TECO 2030 Completes First Fuel Cell Module 400 Component Procurement

TECO 2030 Completes First Fuel Cell Module 400 Component Procurement

TECO 2030 has finished purchasing the first part of a 400-fuel cell module.

TECO 2030 (OSE: TECO, OTCQX: TECFF, ISIN: NO0010887516) has chosen all major component suppliers and acquired all necessary components for the first fuel cell modules (FCM400). As a result, the first units of the FCM400 are prepared for assembly and the development of the device is almost finished.

All functional components will be frozen as part of the layout release to make room for additional simulation and fine-tuning of the solutions. During Q2, the first FCM400 will be put together at AVL’s facility in Graz, Austria, in preparation for its scheduled operation in the sophisticated testbed for thorough simulation.

The fuel cell development project is now moving from the design engineering phase to the build and validation phase. During Q3 2023, the FCM400 will finish running the advanced testbed.

The FCM400 is a key component of TECO 2030’s Fuel Cell Power System and helps the company run heavy-duty and marine applications with zero emissions. A 400kW electrical capacity is a limit for the system.

Tore Enger, Group CEO, of TECO 2030, said: “The achievement of the milestone shows that the product’s specifics have matured and is a step toward realizing our ultimate product design.”

“In other words, a clear indication of development progressions as we move into a new step in the development project timeline, according to our schedule”.

“For heavy-duty and marine applications, zero-emission fuel cell power sources are soon to be available on the market, and we are prepared to offer our clients fuel cells that are performing like never before. The FCM400 will undoubtedly become a propulsion game-changer in the marine industry,” Enger concludes.

TECO 2030 completes first FCM400’s component procurement, Lysaker, Norway, January 10, 2023

Reference:  https://hydrogen-central.com/teco-2030-completes-first-fuel-cell-module-400-component-procurement/

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