Smart Meter Not Working: How to Solve It?

smart meter not working

We list some of the most typical issues with smart meters that we’ve heard about, along with solutions.

A smart meter is a piece of technology, and occasionally technology doesn’t work as intended. Even now, you might be using a digital device that has previously given you some trouble reading this.

You recently had a smart meter installed, but it’s not functioning properly. It may be because you switch a supplier or there is no electricity after installation. Learn how to fix the most typical SMETS1 and SMETS2 smart meter issues by reading this article.

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Why is My Smart Meter Not Working?

Throughout the roll-out of smart meters so far, problems with installation and operation have been discovered. Here, we’ve listed the issues we’ve heard about the most frequently along with solutions.

To put together these suggestions, we consulted with Smart Energy GB, the consumer education campaign for smart meters, and talked to energy companies.

First-generation and second-generation smart meters are available. The two of them might be referred to as SMETS1 and SMETS2, respectively. The type you have primarily depends on when you had it fitted.

Although more homes currently have first-generation smart meters, second-generation meters are currently being installed and should not have many of these issues.

Smart Meter Losing Its Smarts When You Switch Supplier

smart meter not working

The inability of smart meters to always handle supplier transition smoothly has been one of the biggest problems with the devices. especially if it is a first-generation smart meter (SMETS1), which is a type of smart meter installed prior to or around 2018.

The Data Communications Company (DCC), which is also in charge of protecting your data, will upgrade all SMETS2 meters remotely. In general, it is a good practice to send some manual readings when you switch suppliers, and you may have to do so indefinitely.

As this is an automated process, you don’t need to get in touch with them or take any action; your new energy provider will inform you as soon as they start receiving readings.

Getting Estimated Bills With a Smart Meter

Wasn’t the main goal of installing a smart meter to get accurate bills and never again need to submit readings? Unfortunately, if your gas and electricity bills are estimated, it may be because your smart meter is not connected properly, or if you just installed one, there may not be enough data on the system yet.

The energy provider won’t have enough information in the first month to generate an accurate bill if you recently had your new smart meter installed and the reading consent is set to monthly. In a few days, you ought to start receiving bills with precise readings.

However, it can also be an issue of a “non-communicating” smart meter. The electricity meter might be in a basement or cupboard, which prevents connectivity, as the possible cause. If your gas meter is the only one sending readings, it’s possible that your electricity meter (via your home area network, or HAN)) isn’t receiving any readings from your gas meter.

The typical suspects are thick walls in between or too much space between the meters. The installer should try to prevent this, but eventually, this issue might require moving your meter.

Smart Meter ” Waiting for Current Data”

smart meter not working

If your smart meter is showing a “waiting for current data” message this is usually an indicator of connectivity issues between your Intelligent home device (IHD) and smart meter. Move your IHD nearer to the electricity meter as a first step.

This might as well resolve the issue if the tried-and-true method of turning it on and off doesn’t work.

In the event that these two easy fixes are ineffective, you may be dealing with a more serious problem, such as the meter not being connected to the Home Area Network (HAN), which would prevent the devices from connecting to it.

Additionally, the meter or IHD may have a hardware problem. Usually, you need to get in touch with your supplier about these two problems.

No Electricity Or Gas After Smart Meter Installation

If your lamps don’t work or your radiators are cold, you might be quick to call Rightio (and we wouldn’t blame you!) but if you just had a smart meter installation, you might want to check the meters first.

If the electricity is off, check that the isolation switch next to your smart elec meter is “on”. It’s a bright red switch, and, of course, if you find that it’s in the “off” position, make sure to flick it.

Try restarting your electric smart meter by pressing the B key on the keyboard if the display is lit up but the meter is off. There might be a power outage in the area if the display remains off. The quickest way to find out is to ask your neighbors if they’ve been impacted.

You must call your energy provider if your home is still without power after you have verified the meter is on, the display is functional, there is no power outage, and all of these conditions are true.

If you have a gas boiler and your gas supply is shut off, you should double-check to see if only the boiler is gas-less. The simplest way to do that is to verify that your gas oven is operational.

Your suspect may be the electric supply if everything is functioning normally and the boiler is the only problem. Make sure the pilot light is on and that the main electricity switch is turned on.

Check your emergency control valve (ECV) if none of your appliances are functioning. Usually, it’s right in front of the gas meter. You are left in the cold if the lever is at an angle with the pipe, meaning your gas supply is shut off.

smart meter not working

However, if the gas is flowing and the lever is in line with the pipe but your appliances are still not operating, you need to contact your supplier.

The In-Home Display Only Shows Gas Or Electricity Reading

Don’t worry; there may be a simple solution. To restart the IHD, switch it on and off, then unplug the charger. After that, reconnect everything while holding down the switch. Usually, this will resolve the situation.

