How to Charge the Car Battery Without a Charger? 6 Fixes

How to Charge the Car Battery Without a Charger? 6 Fixes

Can you charge a car battery without a charger? If you don’t, this article will outline six solutions to the issue.

Long charge retention times are built into batteries. But the more you use them, the more they drain. They will eventually run out of battery, and you will have to recharge them. But you can’t always travel with a charger. Therefore, you might need to improvise if your smartphone, camera, or car battery runs out of juice. Herein lies the value of this article.

You’ll learn some quick hacks and tips right here to charge your battery without a charger.

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How to Charge Car Battery Without Charger?

Let’s look at how to charge a car battery now that you know how to charge lithium-ion batteries without a charger. Lead-acid batteries, which are used in the majority of automobiles, can discharge for a variety of reasons. Your battery can only be recharged if this occurs.

If you don’t have a car battery charger, we’ve provided a list of a few reliable ways to charge your car battery below.

Use Solar Power

You can always rely on solar energy as a source of power. As long as it’s daylight, you can charge wherever you are. The charging procedure could take several hours, which is a drawback. If you don’t mind slow charges, this method is useful.

Don’t forget to double-check that the solar charger you choose fits your flat battery when you go solar charger shopping for your car battery. You can cut down on charging time in this way.

Connect the Car Battery to a UPS Inverter

How to Charge the Car Battery Without a Charger? 6 Fixes

Electric appliances are used in the majority of modern homes. However, during blackouts, these appliances stop working because there is no electricity supply. Households spend money on UPS inverters to address this issue.

A home UPS Inverter store electricity in an inverter battery when there’s power. It supplies electricity to a number of electronic devices in the event of a grid outage or power outage.

As such, a UPS inverter can help you recharge a drained car battery. Read the power inverter manual, though, to make sure it matches the capacity of your car battery before you start charging.

Jump Starting the Battery With Jump Leads

You must jump-start your car when the battery is dead in order to at least get the engine to start. Once you start the engine, you can go to your destination, and you can charge your car there with a proper charger. You must attach the jump leads from another vehicle to your car’s battery in order to jumpstart it.

You can use the jump leads to charge your car battery just enough to start the engine. Jump leads won’t be of any assistance if your car battery is having problems, though. For guidance on how to connect the jump leads correctly, it is crucial to read your car battery’s manual. Otherwise, the battery in your car might be harmed.

You should take the following actions.

  • Use a wire brush and clean the battery terminals so that there is no dirt, rust, or corrosion issue with them. This is important before you connect the jump leads so that the charging is proper.
  • The jump leads should not be more than 6 gauge so that the current can flow steadily and safely.
  • To ensure that your battery has enough charge to start your car engine, the donor car’s engine must be running for at least 10 minutes while the jump leads are connected to your vehicle.

Use a Battery Isolator

How to Charge the Car Battery Without a Charger? 6 Fixes

A battery isolator, which is frequently used by RV drivers, is useful when you need to charge a secondary battery. Once installed, the electric component makes sure that the alternator and various batteries of a vehicle receive an equal distribution of charge.

It enables the charging of two or more vehicle batteries by a single alternator while preventing the batteries from draining one another when they are low on charge Depending on the requirements of each battery, a battery isolator can also fully charge automobile batteries.

While it isn’t as efficient at filling up a flat battery, it offers a great way to recharge a 12V battery that is used as a power source in an RV or at a campsite.

Place the Battery in Another Car

Save yourself the hassle of looking for a charger by using another vehicle to charge your battery. Simply remove the battery from your car and install it in the battery compartment of another vehicle.

The donor car’s battery must match your car’s in order for this technique to be effective. Make certain that the batteries are the same size, shape, and mAh rating. You run the risk of causing battery damage if they’re incompatible. Therefore, you ought to research alternative battery-charging techniques.

Get a Car Jump Starter

How to Charge the Car Battery Without a Charger? 6 Fixes

The battery in a portable jump starter receives just enough power to start the engine, similar to jump leads. The battery is then charged by the alternator after that.

Turn off the car’s lights, audio system, air conditioning, and phone chargers before using a jump starter. The reason is these auxiliary electrical systems will drain the jump-started battery, preventing it from starting the engine. Cleaning the battery terminals and turning off the ignition is also helpful.

Despite being effective, portable jump starters don’t work on old or defective batteries.

Preparations before Charging

Before you charge your car battery, you need to do the things listed below:

Stay Away from Fire Triggers

Make sure there aren’t any nearby flames, sparks, or smoke before charging your car battery. Anything that could start a fire should be avoided. Put on protective gear and remove any jewelry.

Make Sure the Battery is Not Leaking

Take a sniff around your dead car battery. If you smell something that smells like rotten eggs, there might be a gas leak somewhere. It’s extremely dangerous to you, the car, and anyone close to the vehicle.

In this scenario, steer clear of the car and don’t try to charge your dead battery. Also, make sure there are no combustible materials nearby. then make a professional assistance call.

Cool Down the Battery

How to Charge the Car Battery Without a Charger? 6 Fixes

When they are rushing to charge their car batteries, few people give this any thought. Prior to charging, you must always check the battery for heat.

If your car is parked in the sun directly during a warm spell, your battery could easily get warm. In other instances, your car battery frequently overheats when it is working hard. It is not secure to charge it at this time. First, the battery needs to be cooled.

Check for Corrosion

Degraded batteries present another safety risk when charging a car battery. So, look for corrosion-related indicators like crusty, greenish material around the battery ports.

With lead-acid batteries, which are common, this substance is produced when the battery acid fume is exposed to the atmosphere. Owners of this kind of battery need to be careful because it could impair charging effectiveness.

How to Know Your Car Battery Needs Charging?

However, some auto owners might be perplexed as to how they can tell when their vehicles require charging. In the following section, we will address this query.

Your Car Won’t Start

Normally, you should be able to start your car with a simple turn of the key. A dead battery needs to be charged if you have to turn the key more than once before the engine starts or if it doesn’t start at all.

How to Charge the Car Battery Without a Charger? 6 Fixes

Car Electrics Don’t Work Properly

Your car’s battery powers every electric component, including the infotainment system, windows, heaters, and lights. Therefore, when they don’t respond as quickly to your control, you should take the battery into account.

It’s possible that the battery has run out of juice, rendering all the electrics weak and preventing them from functioning normally.

Battery Warning Light is On

On the car dashboard, there’s a dedicated battery light that turns on when there’s something wrong with the alternator, electrical system, or battery.

Whenever this light is on, it means your battery is not being charged right, and it can run out of juice anytime. In this situation, check your car battery and make sure to recharge it as soon as possible.

The Start-Stop Function Doesn’t Work

The start-stop system in your car is responsible for battery monitoring and detecting the current drawn from it. The function will be turned off if the battery is having trouble preventing excessive battery drain.


Both when your battery is running on low charge and when it is completely dead, you need to charge it right away. You may not always have a battery charger on hand, so you should be aware of all available methods for charging your car’s battery without one.

Clearly, there are many ways to recharge your smartphone, camera, or car battery without a charger.


Can You Charge a Car Battery With a Phone Charger?

Usually, a cell phone charger only has 5V. If it’s a more recent USB-C one, it might be 12V or 15V. What you could do, however, is use a step-up voltage regulator to recharge your car battery using a cellphone charger, then start it up. However, it could be done, albeit it would take a very long time.

Can My Dead Car Battery Be Recharged?

Keeping a car battery plugged in for twenty-four hours can fully recharge your battery, and chargers are typically quite affordable.

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