Is Solar Or Wind Energy Better? Which to Choose?

is solar or wind energy better

Let’s examine the variables to determine whether solar or wind energy is the best choice for you.

Currently, solar and wind energy are the two most widely used green energy sources. The two main sources of renewable energy are solar and wind. Both jobs and pollution are reduced. The world’s most remote areas and densest population centers receive power from them.

But making the incorrect decision can cost you a lot of money. Which one, then, best suits your unique situation? The benefits and drawbacks of wind and solar energy are discussed below.

What is Wind Energy?

Technically speaking, wind energy comes from the sun. Hot air rises and cool air settles when the sun’s radiation heats the uneven surface of Earth. Wind, a kinetic energy source (based on motion), is produced by this difference in atmospheric pressure.

Windmills harvest this kinetic energy. When wind passes over a turbine’s blades, the generator in the device transforms the energy of the rotating blade into mechanical power, which can then be used to pump water, grind grain, or supply homes, businesses, and schools with electricity.

Advantages of Wind Energy

is solar or wind energy better
  • It decreases imports from other countries because it is domestically produced.
  • To help villages have access to electricity, wind turbines are installed in rural areas with expansive plains.
  • It never runs out and doesn’t pollute the air.
  • It is effective in all lighting conditions, including day, night, and cloudy ones.

Limitations of Wind Energy

  • Turbines make noise.
  • Unpredictable source
  • Wind turbines can be damaged by wind and lightning in rough weather
  • Transmission can be more difficult and expensive because wind farms are frequently situated in outlying regions.

What is Solar Energy?

The Sun provides about 12–15% of all renewable energy. We can collect the sunlight that strikes the Earth using solar panels. Cells inside the solar panels are converting the solar energy from the sun into electricity.

These cells can store solar energy for later transfer to homes. Read More: Solar Panel Size and Weight: A Complete Guide

Advantages of Solar Energy

is solar or wind energy better
  • Noise is not produced by solar panels.
  • Rooftops and the ground can both be used to install the panels.
  • This source is easier to anticipate.
  • It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.
  • Different devices can be equipped with solar panels of different sizes.
  • Waaree can set up solar panels for individual use in residences, workplaces, and commercial buildings, as well as for installation in solar farms for mass use.
  • Under the MNRE program, the Central Government offers subsidies for the installation of solar panels.

You can check out more information we have on 8 Benefits of Solar Energy.

Limitations of Solar Energy

  • This source is very weather-dependent. Inclement weather and at night could pose some operational challenges.
  • Solar panels don’t need a lot of maintenance, but because they are delicate, you must take extra care when installing them.
  • It can be difficult to choose the ideal installation location.
  • Battery storage of electricity is pricey.

Which is More Efficient?

In India, we emphasize the output produced by various sources when discussing the effectiveness of renewable energy. Solar panels convert sunlight into energy at a rate of about 23%, whereas wind turbines convert about 50% of the wind they capture into energy.

is solar or wind energy better

Taking this into consideration, we can say that wind energy is twice as efficient as solar panels. Turbines operate even in the absence of strong winds, giving wind power an advantage over solar power.

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Which is Cost-effective?

The cost of installing wind energy is about Rs. 1-6 crore depending on the technology providing company, the scale of the plant, and other factors, a tax break of 80% is available as depreciation for the first year. The total cost of the procedure, including insurance, is Rs. 40,000-50,000 every year.

For solar panels, the current rate of solar panel installation is around Rs. 7 per watt in India. If you want to install a plant of 10kW, it will cost you Rs. 70,000, and the maintenance and operating costs of solar panels are comparatively less.

Additionally, you’ll gain from government subsidies. In this case, we can conclude that solar energy is more economical than wind energy. You can select from a wide range of panels at Waaree that are reasonably priced and suitable for both residential and commercial use. Further Reading: Wind Power Plant: a Complete Guide

Which Green Energy Source is Better?

is solar or wind energy better

Solar is less effective than wind as a power source. Wind turbines produce more energy overall, use less energy, and emit less CO2 into the atmosphere than solar panels. In fact, one wind turbine can generate the same amount of electricity per kWh as about 48,704 solar panels.

Wind energy isn’t necessarily the winner, despite the fact that wind turbines have enormous power-generating capacity. Windmills are unsightly. They are very large in size. They might harm wildlife. As a result of the fact that they are unsuitable for densely populated areas, they are typically found in rural areas, far from the urban centers that require their power.

Solar panels are a more practical option for suburban or urban areas. Buildings, businesses, and schools can all have solar panels installed on their roofs. They are reasonably priced to purchase or lease. They might even be used to produce electricity for upcoming high-speed transit systems.

Additionally, transparent solar panels are being developed to retrofit windows, roofs, and even your phone, laptop, or tablet.

Green energy has many advantages, but its economic viability is still in doubt. In the past ten years, the use of wind and solar energy has increased significantly, but they still only make up a small portion of the global energy generation capacity.

is solar or wind energy better

To compete with oil, coal, and natural gas, wind and solar power must be cost-effectively stored when the sun isn’t out and the wind isn’t blowing.

Additionally, consumers will need to be persuaded to switch from non-renewable energy sources by lowering the cost of manufacturing, installing, and maintaining wind turbines and solar panels. Both sectors will need a strong infrastructure and more private investment after government subsidies for green energy expire in 2020.

Of course, every energy source has disadvantages. But if wind and solar can keep up their explosive growth rates, they might both stand up to American fossil fuel industry behemoths.

Final Thoughts

We have covered every detail of both options in this article. Both options are great alternatives to finite fuels, and they both show promise, but solar power wins out because it is more affordable than the other two options.

Solar panels are a better option for the majority of homeowners because they are less noisy, require less maintenance, and are more predictable. Of course, most homes have the space to add solar panels, but not all of them have enough room for a wind turbine. On a utility scale, wind plays a part.

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