the power button for 30 seconds. Connect the power adapter again, wait 30 seconds, and then turn on the system. If your laptop starts shut it down once more and install the battery once more.

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