Patriot Power Generator Review 2023: Worth the Money?

Patriot Power Generator Review 2023: Worth the Money?

We will examine the Patriot Power Generator 1800 from 4Patriots in-depth in order to assist you in selecting the best solar power generator for your requirements.

You’ve probably heard of the Patriot Power Generator if you’re looking to buy a solar generator for emergency backup power, camping, or to survive a potential grid outage. Does the Patriot Power Generator 1800 live up to its impressive name?

For short-term off-grid power, the Patriot Power supply appears to be a good option, but there are simply too many superior options with lower costs or higher capacities to take into account. We take a look at this solar power generator that’s often used for power outages and off-the-grid living.

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What is the Patriot Power Generator?

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is a power generator that is often used for power outages in the home. It has two charging options: solar panel charging and AC outlet charging (using the outlets on the main power grid).

The Patriot 1800 provides a wide range of output options. Outputs on this solar generator include:

  • 2 X AC Outlet (Regular Power Outlets)
  • 1 X DC Output (Like A Car Charger)
  • 4 X USB Outputs
  • 1 X Anderson Powerpole Outlet (Used For Emergency Equipment)
Patriot Power Generator Review 2023: Worth the Money?


  • The 4Patriots brand supports veterans
  • Eco-friendly solar charging
  • Up to 12-month shelf life
  • 2,500 life cycles
  • Comes packaged with some extras, like a flashlight and dried food kit


  • Very expensive, especially when compared to generators offered by specialized solar companies
  • Low battery capacity
  • Slow charge rate
  • Low solar input
  • Only comes with one 100W solar panel
  • Limited surge protection
  • Poor shelf life
  • No DC input for car charging
  • Limited output ports
  • Heavy and bulky
  • The display screen leaves plenty to be desired

Battery Capacity of the Patriot Power Generator

Patriot Power Generator Review 2023: Worth the Money?

The Patriot Power Generator 1800’s battery capacity is one of the first things we need to clarify. While some people think 1800 in the name refers to how many watt-hours the device can store in total, the actual capacity is only 652Wh.

Anything less than 1,000Wh is actually a bit out of date, especially when considering a solar generator as big and heavy as the Patriot Power Generator 1800.

Although the internal 12V LiFePo4 lithium-ion phosphate battery is constructed to a fairly high standard, its capacity is below the industry average, which is not entirely unexpected. 4Patriots has not updated the battery since it first released the unit.

High battery capacity is one of the most crucial features to consider if you intend to use your solar generator as backup power during power outages and emergencies. Simply put, a 652Wh battery won’t last long enough to power your electronics, especially if you want to power several of them.

To put things in perspective, a 652Wh deep cycle battery would struggle to run a typical refrigerator for longer than 5 hours, which is not much help if the grid power is out for more than a day.

Battery Shelf Life of the Patriot Power Generator

The Patriot Power Generator’s short shelf life is one of its main drawbacks. Shelf life basically refers to how long a battery can be charged before the energy starts to drain. All batteries eventually lose their charge due to natural wear and tear, but some batteries are better than others at maintaining their charge. When considering whether to use their solar generator as a backup or emergency power source, shelf life is a crucial consideration.

The Patriot Power Generator’s shelf life is 6 months, according to 4Patriots, but most users discover that it is much shorter, closer to just one month.

Once again, this is simply a symptom of using a dated deep-cycle battery. To put things into perspective, the majority of solar generators you’ll find at this price point have a shelf life of closer to a year, with many lasting even longer. So, if you want dependability, pay close attention to how long the internal battery in your preferred solar generator will last.

Solar Capabilities of the Patriot Power Generator

4Patriots packages the Patriot 1800 with a single 100W solar panel. Since solar panels have a power rating based on how well they perform during ideal conditions, this means that a fully drained Patriot Power Generator 1800 would take about 6 to 7 hours to recharge using the included solar panel. Additionally, it assumes that the solar panel would receive direct sunlight for at least six consecutive hours during peak hours, which is not realistic for a typical day.

Patriot Power Generator Review 2023: Worth the Money?

However, the problem with the Its maximum solar input is 240 watts, so the Patriot Power Generator is unable to operate with more power than that at any given time. In other words, even if you added more solar panels, the charge rate would only increase by 140 watts, which is low, especially when compared to other solar generators in the same price range.

Output Ports of the Patriot Power Generator

Aside from the low battery capacity, where the Patriot Power Generator falls short is the number and variety of output ports it offers. The Patriot 1800 has four USB outputs, one DC 12V car-style output port, two AC wall-style outlets, and two AC wall outlets. While this may sound respectable at first glance, it is fairly dated.

