Lumio Solar Reviews: Is It Good?

Lumio Solar Reviews: Is It Good?

Read and discover whether Lumio is a reliable solar energy company for you to choose from.

Your home will be brighter thanks to Lumio, one of the most significant solar companies in the world. The nation’s overburdened electrical grid and infrastructure are being addressed by Lumio’s solutions, but are they effective?

In this article, we’ll explore Lumio solar company. Please keep reading. 

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About Lumio Solar

Lumio was established in 2020 by the founders of various local solar and home service companies with a mission to “make power personal.”

A residential solar energy provider offering solar panel options for your home is Lumio. They are working to spread awareness of solar energy’s benefits by encouraging people to generate and store their own power. By handling the design, permit approvals, schedule, and inspection processes, Lumio streamlines the procedure.

Lumio Solar Reviews: Is It Good?

Lumio is headquartered in Lehi, Utah, and is available in the following nine states:

  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Washington

Lumio’s Process

If you decide to install Lumio solar panels, you will experience these steps before having your new solar panels:


Once a home passes the initial inspection and a customer decides to go solar with Lumio, they begin working on a unique design. Lumio engineers can create a solar array that will maximize the sun’s potential for that specific home using specialized design software.


As a result of submitting the designs and paying the application fees, Lumio acknowledges that this step in the procedure can be troublesome for homeowners. The plans must pass through numerous departments before they are approved, which can take some time.


Lumio Solar Reviews: Is It Good?

Customers laud Lumio for their quick installations, which they claim to deliver.

The installation day is scheduled after one more inspection has been completed. An installation typically takes eight hours to complete.

Although Lumio is aware that you might want to be present for the installation, they do caution customers that it might be noisy. They advise making arrangements to be elsewhere during the installation if you or your family will be bothered by the noise.

Before leaving, the crew will tidy up the job site and pack their equipment.


An electrician will check the installation of Lumio before granting permission to use it, and the utility company will put the meter in place. After that, you can activate your solar system and start enjoying its advantages.

Lumio Products and Services

The products and services of Lumio are listed below:

Black Solar Panels

Black solar panels are the only ones that Lumio sells because they absorb more light and use less energy than blue panels. Additionally, black panels have a polished appearance that will raise the value of your house and produce power more efficiently in hot weather.

The monocrystalline silicon crystal panels used in the manufacture of the panels by Q CELLS are sourced ethically.

Solar Batteries

Lumio Solar Reviews: Is It Good?

Solar power systems can produce more electricity than what you need for your house. Solar batteries keep excess energy until your house requires it. Batteries assist customers during power outages by maintaining a few necessary appliances and reducing utility costs, especially for customers with Time-of-Use electricity plans.

Your surplus energy will be fed back into the power grid if battery ownership is not something you are interested in. A contract known as net metering may be possible for you to arrange with your utility provider.

For the extra power you send back to the grid, you might receive credits on your electricity bill depending on the plan. The winter months, with their shorter days and less sunlight, may make good use of these credits.


Lumio promises that working with their team members will be pleasant and professional. In addition to a 10-year quality warranty, they offer a 25-year warranty on their installation. Lumio wants to shield you from unforeseen repair expenses and give you the assurance that their solar panels will endure.

A product warranty for the solar panels and a power warranty for energy output are both offered by the solar panel manufacturer, Q CELLS. Any operational problems or defective parts are covered by the product warranty.

The power warranty guards against a loss of efficiency in the panels. Your inverter’s warranty information will depend on the type of inverter you use. A ten-year warranty is provided by the solar battery makers for Lumio.

Cost of Lumio Solar Panels

Customers can receive a free, personalized quote from Lumio. The estimate deconstructs your particular monthly cost to demonstrate how much you could save by switching to solar. Location, panel size, panel type, and energy consumption all affect how much a solar panel costs.

In the United States, a residential solar system costs on average $13,500. is $24,742 before applying for the Up until 2032, the Residential Clean Energy Credit provides buyers with a 30% tax credit on systems bought.

Lumio wants to help you take control of your power and save money on your electricity bills by developing a customized solar plan for your home.

Lumio Solar Reviews: Is It Good?

Do Customers Like Lumio?

Because Lumio is still a young business, they don’t have as many customer testimonials as some other solar companies. They have 3.5/5 stars from verified customers as of September 2022.

The majority of the customers who left reviews for Lumio were pleased with their purchases and gave it a 4- or 5-star rating.

Satisfied customers have consistently praised Lumio for:

  • Professional & Friendly Team
  • Quick & Clean Installation
  • Knowledgeable Sales Representatives
  • Great Communication & Follow-Up

Unfortunately, a small percentage of customers had a negative Lumio experience. While they did claim that Lumio installed their solar panels quickly, some have complained that the inspection that followed installation took longer than anticipated and as a result, their panels have not yet been turned on.

Conclusion: Lumio Solar Reviews

Lumio now combines the familiarity of local communities with the resources and advantages of a national solar company because it was founded by the owners of a few small local businesses and is expanding quickly.

Every family can use the Lumio technology to secure their biggest investment, their home, by connecting disparate systems, creating scenes, optimizing services, and protecting.


Is Lumio a Real Company?

Lumio was born in December 2020 when the founders of four leading regional solar companies, and an innovative home services technology company, together with Greg Butterfield, the CEO, set out to create the best home experience on Earth by decentralizing power, enhancing communities, and doing so.

What Solar Panels Does Lumio Use?

Lumio only installs black solar panels to give your roof a sleek appearance and they are the most energy-efficient panels on the market. Our 60-cell panels are approximately 3 feet wide and can reach a maximum height of just over 5 feet.

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