Seiko Solar Watch Reviews: Are They Good?

seiko solar watch review

Read this post for a review of the best Seiko Solar watches available, then make your purchasing decision.

Everybody is different, so perhaps this is your first experience with solar watches, or perhaps you’ve been collecting watches but tend to favor mechanical ones.

Seiko is frequently regarded as a watchmaker that creates mechanical watches of superior quality and great value. They have expanded their product line in recent years to include solar watches, many of which are now just as affordable and dependable as Citizen’s Eco Drives.

Here are some pros and cons of a solar-powered Seiko watch, as well as a brief explanation of how Seiko’s solar movement functions.

What is Seiko Solar?

The technology used to power some Seiko watch models is referred to as Seiko Solar. In essence, it utilizes the same solar cells that are used in solar panels. A solar cell located under the watch’s dial absorbs light that strikes the watch’s dial.

A rechargeable battery, like the kind found in a typical quartz watch, is recharged by the solar cell, which converts solar light into usable energy. Following that, the battery powers the watch’s movement.

Seiko SNE031 Solar-Powered Watch Review - WatchReviewBlog

Design of Seiko Solar Watch

At first glance, the Seiko SNE039 solar wristwatch may resemble other traditional solar watches currently available. But don’t be fooled—it also makes a chic and excellent daily timepiece. It has a classic design and cutting-edge technology. More on that will be covered later.

Its case diameter, which is 37 millimeters wide, is both slim and not excessively large. On the wrist, it isn’t particularly bulky. Therefore, keep looking if you prefer the current large wristwatches.

This Seiko Solar wristwatch measures approximately 9 millimeters from top to bottom. This solar-powered watch has a slim case that makes it simple to slide it under your cuff.

It has a more relaxed and solid appearance because the bezel is plain. As for its dial, it has a striking black sunburst pattern that distinguishes it from other watches. other solar-powered watches. You’ll see how brilliantly it shimmers if you take this out in the sun.

While I’ve read reviews where some SNE039 users don’t particularly like the white date and day display at the 3 o’clock position, claiming it detracts from the watch’s elegant dial, I disagree. In fact, I like how distinctive the white display is.

With a two-button release, the band has a straightforward fold-over clasp. Of course, Seiko solar watches may not quite hold up in terms of their stainless-steel bracelet when compared to luxury watches, but it is still a lovely watch that can be worn to formal occasions and casual events in general.

But if you prefer a blue sunray dial from the Seiko brand, I recommend you check out the Prospex Diver. Self-winding and 200 meters/660 feet of water resistance are both features of this watch.

Movement and Material of Seiko Solar Watch

Seiko SNE325 Black Ion Solar Watch Review - WatchReviewBlog

Let’s move on to the movement, which is the watch’s most fascinating and crucial component.

V158 quartz is housed in the silver-colored SNE039. At typical operating temperatures of approximately 5C to 35C or 41F to 140F, this caliber number V158 maintains an accuracy of +/-15 seconds per month.

Quartz watch movements are dependable, but they lack the classic style and sophistication of mechanical watch movements. Accuracy is actually one of the main benefits of quartz watches over mechanical or automatic movements (which draw their power from the user’s wrist motion).

Hardlex crystal, a brand-exclusive material for the dial window, is used on the stainless steel bracelet. The Hardlex crystal used in Seiko watches is strong, though it isn’t quite as scratch-resistant as sapphire (which costs more).

What Do People Say About Seiko Solar Watch?

The Seiko solar SNE039 model has received many favorable reviews from customers and has ratings that are above average on Amazon.

One Amazon customer praises the new watch’s basic features and scratch resistance. He wrote, “This watch has been on my wrist every day for almost ten months. It’s exactly what I wanted and as advertised.

The glass is still unbroken. It kept precise time, and for months, its seconds were in sync with the digital clock at my institution. So far, the battery has never let me down. After being stored in a dark locker for three weeks, the watch once still functioned.”

Another buyer from Amazon reviewed, “The second hand on my sample was erratic right out of the box. Sometimes slightly lagging and other times falling between the second marks. Nevertheless, it seems to be improving.

How to Choose the Best Seiko Solar Watch?

Seiko SNE049 Stainless Steel Solar Watch Review - WatchReviewBlog

As per usual, we only select the best options in each category for review, and to aid us in doing so, we have established some specific criteria. This is done to guarantee that any purchase you make from our website will leave you impressed, satisfied and that the reality far exceeds your expectations.

Our criteria for selecting the best watches in this list are:

  1. Affordability – Since Seiko Solar watches are already among Seiko’s more affordable offerings, it’s likely that you don’t want to spend a fortune.
  2. Best Bang for your Buck – Being reasonably priced is one thing, but being of the highest quality (in terms of construction, design, and function) is quite another. Our suggestions should be inexpensive and offer the greatest value. The value of a dollar generally decreases as prices rise. We typically list these at the bottom of the list because there are still some incredible, expensive watches available (of course).
  3. Reliability and Durability– Seiko is famous for the quality and reliability of most watches, but we want to make sure that all of our recommendations will keep ticking day in and day out
  4. Best-looking – there are a lot of ugly watches out there, and you don’t need our help to find them. However, for timeless designs that you can pass on to future generations, and that will remain in style for decades, the watches in this list have you covered
  5. Attention-getting – similar to the last point, we always like when our watches receive compliments. It’s a chance for onlookers to show off their sense of style, spark a conversation, and forge a bond with another person out of something as fleeting as time and beauty.
  6. Design that matches utility – having a dive bezel on a dress watch makes no sense. On the other hand, having Roman Numerals on a pilot’s watch doesn’t. One of them is made to be very legible, while the other is made to tuck under your shirt cuff. We do not endorse watches made of nonsense.

Conclusion: is It Worth It?

I can confidently state that Seiko solar watches, particularly this SNE039, perform to the highest standard considering the company’s century-long history. It is a worthwhile purchase and its solar power technology works well with the quartz movement to reduce battery consumption, extending the watch’s lifespan.

Even with all the jokes, it’s difficult to think of many drawbacks to the Seiko solar-powered line. With little maintenance overhead, they provide worry-free, accurate timekeeping that is convenient for grab-and-go operations.

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