The Average Price of a Used Tesla is Down $18,000 from 6 Months Ago

The Average Price Of A Used Tesla Is Down $18,000 From 6 Months Ago

Teslas have never been more affordable than they are right now.

You might be aware that the cost of used Tesla vehicles has significantly decreased recently. It’s not surprising that the value of used cars is rapidly declining given the significant price reductions on new Teslas (and the short wait times). Nevertheless, it is still surprising how much the price of used Tesla vehicles has dropped.

The average cost of a used Tesla has decreased from $67,915 in July 2022 to $49,967 today, according to a recent CarGurus survey. That represents a decrease of $18,000 (or 26%).

In comparison, the mean price of a used Model Y is $54,930, while the average price of a used Model 3 is currently $40,386. The average used price for the S and X is $53,304, while it is $71,779 for the X.

A high-mileage 2017–2018 Model 3 is now available for less than $25,000 on the market. While 2019 Model 3s with under 60,000 miles can be purchased for about $30,000. Without a doubt, no other used electric car provides the same level of performance, technology, and range for the price.

There are currently few listings below $40,000 for Tesla’s most well-known vehicle, the Model Y, which commands high prices. If you’re interested in a Model Y, your best option is probably to buy a new one since it is now qualified for the $7,500 tax credit.

Used prices truly fell following Tesla’s significant price reductions in January. Facelifted versions of the Model 3 and Y are also anticipated to be unveiled at some point in the upcoming months, though Tesla cited economies of scale as one of the primary reasons for the price reductions.


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