How To Fix Loose Charging Port: 5 Methods

Fix Loose Charging Port

Do you ever feel as though the cable isn’t quite inserted all the way when you try to charge your phone? It may be a little loose or sway slightly. A phone’s loose charging port can be fixed in a few different ways. We will introduce 5 methods for you to fix your loose charging port in this article.

Methods To Fix A Loose Phone Charger Port

Try Out A Different Power Source

Your phone may not be charging because of the phone or the charger, but rather the electrical outlet it is plugged into. Try plugging in your charger to a different outlet.

You might have been using an extension box to charge; you can switch to charging directly from the wall.

Change to another outlet if you are charging on a wall jack. Try charging directly from a wall adapter if you were previously using another USB port on your computer to charge.

If your phone begins to recharge, you’ve identified the issue. You only need to hire an electrician to repair the broken wall adapter, purchase a new extension box, or have your computer’s USB port fixed.

Check The Charging Cable

The most frequent reason why your phone isn’t charging when plugged in is usually faulty charging cables. Charging cables experience a great deal of wrapping, unwrapping, and twisting, especially when they are transported frequently because some of us can’t live without carrying our chargers everywhere with us.

These may result in damage to the charging cable. Switch to a different charging cable and check to see if your phone charges; if it does, your charging cable was defective.

Check The Charger Adapter

If the phone still won’t charge after you’ve switched out the charging cable and you’re confident the new cable isn’t defective, you should check the charger adapter. Check the connecting port between them for burnt smells after removing the charging cable.

Do you notice any rust on the connecting port? When connected, does the charging cable tremble? Does it connect properly?

After that, you should swap out the charger adapter. Avoid using just any charger adapter or a charging cable to charge your phone as each phone has a different voltage requirement that must be met in order to charge it properly.

Buy from reputable retailers like Carlcare offices that sell authentic products to make sure you replace your charging cable.

Switch Off Your Phone

Sometimes, even though your charger and wall adapter is functioning properly, your phone’s software fails to recognize that it is charging, which prevents the battery status bar from changing. You might be able to fix this by turning off your phone.

By simultaneously pressing the power and volume buttons, you can also hard reset your phone. Try charging it next; if it works, the problem might have been with the charging.

Fix Loose Charging Port

Check The Cell Phone’s Charging Port

Without a protective pouch that covers the loose charging port, we frequently carry our phones in our pockets and other places. The loose charging port can become clogged with dirt and debris, preventing a full connection between the charger and the phone.

Look into your phone’s loose charging port with a light source. The loose phone charging port should be cleaned with a soft toothbrush if you notice any obvious dirt or debris. An additional tool for this is a cue tip. Do not use items such as paper clips or toothpicks.

Your loose charging port is easily damaged by a toothpick getting stuck in it. Because paper clips are made of metal, they can conduct electricity.

Additionally, they have a sharp edge and may cut. After clearing away any dirt and debris, try charging; if it works, you’re good to go.

Why Does My Charger Port Become Loose

The loose charging port on your iPhone might be dirty or even broken if it keeps slipping out while it is being charged. You can use a paper clip or toothpick to clean it in this scenario. You might have to buy a new one if the issue continues.

A repair kit can be bought online or at an electronics shop. It is essential to clean the loose charging port in this situation using soft objects like cotton swabs and toothpicks.

Use nothing sharp, such as a toothbrush, if you are unable to avoid doing so.

It’s possible that the loose charging port on your iPhone is dirty if the charger keeps slipping out. It’s possible the connector has become loose if you haven’t cleaned the port recently. Use a fresh toothbrush or an anti-static brush to clean it effectively.

Useless items that conduct electricity or detach inside the loose charging port should also be avoided. You should try the aforementioned techniques regardless of what led to your iPhone charger’s loose connection.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Charging Port

A replacement iPhone charging port can cost anywhere from $5 to $100, depending on the model. This estimate probably exceeds actual costs because Apple’s prices vary widely.

The same repair, however, can be done more quickly and for less money by a reputable third-party repair facility. Instead of purchasing a new phone if your charging port is loose, think about having it replaced.

Typically, the warranty covers the repair for no cost.

Depending on the kind of charging port you have, you might be able to cut costs by fixing the charging cable yourself. Although this is a particularly simple fix, the battery may suffer further harm, and any warranties will be nullified.

In some instances, the charging port itself may be damaged, costing more money to fix than just the charging cable. A new iPhone is more expensive than fixing a loose charging port, even though it might not be the most affordable solution.

If you are about to upgrade, you might want to carefully consider your repair option before deciding on a replacement.

The price of a new charging cable can range from $100 to $120. The loose charging port itself might not be the issue in some circumstances. Sometimes wear and tear causes the cable to become damaged, necessitating replacement.

For your device, it’s crucial to go to a licensed repair facility. For a set fee, many shops will fix the charging cable; other shops will sell you a new one.

Nevertheless, depending on the device’s model and the repair’s location, it might be an expensive fix.

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