Wasserstein Solar Panel Review 2023: is It Good?

Wasserstein Solar Panel Review 2023: is It Good?

Read this Wasserstein solar panel review before you buy this product.

Although most people agree that Arlo security cameras are effective at what they are designed to do, the batteries deplete too quickly. To prevent the battery from being drained, Arlo developed a solar panel accessory. However, the Arlo Pro solar panel is not inexpensive, so the search for cheaper solar panels is ongoing. So far, the Wasserstein solar panel appears to be the front-runner.

Now, let’s review Wasserstein solar panel!

Performance of Wasserstein Solar Panel

The Wasserstein solar panel runs as well as you’d expect it to. First off you’ll get the best results if you use it with the Arlo Pro, Pro 2 and Arlo Go as it’s designed for those. Waiting for the charge to reach 100% is all that is required once the cord is plugged in.

Charge time ranges from a few hours to a day or two. It depends on the amount of sunlight, the placement of the panel, and how low the camera battery is. Naturally, the faster the panel charges, the less depleted the battery is. However, it should only take a few hours for the charge indicator to start rising if there is enough sunlight.

Numerous reviewers claim that the solar panel is defective, does not charge, etc. Our experience has shown that poor solar panel placement is typically to blame. The charging area needs to be completely free of any obstructions. One leaf landing on the panel can cause the charge to be slowed down or stopped altogether.

Wasserstein Solar Panel Review 2023: is It Good?

The battery is another element that has an impact on performance. As we mentioned in our Arlo Solar Panel review, these solar panels are most effective if the battery is fully charged. Yes, the camera can be operated from the panel. However, it’s preferable to charge the battery completely before keeping the camera attached to the panel.

Doing that ensures continuous charge without using any battery power. Both the Arlo Pro and the Wasserstein are affected by this. You can use this solar panel to its full potential in this manner. The panel will continue to charge for as long as there is sunlight—and no shade or obstruction—and no shade.

This solar panel has no issues powering the camera. Even though the solar panel is made by a different company, there are no errors and the device behaves exactly as it should. That shouldn’t be shocking given that Wasserstein claimed compatibility. However, results might differ if you try this with the Arlo Pro 3. It might still be able to produce solar energy. Sure, but you’ll know why if it stops working or gives you an error message.

Does it actually work, despite Wasserstein’s claims that it is compatible with Arlo cameras? Yes, it does, but its performance depends entirely on how much sunlight it gets. If you decide to purchase this, there are a few compatibility issues to take into account.

According to Wasserstein, the Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Go cameras are all compatible with this solar panel. Arlo Light can also be used with it. There is no official support for the Arlo Pro 3 however. That means there is no guarantee that the solar panel will function, whether it does or not.

Customers have noted that Arlo cameras frequently disallow the use of products from other manufacturers. Even after trying several different solar panel brands, the camera still only displays an error message stating that the solar panel is incompatible. Since Wasserstein appears to be the only product that functions consistently, it has become the best Arlo Pro solar panel substitute.

Features and Specifications of Wasserstein Solar Panel

Wasserstein Solar Panel Review 2023: is It Good?

The solar panel’s position can be easily changed thanks to the 360-degree mount. In order to receive the most sunlight and charge, panel positioning is essential, as everyone is aware. With the mount, you can rotate the solar panel precisely where it needs to be to capture sunlight.

The USB cord is functional. It could have gone on longer, but there aren’t any extension cords available. However, at 6 feet (2.4 meters), that ought to be adequate. You don’t really want the camera too far from the solar panel. The further the cord, the more energy gets lost during the transfer. Long cords also cause charging to go more slowly. Here are some more suggestions to hasten electronic device charging, while we’re on the subject.

The solar panel is small in size and feels sturdy in construction. It, the mount, and the other parts are all weatherproof. Yes, the micro USB cord is included. Waterproofing the cord is something Wasserstein actually wants to patent.

The panel consists of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells for optimum results. This means that even with only a few hours of sunlight, solar charging will proceed more quickly. High-quality photovoltaic cells also enable continuous charging during the winter. That is at least the intended outcome. We’ll examine its performance in more detail in the section on performance.

What’s Included?

The package comes with:

  • 1 solar panel
  • Micro USB cord
  • User manual
  • 3x wall anchors and screws
  • 1 360-degree mounting bracket

Installation and Setup of Wasserstein Solar Panel

Wasserstein Solar Panel Review 2023: is It Good?

The user manual provides straightforward instructions that are simple to follow. Installing solar panels couldn’t be simpler if you’ve used solar power before.

  1. Mount the solar panel outside by taking it.
  2. The solar panel should now be mounted. Locate a sunny area without any shade to block the sun, secure it, and place it there. Place the solar panel there.
  3. Use the micro USB cord to connect the camera to the panel.

That’s it. You can leave the panel and camera there and let it charge. Once charged you can use the camera like before. The battery won’t discharge because it is now powered by solar energy, which is the only difference. When the panel is no longer receiving sunlight or when the camera is unplugged, you will only use the battery.

Customers Reviews

Always varying are the customer reviews. One buyer said the product couldn’t connect well with Arlo cameras, “As far as I can tell, the panel functions properly at first…but after a time – it causes both cameras connected to the system by Arlo Pro and Pro2 to lose sync.”

Another customer compared the Arlo Solar Charger with the one from Wasserstein and said, “Both panels seem to be performing equally well, but there is a HUGE difference in price. This makes the Wasserstein panel the undisputed champion in this field.”

Conclusion: Wasserstein Solar Panel Review

Is the Wasserstein solar panel therefore worthwhile? Get the Arlo Solar Panel first, if money isn’t an issue. Since it was created especially for Arlo cameras, compatibility problems won’t ever arise. Second, there’s no guarantee the Wasserstein solar panel works with the Arlo Pro 3 so there’s a risk it won’t charge. Then again it could work, it’s up to you.

That’s all, please read this review once more before purchasing a Wasserstein solar panel. We have more solar product reviews you may be interested in:


Do Wasserstein Solar Panels Need Direct Sunlight?

There will be less downtime for your Google Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery) with the Wasserstein solar panel. With sufficient direct sunlight, the Your Google Nest Cam’s battery (whether it’s indoor or outdoor) is trickle-charged by the Wasserstein Solar Panel, and the camera is powered by the battery charge.

How Long Does It Take to Charge Wasserstein Solar Panel?

It quickly charged it up to 100% within about half an hour.

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