How to Charge An Ooze Pen Without a Battery? 6 Ways

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The various options you have for charging your vape without a charger will all be covered in this article.

A charger that enables you to recharge the vape’s batteries when they run out is included with almost every vape you can buy, with the exception of the disposable models. However, there may be situations where your vape’s batteries have run out of power and you don’t have the right charger on hand to revive them. This could happen whether it’s been misplaced, destroyed, or otherwise unavailable.

Therefore, you’ve come to the right place if you want to learn everything there is to know about charging your vape when your charger is missing. Learn Why Is My Ooze Pen Not Charging, How Do I Reset My Ooze Pen, and Why is My Ooze Pen Blinking Green.

Use a Phone Charger

You are in luck if your vaporizer has a micro-USB charging port, which many vaporizers do. Most people have at least one micro-USB charger lying around their homes because they are widely available.

The charger will work well even though it may not have been created with charging vapes in mind. The unfortunate fact is that many rechargeable vape models lack micro-USB charging ports.

Box mods typically do have a built-in micro-USB charging port, but many rechargeable vape pens such as JUUL and Vuse vapes feature a unique charging port that won’t accept a micro-USB charger.

The same is true for phone chargers—not everyone you can find will be a micro-USB charger. When it came to charging phones a decade ago, micro-USB chargers were the norm. But nowadays, a lot of smartphone models feature different types of charging ports, like USB-C ports for many more recent Android models and lightning ports for iPhones.

How to Charge An Ooze Pen Without a Battery? 6 Ways

However, if all the stars are in place and you have a vape with a micro-USB charging port and a micro-USB phone charger, charging your vape with a phone charger is a simple and easy process.

Use a Portable Power Bank

You can charge devices on the go with the help of portable power banks. They are essentially large batteries that can be connected to a variety of different devices thanks to the charging cables that are included with them.

Plugging your vape into a portable power bank should work as long as one of those cables is a micro-USB cable and your vape has a micro-USB charging port.

However, if your vape doesn’t appear to be charging when you plug in a portable power bank, it’s possible that the power bank itself isn’t charging. Portable power banks eventually need to be recharged because they don’t last forever. However, this isn’t true of all models. Some more expensive models will tell you how much power the power bank has left to offer.

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Plug Your Vape into a Desktop Or Laptop

Although you won’t be able to charge your vape using a standard electrical outlet if you still have the correct charging cable for it but have lost the brick to which it connects, you can still charge it by connecting the cable to any USB-enabled device.

Any vape can be charged using a USB port on a laptop, desktop, or gaming console as long as you have the proper charging cable. Just note that if you are using a laptop not plugged in to charge your vape in this manner, it will cause your laptop’s battery to drain a little more quickly.

Use An External Battery Charger

How to Charge An Ooze Pen Without a Battery? 6 Ways

Batteries in rechargeable vape pens, like JUULs, are wired to the internal parts of the device and cannot be taken out. An external battery charger won’t be of any use to these gadgets. Most box mods, however, are powered by standard AA batteries that can easily be removed.

You can use an external battery charger to charge the batteries in your vape as long as your mod is outfitted with rechargeable batteries—most mods will come with batteries that are made to be recharged out of the box.

It is actually advised to recharge a mod’s batteries using an external battery charger because doing so can prolong their lifespan. It’s possible to find an external battery charger if you don’t already have one.

Most vape shops will stock this product. However, because external battery chargers are not vape-specific gadgets, you ought to be able to buy them from almost any electronics shop.

Replace Your Mods Batteries

Charging the batteries with an external battery charger isn’t your only option if you’ve misplaced the charger for a mod that uses removable batteries. The majority of box mods, as we’ve already mentioned, are powered by regular AA batteries, though some might also use other kinds of batteries.

Although the batteries that come with your mod are probably of the rechargeable variety, non-rechargeable batteries will work just as well if you happen to have the right kind on hand. Although it isn’t the most cost-effective option, replacing your mod’s batteries every time they run out will suffice in an emergency.

Just keep in mind that, should you decide to use standard, non-rechargeable batteries instead, plugging your mod back into its charger won’t do anything in the event that you happen to find it again. In light of this, it is a good idea to keep your mod’s rechargeable batteries on hand so that you can swap them out whenever you locate your charger.

DIY a Charger

How to Charge An Ooze Pen Without a Battery? 6 Ways

Start by locating any charger that features a USB adapter. While USB-C and lightning port chargers also function with this method, micro-USB chargers are the best choice. You should be good to go as long as the charger’s other end is a USB adapter.

The charger’s end that is intended to be plugged into your phone or another device should then be cut off with a pair of scissors. After that, remove roughly two inches of insulation from the end you snipped using a craft knife or another sharp blade.

The red and black wires should be visible as a result. Once you’ve located these two wires, use your knife to remove the insulation from both of them so that the copper wiring underneath is visible. Your homemade charger is now ready for use after the completion of this task.

How to Charge An Ooze Pen?

Ooze pen battery instructions for recharging removable batteries:

Remove the Battery

The ooze pen’s casing must be opened in order to access the battery; if the batteries are detachable, you must disconnect them before charging. On the pen’s base or side, you can find the battery cover. With your finger latch or tab, reach it and open it.

To accommodate removable batteries, keep in mind that you may need to change some vaping products. The cartridge can typically be placed into a cell-holding device to achieve this. (Read the user guide and adhere to the ooze vape pen battery directions that come with your product.

The 18650 battery type is the most popular one for ooze pens. They resemble AA cells but are a little bigger. The majority of 18650 batteries, though, are not made specifically for vaporizers. Always purchase the proper size and shape of cells in order to prevent breaking your pen or adapter.

Recharge the Battery

The adapter should be connected to the outlet. Place the cells in the charging slots so that they are lined up with the indicated pole positions. Look for a small click if they start to tighten. If you’re having trouble turning one or both of your cells to fit them into the charging system, try that first. Their alignment might be off. Take note of the following:

  1. A battery can become seriously damaged if you use a charger that isn’t designed for that type of battery.
  2. Give your batteries a minimum three-hour recharge.
  3. Keep your charger in a warm or cold environment.
  4. You must take the batteries out of the charger after they have finished charging.
  5. Familiarize yourself with your ooze pen battery charging instructions on the user guide
  6. Avoid overcharging
  7. In your ooze pen, recharge the batteries.
  8. An oozing pen with a blinking indicator light typically indicates a connection problem.
  9. Regularly check your battery’s state of charge.
  10. As soon as a battery starts to fail, it would be best if you changed it.
  11. Purchase one or two extra batteries so that you can recharge the other while using the backup.

Conclusion: Charge An Ooze Pen Without a Battery

Here’s how to charge your vape battery without a vape charger:

  1. Use a phone charger
  2. Use a portable power bank
  3. Plug your vape into a desktop or laptop
  4. Use an external battery charger
  5. Replace your mods’ batteries
  6. Charge your vape with a DIY charger

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