How to Replace the Watch Battery? Step-By-Step

How to Replace the Watch Battery? Step-By-Step

We go over everything you need to know about watch battery replacements in this guide, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional repairer.

Every wristwatch eventually needs to have its battery changed. In any case, if it’s a quartz device. One of the simplest watch maintenance techniques you can learn to perform on your own is this.

In a few steps, I’ll demonstrate how to replace the battery in your watch.

How to Replace the Watch Battery?

We’ve already established that you’re most likely using a quartz watch in this situation. Having said that, we’ve provided a step-by-step tutorial for changing the watch battery on your own.

Step 1: Carefully Remove the Back Panel of the Watch

Remove the Back Panel of the Watch

The kind of watch back panel your timepiece has must first be determined. There are several different types of watch back panels, some of which require tools to open while others can be opened by hand. The list below includes the typical watch back panel types.

  • Screw-Down Back: A screw-down watch can be recognized by its threaded case back. This particular case has threads that enable a secure, occasionally waterproof seal. The way the back panel looks and the equipment required to open it may vary depending on the watch’s maker.
  • Snap-On Back: A straightforward snap-on back is used by many older watches and some newer ones. Pressure is used to keep this type of the back panel in place. Typically, a flat tool must be used to delicately pry off these types of case backs in order to open them.
  • Screw-On Back: Simply put, a back panel with retention screws are referred to as a screw-on back. To remove this kind of back panel, just use the appropriate size and shape screwdriver.
  • Bayonet: Similar to a screw-on back, a bayonet case back is attached by screws. The main distinction is that bayonet systems permit consistent and equal pressure on all points of the back panel. Using the right screwdriver, this kind of back panel can also be removed.

Step 2: Remove the Back Gasket

Remove the Back Gasket

You can start to see your watch’s internal mechanisms now that the back panel has been taken off. If your watch has a rubber gasket, you must remove it before continuing with the battery change. The gasket is essentially the rubber spacer between the case back and the watch’s interior.

The gasket aids in maintaining both the proper pressure when the watch is closed and a seal to keep outside particles out. Simply lift the gasket out of the watch with a flat tool to remove it. To avoid tearing or ripping rubber, use caution when applying excessive force.

Step 3: Remove the Old Watch Battery

Remove the Old Watch Battery

You ought to be able to see the watch battery now that the gasket has been taken off. You’ll need to reinstall the new battery in the same manner to ensure proper operation, so make a note of how it was put inside the watch.

To make sure you are replacing the battery with the right one, make a note of the make and model as well. When a watch is powered by the wrong battery, it may not work at all, or it may only have a short lifespan.

Use a tool to gently lift any tabs holding the battery in place if there are any, and then the battery will be released. To ensure clean connection points that enable the best energy transfer after the battery is removed, it is a good idea to lightly wipe the connection points in the watch with a small cloth or quip.

Try carefully pulling out the battery with small tweezers if you are having trouble doing so.

Step 4: Insert the New & Fresh Battery

Watch Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

You can put the new battery in your watch now that the old one has been taken out. Please carefully reinstall the battery in the watch using the same procedure as described in your notes.

Tweezers can be used to precisely place the battery if doing so by hand is difficult. To make sure the battery is held firmly in place after the new battery has been inserted, reset any tabs or other holders.

Step 5: Ensure Your Watch is Working

It is best practice to double-check your work now that the new battery is in the watch. To do this, simply turn the watch over and check the functionality. You might have put the battery in the watch improperly, have a bad battery, or have a damaged watch if it is not moving.

Take the watch to a professional jeweler for further inspection if, after a few tries with various battery placements and placements, the watch still doesn’t work. You may proceed to reassemble the watch if it is operational.

Step 6: Putting the Watch Back Together

How to Close a Snap Off Watch Case Back - Esslinger Watchmaker Supplies Blog
  • Reinsert The Back Gasket

Simply reposition the gasket inside the timepiece in order to reinstall it. Use a tool to gently press it into place if it isn’t going in the right spot.

  • Reattach The Back Panel

Reinstall the watch’s back panel next. You can complete this step by hand, or you can use tools if you need to. When reattaching the back panel, it’s crucial to get a good fit, but one should exercise caution to avoid stripping the threads by overtightening.

What Are the Best Replacement Batteries for My Watch?

The chemistry and cell types used in watch batteries affect both the battery’s lifespan and performance. Here, two cell types need to be taken into account.

For instance, the cell is rated at 1.5 volts on a silver oxide and alkaline battery, and the watch will lose power more quickly. The same is not valid for a lithium-ion battery, for instance, that has a 3-volt cell inside of it.

Although the lithium cell takes about 15% to 20% longer on average to die than the silver oxide and alkaline cells, this does not mean that it lasts twice as long.

But size is an important factor to take into account. Despite all of the benefits that lithium cell batteries offer, they are also noted for being bigger than the alternatives.

To determine which type of replacement battery is best for you, consult the watch manufacturer’s manual or old batteries.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Watch Battery?

This depends, just like the answers to all the other questions we’ve provided here. Whichever method from the ones above you choose to use, the replacement cost follows.

It will cost much less to buy a new watch battery and do the repair yourself. Ordering a new battery, opening the watch case, and installing it is all you need to do to get going. Therefore, we would say that the only expense incurred in this case is the cost of ordering the battery.

How to Replace the Watch Battery? Step-By-Step

When working with a certified watch shop, you must pay for both the new battery and the staff’s knowledge. There is no way that you are not being charged for that because these people had to buy their tweezers, screwdrivers, and other tools, as well as obtain licenses and undergo training.

Let the official watch manufacturer replace the battery themselves, but there are additional costs involved. It’s possible that you’ll need to ship the device to them even if the watch is still covered by warranty in order to have the new watch battery fixed. Now consider the type of watch you own.

Battery replacement for a basic quartz watch costs no more than $10. The price range for a piece that is water-resistant is between $45 and $60. This is due to the fact that the service center must, among other things, reseal the watch and pressure-test it after exchanging the dead battery for the new one.

Be prepared to pay between $65 and $95 for a battery change if your watch has serious internal issues.

Keeping this in mind, keep in mind that these figures are only averages and not absolutes. Depending on your watch, you may pay significantly less or a little bit more for battery service.

Conclusion: Replace Your Watch Battery

Your watch will be once more operational with a new battery. Even better, you can confidently expand your collection of watches now that you understand how to change the batteries.

Send the device to the manufacturer if it is a more specialized watch to prevent damage.

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