Increasing EV Charging, Battery Swapping Stations Needed: Ministry

Increasing EV Charging, Battery Swapping Stations Needed: Ministry

In order to support the growth of electric motorcycles in Indonesia, the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has stated that the public EV charging stations (SPKLU) and public EV battery swapping stations (SPBKLU) construction needs to be improved.

“The challenge for the development of electric motorcycles is the (availability of) SPKLU and SPBKLU infrastructures,” the ministry’s sub-coordinator for the planning of various new and renewable energy (EBT) and Young Expert Policy analyst Hery Ferdiansyah stated at a gathering held in this location on Monday.

He said this at the beginning of a partnership program between Volta, a maker of electric two-wheelers, and state-run Telkomsel, a cellular provider.

The government, according to Ferdiansyah, has kept up its support for the advancement of electric motorcycles. As of right now, according to data published in November 2022, there are 439 SPKLUs and 961 SPBKLUs nationwide.

The development of electric motorcycles in Indonesia, in his opinion, requires greater effort.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’ projection in its National Energy Grand Strategy, Indonesia is expected to have around 2 million electric cars and 13 million electric motorcycles by 2030.

The number of SPKLUs and SPBKLUs is anticipated to reach approximately 31 thousand and 67 thousand units, respectively, in the same year.

He continued by saying that, among other things, the government has prepared a number of initiatives to support the acceleration of the EV program.

The Presidential Regulation Number 55 of 2019 on the Acceleration of the Use of Battery Electric Vehicles for Land Transportation and the Energy and Mineral Resources Minister’s Regulation Number 13 of 2020 on the Provision of Charging Infrastructures for Battery-Based Electric Vehicles have both set forth regulations governing the acceleration of the EV program.

“Thus, the government has made the regulations and made the incentive (program). The government also promotes the benefits of EVs,” he said.

He added that Indonesia has a tremendous amount of potential for EV development. It is hoped that Indonesia will be successful in EV development and quicken the switch to environmentally friendly vehicles with adequate infrastructure and clear regulations.


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