Renogy Solar Panels Review: is It Worth Buying?

renogy solar panels review

We review all the well-known Renogy solar panels in this article in the hopes that you will find the Renogy solar panels that meet all your requirements.

The best solar panels available are made by Renogy. For every circumstance, there are a ton of options available. Renogy solar panels can meet your needs whether you’re looking for solar panels to use on your home, RV, boat, truck, tent, or an off-grid cabin.

But is it really that good? Renogy panels are reasonably priced when compared to comparable goods made by other companies. Renogy products are of excellent quality and are well-liked by customers.

Below is a full review of Renogy solar panels and a buyer’s guide to help you decide which one is best for you!

About Renogy Solar Panels

Renogy is a solar panel manufacturer with headquarters in Louisiana. It was founded in 2010 and has experienced rapid growth since then. Since then, it has grown to become one of the solar panel markets’ most well-known manufacturers.

Renogy produces a variety of DIY-friendly solar panel kits that are ideal for use in and on tiny homes, RVs, and cabins.

There is no need to hire a professional service to install Renogy solar panels because they are specifically made for do-it-yourself use.

renogy solar panels review

Renogy solar panels come in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline varieties and are priced according to their respective wattages. In addition to this, some of them also come in the form of a portable and foldable container that they call the “solar suitcase” which is both rigid and lightweight.

Therefore, it is evident that Renogy solar panels are not only simple to install but also simple to transport.

Specifications and Pricing

Because a traveler’s energy requirements aren’t as great, mobile solar installations are typically small. Renogy solar panels range in power rating from 5 to 200 Watts because of this. These are frequently 12 Volt panels that can just about power your boat’s lights or the house battery in your RV.

Renogy manufactures rigid monocrystalline panels as well as lightweight, flexible thin-film panels that can be installed on uneven surfaces. The company also offers a few high-output panels for home systems, but since that isn’t their top priority, we won’t consider them.

Advantages of Renogy Solar Panels

As previously mentioned, these solar panels are sold to consumers directly as kits for do-it-yourself installation. Because the panels have pre-drilled holes on the backs, they are simple to install and transport. Renogy solar panels are also incredibly effective.

They have a 4-stage battery charging process that enables the battery to be charged in a way that is safe and efficient in addition to having high solar cell efficiency.

renogy solar panels review

These solar panels are not only effective but also dependable, which is another important quality that results from their high durability. Because they are made to last for a long time, they are durable and reliable.

They have aluminum frames that are waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and strong enough to withstand high winds of up to 2400 Pa of pressure as well as snow loads of up to 5400 Pa. They also have Tedlar Polyester Tedlar (TPT) back sheets for increased durability and lifetime.

Additionally, all Renogy solar panels come with a 25-year warranty period, which gives a clear indication of the solar panels’ anticipated minimum lifespan.

Considerations of Renogy Solar Panels

The roofs of smaller homes or vehicles are what Renogy solar panel kits are intended for, so keep that in mind when buying one. This indicates that they are insufficient to sufficiently power your home without relying on the grid to power an average-sized home.

Because they have a smaller surface area to absorb solar energy, these solar panels produce less solar energy than larger solar panels made for use in larger homes. The connected battery may need several days to fully charge as a result.

Renogy solar panels are made to withstand typical weather conditions but by no means severe weather. Extreme temperatures between -40°C and 60°C cannot be tolerated by either the module itself or its charge controllers.

Fortunately, because of how portable the panels are, it’s easy to bring them inside and keep them safe if a storm or heat wave is impending.

Additionally, the charge controllers themselves are not waterproof. As a result, you must set up the solar panels in an area that is dry and well-ventilated.

Customers Reviews of Renogy Solar Panels

We discovered customer reviews of the most well-liked Renogy solar panels.

Renogy 100W Solar Panel

Renogy 100W Solar Panel

Amazon customers love the Renogy 100W solar panel! The affordable price, simple installation, and enduring durability are much loved by our readers. Most people use this solar panel to power their homes, RVs, boats, or other off-grid devices.

It is a straightforward solar panel with one cell that functions well in all kinds of weather. It weighs 14.1 pounds and measures about 41 inches.

If you have any questions, Renogy also provides customer support around-the-clock. It is simple to understand why they have sold over 5 million of these panels to environmentalists all over the world.

Renogy Solar Panel Starter Kit

Renogy Solar Panel Starter Kit

The Renogy 100W Solar Panel Starter Kit is what you want if you want convenience. It comes with everything you need, including pre-drilled holes for simple installation, mounting brackets, cables, adapters, and a charge controller.

For those who need the most power, it’s also offered with a 12V battery and four 400W panels.

Renogy 300-Watt Solar Panel

Renogy 300-Watt Solar Panel

This solar panel is the one we advise using if you want to run your home or place of business off the grid and generate solar power. The 300-watt solar panel from Renogy was created especially for these domestic and commercial uses.

A sizable multi-panel solar system can be constructed using these large panels, which can also be mounted on rooftops.

In addition, the solar cells used in the Renogy 300-watt solar panel are not only incredibly lightweight but also extremely efficient. As a result, the panel is shorter and thinner than other panels but still performs as well as, if not better than, other 300-watt solar panels currently on the market.

Renogy Flexible Solar Panel

Renogy Flexible Solar Panel

he Boats, RVs, tear-drop campers, and Airstreams are all excellent candidates for Renogy Flexible Solar Panel. It can practically be stuck anywhere! The Renogy model is lightweight (only 4.2 lbs) and simple to install using adhesive or grommet holes.

It is also 95% thinner than conventional solar panels, making it perfect for camping and stealth van life. Its ability to withstand strong winds, snow, and curves up to 248 degrees is highly regarded by our readers.

Renogy Portable Solar Panel Kit

Renogy Portable Solar Panel Kit

This portable solar panel can be compressed to fit inside a suitcase. If you need to put the solar panel away when not in use, it is ideal for camping or RV trips.

A 20A waterproof charge controller, an alligator clip, and a 100W solar suitcase are included in the kit. You can easily integrate it into your current system because it is compatible with a variety of 12V battery types.

Because it works with almost every battery and system, it is a favorite among our readers who go camping or overlanding.

Conclusion: Renogy Solar Panels

Renogy solar panels will undoubtedly fit your needs if you are interested in solar energy for the first time or simply live in a smaller home and require less solar power to live off the grid.

These solar panels are not only reasonably priced, transportable, and robust, but they are also simple enough to use that anyone can set them up as their own DIY solar system.

Overall, it is safe to say that Renogy is a significant brand in the market for equipment for mobile solar systems. They produce a superbly competitive product and facilitate the use of solar energy while traveling.


Is Renogy American-Made?

Renogy is an American manufacturer based in California with facilities in New York, Long Beach, Chino, and Baton Rouge, as well as offices there. The business, which began as a small venture among students at Louisiana University, now has three distinct divisions: biomass, LED technology, and, of course, solar.

Is Renogy a Reliable Company?

Renogy Solar has a consumer rating of 3.38 stars from 8 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Solar energy is most frequently mentioned by customers who are satisfied with Renogy Solar.

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