How to Replace the Battery in Jeep Key Fob? Step Guide

How to Replace the Battery in Jeep Key Fob? Step Guide

We will show you how to change a battery in a Jeep key fob so you can get back on the roads of Rice Lake in your Jeep as soon as possible.

Changing the battery in your Jeep key fob may be necessary if you discover that the buttons on the device are no longer functional. Here are seven steps on how to change the battery in a Jeep key fob:

  1. Use a screwdriver to unlock the Jeep key fob.
  2. Apply pressure on the screwdriver as you pry it open.
  3. Take the battery out of the housing for the Jeep key fob.
  4. Put in the spare battery.
  5. Reassemble the key fob’s component parts.
  6. Snap the key fob housings together.
  7. (Optional) Reprogramme your Jeep key fob.

To repair your Jeep key fob’s functionality, use this guide to replace the battery in a safe manner.

How to Replace the Battery in Jeep Key Fob?

Jeep key fob batteries typically last three to four years. But based on how often it is used, the battery might last much shorter. It’s time for a battery replacement if you have to press the keypad repeatedly to lock your car doors or if your key fob stops working when you’re 45 feet or closer to your car.

Pop the Jeep Key Fob Open With a Screwdriver

How to Replace the Battery in Jeep Key Fob? Step Guide

You will need a flathead screwdriver to open your key fob and access the battery because it is made of plastic that snaps together. To accomplish this, place the screwdriver tip into the seam of the key fob (the area close to the key ring). Pry bars are favored by some Jeep owners.

It is necessary to take out the pull-out metal ignition key from some Jeep models, such as the Jeep Renegade, before popping the key fob open. To release the metal ignition backup, find the metal switch on the key fob, and slide it over. Put the metal ignition key aside in a secure location once it has been extracted.

Apply Pressure on the Screwdriver as You Pry It Open

To lessen the chance of damaging the plastic, use a soft material or just the screwdriver tip, depending on how delicately you can complete this step. The Jeep key fob seam is where you should place the screwdriver tip.

And with just the right amount of force, pry it open (never twist) – but be careful not to damage the key fob’s plastic parts. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reassemble it later.

Remove the Jeep Key Fob Battery from Its Housing

As you disassemble the key fob, you will see that it consists of five parts, as follows:

  • The first half of the housing has holes for the keypad and the key attached to it
  • The keypad
  • The circuit board
  • The battery
  • The second half of the housing that holds the battery in place

Making a mental note of the polarity of the old battery before you remove it is advised so that you won’t get lost when installing the replacement. Keep an eye on the circuit board as well. Make the necessary adjustments to return it to its original position if any of its tiny parts are loose or falling out.

How to Replace the Battery in Jeep Key Fob? Step Guide

Last but not least, be cautious when prying out the old battery with a screwdriver to avoid damaging the metal electrical contacts.

Insert the Replacement Battery

Typically, the key fob battery has its positive side facing up and its negative side facing down. However, this may not be the case for all key fobs. This is why I suggested earlier noting the polarity of the old battery; using that mental image as a foolproof guide, you can position the new battery.

The positive news is that some Jeep key fobs have labels printed into the battery socket with instructions for how the battery should be installed.

Reassemble the Key Fob Components

You must put the key fob’s other components back together after changing the battery. Initially, insert the circuit board into the keypad after fitting the keypad into the housing where it fits.

Once you have completed these steps, you should be ready to go. It is simplest to do the following when reassembling. Place the half with the battery on the half with the keypad and circuit board, according to Quadratec.

Snap the Key Fob Housings Together

Your key fob’s two parts ought to be put together at this point. Now all you have to do is snap them together, starting close to the key ring and moving to the opposite end of the casings.

Make sure the key fob housings are flush at every edge; this is crucial for key fobs with pull-out metal ignition backups. If not, the replacement key fob won’t accept the latter.

How to Replace the Battery in Jeep Key Fob? Step Guide

Reprogram Your Jeep Key Fob (Optional)

The only thing typically required to fix a non-functioning Jeep key fob is a battery replacement. It’s possible that this won’t always be enough, in which case you’ll need to reprogramme your key fob to get it working again. If you find yourself in this situation, then follow the below steps:

  • Be prepared with your Jeep key fob programmer. This is available from a Mopar® authorized parts center or online.
  • Turn the ignition to the first position after inserting your key into the ignition. Do this without turning on the engine, please.
  • The OBD/DLC port on your car is under the steering column on the driver’s side. Insert the key fob programmer into this port.
  • Press the unlock button for two seconds after three seconds of synchronized lock and unlock presses on your Jeep key fob.
  • After turning off your ignition, take out the Jeep key fob programmer.
  • Test your key fob after two minutes have passed. By then, it ought to be operational.

How Can I Tell If My Jeep Key Fob Battery is Low?

If the battery in your Jeep key fob is getting low, there are a number of symptoms and signs you can look out for. Here are some of the most common things you’ll begin to experience when your key fob battery requires replacement:

How to Replace the Battery in Jeep Key Fob? Step Guide
  1. Multiple Button Presses to Lock/Unlock Doors: Do you frequently have trouble locking or unlocking the doors of your car, fumbling with the key fob as you move it up, down, and diagonally in the air? Do you frequently test the button’s edges to see if you can press them? When running errands in Rice Lake, do you frequently have to press different buttons before you can finally enter your car or securely lock your belongings inside? All of these are indications that the battery in your Jeep key fob is dying.
  2. Decreased Range: Generally speaking, the operating range of Jeep key fobs—and other key fobs, for that matter—is 50 feet. Any less than that and there’s a very good chance your key fob battery is on the way out.
  3. Inconsistent Operability: Your battery may be deteriorating quickly if you notice you can unlock or lock your car only occasionally. Naturally, it’s crucial to make sure your smart key fob has enough battery power to start your car in vehicles with push-button start and keyless entry. Keep your key fob battery charged to avoid getting stranded in Rice Lake on the side of the road! Your key could also “unattach” from your car for security purposes and require expensive reprogramming!

What is the Price to Replace a Jeep Key Fob?

You will spend less than $40 if you purchase replacement batteries and follow the instructions in this manual on time. Performing the same action after letting your key fob battery completely discharge may require key fob reprogramming and cost up to $600. The worst-case scenario is having to replace the entire Jeep key fob.

Thankfully, if you choose the latter, you won’t always have to pay full price. For more information on whether a replacement OEM key fob is covered by a clause in your coverage documents, such as your auto insurance policy, vehicle warranty, or membership in an automotive club, check your coverage documents.

Conclusion: Replace the Battery in Jeep Key Fob

When you press the button, your key fob should turn on. On the other hand, if it stops working after you press the button, the battery is likely worn out and needs to be replaced.

You can definitely save some of your hard-earned money by using the information in this article. You only need to worry about spending around $20 for a good pair of CR2032 batteries since you will be replacing your Jeep key fob battery on your own.


How Long Will My Jeep Key Fob Battery Last?

Although there is no definitive answer to this query, key fob batteries typically last between three and four years when used normally.

Can You Change a Key Fob Battery by Yourself?

Yes, you can. DIY is quick, easy, and affordable. To do this, disassemble the key fob and install a fresh coin battery.

What Battery Does a Jeep Key Fob Need?

Most Jeep key fobs take a small battery, like CR 2032.

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