Titan Solar Generator Review 2023: Is It Worth Buying?

Titan Solar Generator Review 2023: is It Worth Buying?

I will discuss all of this solar generator’s capabilities, advantages, and drawbacks in this article.

We’ll examine one of the most well-liked and highly sought-after solar generators available right now, the Titan Solar Generator, to help you weigh your options and select the best solar generator for your needs. The Titan Solar Generator, the largest portable solar generator on the market, is frequently used by prepper groups for off-grid power during a blackout.

Consistently delivering astonishing results, Titan will undoubtedly give its competitors a run for their money. Ready to know more about this powerful and eco-friendly machine? Read on while you fasten your seatbelts!

What is the Titan Solar Generator?

The Titan Solar Generator is a large solar generator that can be charged in around 4 hours via solar power, AC outlet, DC outlet, or a 24V battery expansion. This gives it a variety of charging options and allows you to charge it simultaneously from several different inputs, which accelerates the charging process.

Its stackable lithium-ion batteries, however, are the Titan’s most eye-catching feature. In order to continuously increase the Titan’s overall battery capacity, you can literally stack as many lithium-ion batteries as you like on top of one another. While you could technically stack dozens, experts in the industry recommend you don’t do any more than 6 at once.

This is a very large solar generator — it’s called “Titan” for a reason. I wouldn’t advise taking the Titan camping; it is best used as a home’s backup power source. This thing weighs a whopping 66 lbs. even with just one battery attached. You can’t easily carry it around with you.

Titan Solar Generator Review 2023: is It Worth Buying?

Due in part to its large size, the Titan has many features to boast, including:

  • 2 x solar panels inputs (up to 2000 watts)
  • MPPT charge controller
  • 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter
  • 2 x AC inputs
  • 1 x car cigarette lighter DC input
  • 1 x 24V battery expansion input
  • 4 x DC car cigarette lighter DC outputs
  • 1 x RV 30 amp outlets
  • 6 x 110V AC outputs
  • 6 x smart USB ports
  • Stackable lithium-ion battery packs
  • Around 2,200 wH of continuous power

How Big is the Titan Solar Generator?

Very, very big is the Titan Solar Generator. The weight is 66 lbs. with just the unit and one battery. You are able to add 35 lbs for each additional battery when stacking them. If you’re not careful, it will easily reach 100 pounds or more.

How Much Solar Can You Add to the Titan?

The MPPT charge controller allows this product to charge via solar panels thanks to 2 solar panels input slots that can handle up to 2000 watts at once, allowing for very fast charging. If you’ve got a lot of solar panels at home, then this product is ideal.

Winning Features of the Titan Solar Generator

The needs of the market have not been fully met by the majority of the generators that are currently on the market. Well, that was before the Titan Generator by Point Zero Energy came into the picture. Customers genuinely laud its quality as a game-changer. Here’s why:

Titan Solar Generator Review 2023: is It Worth Buying?

Battery Capacity

Despite its small size and lightweight, the Titan’s lithium-ion battery has a whopping 2,000 watt-hours. Point Zero increased the capacity of this new model while reducing its weight from the original construction. In contrast to its rivals, who can only provide up to 90%, it has a 97% usable capacity, making 2,000 watt-hours always available. Your best option for a premium solar generator is one with a significant increase in wattage.

You might worry that with its Li-ion battery, cell failure, and irreparable damage may be possible. No need to worry or sweat, though! Point Zero has calibrated the Titan’s charging system and capped the charge rate to 1,000-watt, which means charging 2,000 watt hours of energy, which will take about 2 hours.

Other solar generators can hardly beat this intelligent charging system that can handle its battery capacity and performance on its own.

Weight & Portability

No heavier than 65 pounds, the Titan by Point Zero is not light, for it is for more extensive operations. You can separate its compact build into two separate units that weigh only 33 pounds each, which allows for more accessible transport and set up, thanks to its four clasps.