More output ports and modern features, such as USB-C outputs, are almost always found in more recent and updated solar generators. The Patriot Power Generator hasn’t been updated in more than five years, so that’s the only explanation once more. Given how quickly solar technology is developing, it is surprising that the brand hasn’t done more to keep up with advancements that are now becoming commonplace in the portable solar industry.

What Makes the Patriot Power Generator Special?

First off, the Patriot Power Generator is solar-powered and charges in the sun, which is a very practical feature. In addition, it is so safe to use, quiet, and devoid of fumes that you can even use it indoors safely and without worry.

Let’s face it: running a generator continuously for even a few days during an outage can be very expensive in terms of gas. With this generator, you never have to worry about having gas money on hand because one “charge” from the sun can keep it going for a very long time.

Even for one week, running a standard gas-powered generator can cost you more than $200 in fuel. You can save a ton of money just by using Patriot Power generators because they are powered by the sun, which is a free resource.

In addition, the generator offers the following benefits that make it unique when compared to other generators:

Patriot Power Generator Review 2023: Worth the Money?
  • Super lightweight at only 38 pounds
  • 100% solar power
  • Full one-year money-back guarantee
  • Up to 1500 watts of clean, renewable power
  • 100-watt folding solar panel with cells made by Bosch, a reputable company
  • 25-foot solar panel extension cord

In other words, everything you need to start using the Patriot Power 1500 generator is included when you order it. It even arrives fully charged, so you have no excuse not to use it right away if necessary.

The company also promises to send some extra items that you’ll find useful when you order the generator, such as some “survivalist” items that can help if you ever need to use the generator.

This includes a personal water filter, a multi-tool device that can really come in handy during emergencies, and even a pack of playing cards.

Customers Reviews

On, we located some comments, from which we selected a few. You may have a complete understanding of the 4Patriots Power Generator after reading these comments.

One customer said that “3 days in the hot sun and barely a charge but plug into the electric wall plug and it charges well. Needs to be updated on the solar aspect of this power bank.”

Another user complained about its charging problem, “It functions well as a power bank, but make sure your device is charging before using it. To plug and unplug, I had to wiggle the cord. Really annoying. “

Best Alternatives to 4Patriots Power Generator

Now that we have given our impression of the Patriot Power Generator 1800, we can take a look at some solar generators that we feel offer better value and performance:

Top Pick: Bluetti AC200P 2,000Wh Solar Generator Quad Kit

Bluetti AC200P 2,000Wh Solar Generator Quad Kit

You can choose the Bluetti AC200P solar generator for almost the same cost as the Patriot Power Generator.

The AC200P quad kit not only includes four exceptionally effective 100W corrosion-resistant solar panels, but the generator itself is also a much more potent, useful, and efficient solar generator than the Patriot Power Generator.

Best Value: EcoFlow Delta 1,800W Solar Generator Kit

EcoFlow Delta 1,800W Solar Generator Kit

The EcoFlow Delta 1,800W is another high-quality alternative to the Patriot Power Generator.

It features a 1,800W pure sine power inverter and a 1,300Wh lithium-ion battery capable of providing power to everything from handheld electronics to electrical appliances, like refrigerators and televisions.

Best Budget: Lion Energy – Safari LT 500 Portable Solar Generator

Lion Energy - Safari LT 500 Portable Solar Generator

As an alternative to the Patriot Power Generator for those on a tight budget, we would highly recommend the Lion Energy Safari LT. With a lithium-ion deep-cycle solar battery that has a rated capacity of 450Wh and a shelf life of more than a year, this portable and reasonably priced solar generator can provide power for up to a year.

While the battery capacity is a little bit less than what you get with the Patriot’s internal battery, it is worth noting that the Safari is priced at under $500!

Conclusion: Should You Purchase the Patriot Power Generator?

All of this means that, like any other product, the Patriot Power 1500 generator has both advantages and disadvantages. While some may think $2000 is a bit much to spend on a solar-powered generator, this does not negate the fact that this generator offers a lot of benefits and has many very satisfied customers.

Although 4Patriots sells some premium survival equipment, their solar generators no longer meet industry standards. The more sophisticated AC200P or even the EcoFlow Delta, which still outperforms the Patriot in almost every way despite being much less expensive, are much better choices in terms of performance and value.


How Long Does It Take to Charge a Patriot Power Generator?

Recharges fully in only 3-4 hours using the included Works with any wall outlet is an AC cord. At a maximum leak rate of 20% over 12 months, the lithium-ion phosphate battery maintains its charge. With a solar panel (sold separately), it is also possible to charge in 4–10 hours.

Is 4Patriots Made in China?

They are a marketing firm that capitalizes on the hype surrounding preparedness for emergencies. They’re not selling food they produce, but they are selling food that is produced in the US by a company in the US, most of which are based in Utah.

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