How to Clean Your Ooze Pen? 5 Simple Steps

How to Clean Your Ooze Pen? 5 Simple Steps

Everything you need to know about cleaning your ooze pen is covered in our quick and simple guide, which only has five simple steps.

A clean coil is crucial for maintaining your portable dabbing device. Plus, every dabber knows that a dirty burnt-out coil will diminish the flavor of your wax drastically. Your ooze pen will last for several smoke sessions if you follow a straightforward cleaning and maintenance routine.

  1. Dismantle Your Ooze Pen
  2. Brush the Parts
  3. Clean the Mouthpiece
  4. Clean Off Stubborn Residue
  5. Reassemble the Pen

Your ooze pen will be in top condition if you simply clean ooze pen in these five simple steps provided in this blog.

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How to Clean Your Ooze Pen?

Many people don’t know how often they should clean their ooze pens. The number of times you use it will determine how long your ooze pen lasts, not a specific period of time.

Cleaning is generally recommended every 20 or so uses, but some people prefer to do so more frequently. Any malfunction or defect in your experience should be covered by the terms and conditions of a warranty if you take extra care of each component. The five steps listed below make it simple to keep your ooze pen clean and shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes.

You must take apart your ooze pen in the same manner regardless of whether you use it to ooze concentrates or dry herbs. Prior to doing this, it helps if you are familiar with all the parts.

The heating chamber, mouthpiece, and battery are the three main components of a typical ooze pen. Start with the heating chamber and unscrew every piece. Tap any residue into the trash to get rid of it if there is any in the heating chamber.

To vaporize dry materials, the majority of herbal vaporizer pens have a heating coil inside the chamber. Due to its high level of sensitivity, you must take extra care when cleaning.

But because the residue from a herbal ooze pen is less sticky, cleaning it is simpler than cleaning a concentrated ooze pen. Although cleaning wax and oil pen oozes is challenging at first, it gets simpler with practice.

The brush that typically comes with an ooze pen is used to get rid of any residue or lint. Don’t use water on parts of the pen as the device has compact electrical wirings inside.

A mouthpiece can be easily cleaned, but because it is the path for the vapor, it is the component that, aside from the heating chamber, tends to collect the most debris. Depending on the mouthpiece, it may or may not detach. Running it under warm water will help if the mouthpiece comes off. To ensure it is completely clean, use a soft cotton cloth or cotton swab to wipe inside and around the mouthpiece.

How to Clean Your Ooze Pen? 5 Simple Steps

You can soak a mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol for about 20 to 30 minutes, rinse it with hot water, and repeat for a more thorough clean. It’s best to consult the manual before doing this.

Your device might require some serious cleaning if you haven’t taken good care of it. A Q-Tip will fit into all the tight spaces, and rubbing alcohol is a safe solution for removing stubborn residue.

Rubbish alcohol can be used to clean the outside of the chamber or cartridge, but not the interior. If you’re having trouble getting rid of any residue while attempting to clean it cold, a tip is to warm up your ooze pen.

Once you’ve finished cleaning and drying your device, you can screw it back together. Ensure that everything is attached correctly and returned to its proper location. To turn the device back on after reassembling it, quickly press the same micro-button a few times. Learn How Do I Reset My Ooze Pen?

How Often Should I Change My Ooze Pen?

How to Clean Your Ooze Pen? 5 Simple Steps

Your usage patterns and the temperature settings you use with your ooze pen will determine how frequently you need to change it. We advise replacing your ooze pen on average every 4 to 12 weeks.

Whatever the case, you and your wax will know when the time is right! Fortunately, our website offers replacement parts for all Ooze products that include coils. Read More: Why Is My Ooze Pen Not Charging?

Why Do I Need to Clean My Ooze Pen?

Let’s start by answering the obvious question: Why should you bother cleaning your ooze pen in the first place? You should consider cleaning your ooze pen for three important reasons, each of which is more important than you might expect.

Reason 1

Many ooze users may only clean their ooze once a month, or maybe it’s a quick wipe down every few days. However, this will only lead to the rapid deterioration of your expensive piece of kit, rendering it useless and ensuring you spend plenty more on a brand-new one. So the first and most obvious answer is that it would be a total waste of your money, in the long run, to have a ooze and never look after it!

Reason 2

There are more serious reasons behind why you should keep on top of the grime and residue that can quickly build inside a vaping device; your health! Although more research is required before people can fully comprehend how vaping affects the body, the fact of the matter is that many people do believe using a vaporizer is a healthier alternative to smoking joints. Nevertheless, marijuana residue will accumulate over time, regardless of how you smoke it, and this can be dangerous for us to breathe in.

Reason 3

In conclusion, there is simply no justification for not cleaning your ooze pen! There are no excuses to put off performing routine maintenance on your ooze because it is not only incredibly quick but also very simple to do.

Conclusion: Clean Your Ooze Pen

You were told it was easy, right? No longer can you put off cleaning your ooze pen; even if you’ve neglected it for a while, these five steps shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes!

Reassemble your ooze pen for use the next time after thoroughly cleaning each component and letting it dry out completely.

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How Long Does Ooze Pen Last?

This device shuts itself off after 12 minutes of inactivity, which makes the battery last way longer between charges. You should be able to use the Slim Twist for at least one to two weeks if it lasts you several days before needing to be recharged.

How Do You Get Wax Out of an ooze Pen?

You can check to see if your wax pen is still clean with a fresh, white Q-tip. Clean your vaporizer’s threading, body, or mouthpiece by dipping a cotton swab in some cleaning solution. To get a snowy white cotton tip, repeat the process using a fresh q-tip each time.

How Do You Take Apart An Ooze Battery?

To remove the battery, open the ooze pen’s casing; if the batteries are removable, you must disconnect them before recharging. The pen’s base or side will likely have the battery cover. Use the finger latch or tab to reach it and open it.

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