The Titan is a strong beast that can generate an amazing 3,000 watts of continuous AC power output with a 6,000-watt surge thanks to two MPPT charge controllers and an enormous built-in 3,000-watt inverter. With its 97% duty cycle, you can easily power your lights and appliances while camping or in an RV.

Multiple Inputs and Outputs

The Titan also has four 12V DC outputs with a 20 Amp capacity and six 5-watt USB ports that you can use for your various power devices. It also has 2.4 Amps USB Type-C charge ports, which are only provided by a select few manufacturers, including Point Zero. Because standard outlets can support its 3,000-watt capacity, you can plug in unusual electronics without the need for a converter!

Titan Solar Generator Review 2023: is It Worth Buying?

Dual MPPT Charge Controller

What maximum power point tracking or MPPT is designed to do is that it helps your solar generator in producing the most wattage by extending and maximizing the use of solar panels. With the help of MPPT controllers, charging is facilitated while unstable power peaks or voltage spikes that might put too much strain on the battery or harm it are eliminated.

They assist in keeping an eye on and safeguarding the solar panels and batteries they charge by doing. To put it in terms easier to understand, MPPT chargers help you see an increase in the number of watts solar energy produces and gain a bigger percentage of charge from the solar panels, all while lessening the stress, strain, and damage on both the solar cells and batteries.

Investing in a solar generator with two superior MPPT charge controllers will ensure that the solar panels can charge your electronics more effectively, without wasting any energy or harming the batteries. These batteries are more durable than those that don’t have this feature.

What’s more, since the controller is able to take up the excess energy that the solar panels produce, the amount of time you have to spend on charging the battery will also be reduced.

Informative LCD Screen

Solar generators must be able to give their users detailed information about how the solar panels and generators are operating and respond to any queries they may have. As solar generators can be quite complex, prompt feedback is also essential. Because of this need, Titan has an informative LCD display where you can see actual production data over a certain period of time.

The screen shows you not only the current reading for voltage, amps, and watts, but also information related to the specific voltages, temperatures, and charge levels of the battery. Due to its well-documented readout, even users with little to no experience can keep themselves up to date on the situation.

Not to mention, you can use a USB or SD card to download all the information that is available on these displays. Now you can bring them with you wherever you go!

Titan Solar Generator Review 2023: is It Worth Buying?

RV Charging

What makes it stand out from the other solar generators previously manufactured by Point Zero is that the new Titan Generator is designed to charge RV and automotive batteries alike. Because the necessary plug-ins to recharge high-capacity vehicles could not be accommodated, other products on the market were not included.

Equipped with a 30-amp RV plug, it allows you to completely power up your RV or a comparable vehicle to the hilt. And thanks to its unrivaled 3,000 watts of AC power and a 97% real-world duty cycle, this solar generator is perfect for charging your Batteries from RVs and cars, as well as living outdoors, which are common.

This massive solar generator is most definitely the best choice for supplying power to any type of lifestyle you may have with such an amazing output and so many cutting-edge features.

Inverter Size

The Titan is intended to be a dependable, feature-rich generator that can do it all. To ensure stable electricity, it has a Pure Sine Wave inverter with an upgraded electronic voltage regulator system (EVR).

Because the voltage of the systems is modified according to various appliances, the inverter also lets you connect and effectively operate a wide range of circuits and appliances that are from 300 to 6000 watts. This stability is achieved thanks to the EVR since the various circuits are monitored so that dangerous electrical fluctuations can be prevented.

Customer Service & Warranty

Point Zero makes sure that unparalleled support is provided to all of its customers, from the moment they place an order and even until years after the purchase. With an excellent customer service team who responds quickly and politely to all of its customers’ concerns and queries within just 24-48 hours, each buyer is sure to have a pleasant experience.

Additionally, for a period of two years following purchase, all products are warranted to be free from manufacturer flaws. Therefore, no matter what the circumstance, Titan’s warranty cannot be revoked!

Titan Solar Generator Review 2023: is It Worth Buying?

Cons of Titan Solar Generator

The Titan solar generator is among the best on the market right now, but it does have some minor flaws like any other product. The following are some drawbacks of the Titan Solar Generator.