Your supplier should be able to replace your IDH if it continues to display just one reading, is otherwise not showing readings, or displays error messages.

To start, try resetting the IHD to see if that solves the issue. Press the on/off switch, then disconnect the charger, to do that. After that, reconnect the charger while continuing to hold the on/off switch down for a short period of time. Hopefully, after a few minutes, the IHD will reconnect to both meters.

How to Read a Smart Meter?

Your energy supplier receives automatic meter readings from smart meters. Thus, you shouldn’t need to take readings from smart meters.

You will need to take manual meter readings once more if your smart meter stops operating in smart mode. Your meter readings are displayed on some in-home displays. Typically, you’ll have to scroll through the various screens to find them.

Your gas and smart electricity meters both have readings that you can access. The majority of smart meters have a button to turn on the digital display so you can read the numbers.

If you’re unsure, see what your smart meter installer told you in the installation instructions. There may be instructions on your energy provider’s website as well. If not, ask your supplier for directions.

What Should I Do If My In-Home Display is Broken/displaying An Error/has Frozen?

Sometimes, the classic “turn it off and on again” reboot works wonders for IHD problems. If that doesn’t work or the screen is completely frozen, unplug the device for a while to let the battery drain, then plug it back in when you’re ready to resume using it. This should resolve the problem completely.

smart meter not working

Make sure your IHD is positioned as close to the meter as possible before rebooting if it has stopped showing data but is still paired with the meter. After that, give it a day or so to reconnect and resume displaying the correct data.

Simply having run out of battery could be the cause of the IHD display going blank. Connect it to a power source and give it a few minutes to charge. Then press the side’s black on/off button.

If the IHD display is on, but not showing any data, it could be because of one of these reasons:

Your smart meter isn’t close enough to it. If there are no walls between it and the smart meter, then move it within 15 meters of it. Turn it off for one or two minutes before turning it back on.

The IHD can’t properly connect to your home’s network. It might be showing:

  • Connection Lost or Data Lost
  • 1 or both fuels aren’t showing energy use data
  • Cost and Consumption Data is showing as dashes rather than kWh or ┬ús
  • No information at all: Initially, try moving your IHD nearer the meter. Do not be concerned if it still fails to connect properly; most problems will resolve themselves in a day or two. If they don’t, try using our forum’s troubleshooting guide or contacting us through our live chat option.
  • Signal issues. Unfortunately, not every home has smart meters that are compatible with IHDs. Your engineer will try their best to get it all set up for you, but if your smart meter is in “dumb mode”, it can’t connect to the IHD.

You might need an additional engineer visit if none of the aforementioned situations apply to your IHD. IHD will be blank while you wait, but keep in mind that your smart meter and home are still receiving power. To schedule an engineer, contact our support staff.

Can My Supplier Switch My Smart Meter to Prepayment?

smart meter not working

Prepayment meters may occasionally be installed for customers by suppliers. Energy providers have the option of remotely putting smart meters into prepayment mode.

Energy providers are only permitted to switch customers to prepayment plans after confirming that doing so is appropriate. Companies that want to go through this process must adhere to certain rules.

However, in November 2022, the UK’s energy regulator, Ofgem, sent a letter to all energy providers informing them that it had received reports that this process was unfair and that it had taken place with little advance notice.

In order to prevent customers from being switched to prepayment inadvertently, it advised energy executives that immediate action was required.

Any time your smart meter is put into prepayment mode, your energy provider must give you seven days’ notice. The switch must be acceptable to them.

Additionally, they must be able to demonstrate that the switch won’t have any negative effects on your health. To do this, they must, for example, confirm that you are not vulnerable or listed on the Priority Services Register.

You have the right to file a complaint if you believe your supplier forced you to pay in advance in an unfair manner. Start by making a formal complaint to the provider itself, and if the issue isn’t resolved after eight weeks, you can take your complaint to the energy ombudsman.

Conclusion: Smart Meter Not Working

As a result, we sincerely hope that our guide to the most common smart meter issues has already been helpful to you if your smart meter isn’t functioning. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequent problems with smart meters, including error codes, warning lights, In-Home Display (IHD) glitches, and things that go bump in the night.

We will assist you if you leave comments below if you can’t find the answer to your particular question here.


How Do I Get My Smart Meter to Work Again?

If your smart energy monitor stops working, check the mains power cable is inserted correctly and that your power supply is switched on at the wall. Try using batteries if it’s still not working. If batteries don’t solve the issue, your smart meters might be the culprit.

Why is My Smart Meter Not Showing Any Readings?

It indicates that your smart meter is connected and operating properly if you can see regular meter readings on your online account. If readings aren’t appearing (or haven’t in more than 3 days), it’s more likely there’s a connection issue with your smart meter: just get in touch and we’ll check it out.

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