How To Get Sand Out Of Your Phone? 4 Ways

how to get sand out of the charging port

Your toes are curled in the sand as you relax in a chair with your back to the water. Your face is warmly cooled by the ocean breeze. The shoreline is lapped by waves like a mantra. You take your favorite summer book out of your purse because you’re at ease. Up until the chapter’s conclusion, you flip through the pages. It’s the most unwinding day ever. Then you see your brand-new smartphone lying in the sand. You panic as you consider how to clean sand off of your phone.

Scotch tape and pressurized air are a couple of alternatives. Use a vacuum to get rid of obstinate grains if you’d rather stay away from chemicals. You can learn how to clean the charging port of sand by reading this article.

How Do You Clean Sand Off Your Phone?

You have sand in your phone if you’re reading this right now. You can always use the aforementioned advice for your subsequent beach outing, so don’t worry.

Don’t worry if you discover that you have a few extra items at home compared to what you planned to bring from the beach. We have you covered. Getting rid of sand in your phone is easy with these three methods.

Use Compressed Air

A dollar store canister of compressed air is an additional choice. Sand in the charging port of your iPhone can be removed with this canister, which will run you about $1. Ensure that the canister is aimed correctly by turning it. To get rid of grain clumps, you could also use a vacuum. Try different techniques to get the sand off the iPhone because compressed air might not be as efficient as a vacuum cleaner.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Use the steps listed below to clean sand off your iPhone. However, you can use a vacuum cleaner if you are unable to solve the issue.

Use a vacuum first, and then a crevice tool attached to it. Simply position the crevice tool close to your phone’s charging port or other accessible areas, and then let the vacuum collect the debris.

Use A Paper Clip

The final step is to use a small paper clip to scrape away any remaining stubborn sand after using the vacuum and compressed air canister. This will help remove any final debris that your compressed air canister and vacuum may have missed. It’s easy but effective.

Consider the first two options macro solutions, whereas this one is a micro solution. Here is how to use a paper clip to remove sand from your phone:

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. While one side is still folded, unfold your paper clip.
  3. With the sticky side facing out, wrap scotch tape around the paperclip.
  4. To get rid of any remaining debris, use your paperclip.

Sticky Tape

how to get sand out of the charging port

If the sand grains are not deeply embedded in the crevices and you can see them clearly, grab some tape and apply the sticky side to the affected area.

Grab one end of the tape and quickly yank it off, just like when waxing. The tape will pull anything close to the surface out.

You may be interested in how to get the rice and water out of the charging port.

How To Keep Sand Out Of Your Phone?

Two smartphone screens crack each second, according to the Miami Herald. While a phone case can help to protect your phone from harm, it won’t stop sand and other foreign objects from getting inside your phone.

If you’re getting ready for a fun day at the beach, take an extra step to protect your phone from rocks and other hazards. A major issue at the beach, aside from all the sand, is the wind.

Sand and other debris are carried by the wind and may end up inside your phone. Follow these recommendations to keep your phone safe.

Use A Sandwich Bag

Put your phone in the sandwich baggie for a simple way to protect it from the sand. The benefit of choosing this method is that your phone’s touchscreen will continue to function while it is in the bag.

You can still check out your favorite apps while listening to the waves without having to worry about sand getting into your phone.

Invest In A Waterproof Case

This is the choice for you if you regularly visit the beach, surf, or have a beach house. It’s a no-brainer if you spend a lot of time at the beach because a sturdy plastic wallet can be purchased for as little as under ten dollars.

This container will help you avoid getting sand in your belongings while also protecting them from water, the mortal enemy of all technological advancements. You can purchase a transparent case that is sand- and water-proof so you won’t need to open it to check if all of your belongings are inside. Alternative: Purchase an opaque one to prevent others from seeing what’s inside!

Use A Peanut Butter Jar

You can use a cleaned-out peanut butter jar if you don’t like the feeling of using your phone through a bag or spending money on pricey waterproof cases. A few cell phones, a set of keys, and even a portable charger can all fit in the majority of larger jars.

For a secure location on the beach, just open the jar whenever you need your phone, put it back in, and tighten the lid.

Don’t Let Sand Ruin Your Day

Your day doesn’t have to be ruined because of sand in phone cases. Although it is inconvenient, as you can see, it is a simple fix. We bet you’ll be planning a trip to the beach now that you know how to clean sand off of your phone. If you take care not to scratch the phone’s surface, these techniques are effective.

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