It’s Expensive

With a price tag of about USD 3,000, the Titan is one of the priciest solar generators available. If you’re a serious prepper and are knowledgeable about the specifications of generators, then you’d know why this product has such a high price point. But then again, with this many features on a solar generator, you might wonder if you would even use them all, as Titan provides. For me, it is always preferable to have modern features than to purchase an old product.

It’s Huge and Quite Heavy

The Titan weighs 31 pounds by itself, but 66 pounds when one battery is added. Its entire selling point is now the ability to stack many batteries on top of one another to exponentially increase the power capacity. When fully assembled, the unit weighs 70 pounds, but each modular part weighs only 35 pounds, making transportation easier.

To be clear, however, 241 pounds is about 50 pounds more than my actual weight. You’ll need a trolley, a lot of help, or to disassemble the generator entirely to move that anywhere. You will simply have to follow the necessary procedures if taking it downstairs is the only way to access your kitchen.

It’s Quite Loud

With its loud fans and continuously circulating ventilation system, Titan is also one of the solar-powered generators that makes a lot of noise.

If you’re using this as a backup power source, noise may not be an issue, but some people may find it bothersome, especially if you have sleeping, kids. When we’re dealing with the effects of a blackout and under stress, we need as few obtrusive noises as possible. However, Titan is practically as silent as a mouse when compared to the conventional gas-powered generator.

Titan Solar Generator Review 2023: is It Worth Buying?

Ridiculously Advanced Features

6 In the event of a power failure, does this device have four DC outputs, six USB ports, and slots for AC power? Some individuals might consider it a little excessive, but not me! This generator can even go as far as producing energy for Coachella instead of just trying to power a few things in my house! (a joke of course)

Some folks may find this product overkill but this is where we are leading in any way. It is very helpful to have multiple inputs and outputs on a solar generator because you never know what might happen and it might end up saving you.

Charging While Using the Titan

Remember with the Titan you can have your solar panels up and charge the system while you are using it (during the day). Therefore, if you have 10 of the 100-watt solar panels charging at full capacity (during the height of the sun’s rays), you will have 1,000 watts being added to the system to offset the energy you are using.

In the case of this example, if you were using less than 1,000 watts, you would be recharging the battery rather than using it up. Hopefully, that was clear.

Customers Reviews

Although I have my own opinions, I’m the only one person looking for a product that meets my requirements. To give you an idea of other people’s opinions on Titan, I’ve taken quotes from reviews written by other people.

  1. The Titan from Point Zero might be the most versatile portable solar generator on the market! The Titan offers dependable solar backup power in any circumstance because it was constructed with highly effective and high-quality components.
  2. Titan Solar Generator was promoted offering 3,000 watts of continuous power output. This is accomplished with 2 lithium batteries, according to the specifications. So… we are facing another change. Why not declare a continuous power output of 1,500 watts???
  3. Overall, the Titan offers incredible and effective features that are unmatched by any other product. With the knowledge that it is charged, you can use your Titan system whenever you want. Simply put, if you accurately measure your input and output of power, you can use it every day.

Conclusion: Titan Solar Generator Reviews

Therefore, the Titan Solar Generator is the best backup solar generator I have seen on the market. It has a stronger inverter and better AC, DC, and RV port amp use allowances.

While the Titan has its advantages in terms of durability and sheer size, it’s such an impractical battery that it’s hard for me to recommend. If you’re just trying to get your home through a power cut, you simply don’t need this much power.


Can a Titan Solar Generator Power a House?

The Titan is big enough and powerful enough to act as an entire home backup system. There is no need to market it as a “portable” solar generator. Although it is ideal for a device to be extremely portable, it is reasonable to expect a device with this much power to weigh more than average.

Is Titan a Good Generator?

The Titan from Point Zero might be the most versatile portable solar generator on the market! The Titan offers dependable solar backup power for any circumstance and is constructed with high-quality and incredibly efficient components. Titan Solar Generator was promoted offering 3,000 watts of continuous power output.

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