How to Replace the Tile Battery? Replacement Guide

How to Replace the Tile Battery? Replacement Guide

The exact steps for replacing the battery in your Tile Mate or Tile Pro will be described in this section.

To check the battery in your Tile, press the button twice. The battery might be dead if the music stops. It might be time to order a new device for Tiles that don’t have replaceable batteries. It will last up to a year for Tiles with a replaceable battery.

To help you choose the best model for your needs, we’ll demonstrate how to change the battery in your Tile as well as everything you need to know about battery life for all Tile products.

How to Replace the Tile Battery?

If you are a Tile Premium or Premium Protect subscriber, you will receive free battery replacements yearly. For those who are not subscribers, you can buy these batteries at the majority of convenience stores or order them from Amazon online. The Energizer and Duracell brands are suggested.

You Will Need:

  • A new battery.
    • For Mate (2020 or 2018): CR1632
    • Tile Pro (2022, 2020, or 2018): CR2032
  • A precision screwdriver or paperclip.
How to Replace the Tile Battery? Replacement Guide

Change the Battery

  1. Apply a little pressure and slide the battery door off to open it.
  2. A paper clip or a fine-toothed screwdriver can be used to remove the battery.
  3. Insert the new battery completely into the battery compartment with the positive (+) side of the battery visible.
  4. Close the battery door, ensuring it is completely sealed. If not sealed, the battery connection and your Tile’s functionality may be affected.

Test your new battery by tapping Find on the Your Tile will then ring to indicate a successful connection after you tap Tile in the Tile app.

Reboot After Battery Change

After changing the batteries, there’s a chance that your Tile device won’t automatically reconnect to the app. The good news is that resolving the issue couldn’t be simpler, even though it’s unlikely to occur.

All you need to do is hold down the Tile button for 10 seconds. Your device will restart and connect to your app after that.

If the problem persists after replacing the battery, confirm that you correctly followed the instructions above and that the battery you are using is the right one for your device. If the issue still exists, Tile has a fantastic support page that will guide you through a few more options.

How Do I Replace the Batteries on My Tile Slim and Sticker?

The bad news is that while Tile has updated its Mate and Pro models to include easily replaceable batteries, the Slim and Sticker models continue to only be used once. You’ll have to purchase a brand-new device when the batteries run out.

How to Replace the Tile Battery? Replacement Guide

Positively, the Slim and Sticker’s batteries last considerably longer than those of the Mate or Pro. The Slim battery lasts about 3 years, and the Sticker will work for up to 2 years, whereas the Mate and Pro batteries will only function for about 12 months.

There are currently only those two options, but hopefully, Tile will soon update all of its products to include battery-replaceable capabilities.

How Long Does Tile Battery Last?

The life of a battery-powered tile is up to one year. You can use a coin cell battery that works with the gadget. You cannot access or replace tiles with non-replaceable batteries. Therefore, buying a new Tile is the best option.

For reference, here’s the lifespan of Tile batteries:

  • No-charge, non-replaceable battery for Tile Mate with a 3-year lifespan.
  • Tile Slim: Non-replaceable battery with a three-year lifespan and no charging needed.
  • Tile Sticker: 3-year non-replaceable battery with no charging necessary.
  • Replaceable battery for Tile Pro with a one-year lifespan; no charging needed.

Why Did My Tile Stop Working?

You might have chosen the incorrect Lost and Found Label during the activation process, which is one of the reasons your Tile stopped working.

Here’s how you can enable a Tile that suddenly stopped working:

  • Make sure your mobile device is compatible with the latest version of Tile.
  • Force-quit every app from your recent apps page.
  • Restart your mobile device.
  • Run the Tile application once more.
  • Reactivate the Tile a second time.

Conclusion: Replace the Tile Battery

Depending on which Tile gadget you own, you can either easily replace the battery with a few simple steps, or you will need to purchase an entirely new device. Now that we know, the Mate and Pro only have one-time-use batteries, while the Slim and Sticker models have user-replaceable batteries.

It’s simple to change a tile’s battery. To open the battery compartment, all you need is the appropriate battery and a paper clip or screwdriver. You can complete it quickly and get your Tile back to working order!


Is There a Way to Replace Battery Tile Slim?

Tile Slim (and Original) does not require battery change or charging! We designed Tiles to run for a full year with zero upkeep. ​For an entire year, there is no need for battery replacement or charging. You never have to be concerned about an item failing when you Tile it, especially during situations where you most need Tile.

What If My Tile Battery Dies?

If your Tile battery has run out of power, you’ll need to get a new one depending on the Tile model. For Pro- You can either buy a new battery from a store near you or place an online order for a replacement battery from most retailers, such as Amazon. For best results, Tile suggests using Energizer and Duracell batteries.

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