Why Do People Tap The Tesla Charger?

Why Do People Tap The Tesla Charger?

Learn why people tap the Tesla charger and how to do that.

There is a peculiar thing Tesla drivers do before charging their cars, and you may have seen it in person or online. Before starting to charge, they tap their car at least once, but usually several times. The Tesla cigarette lighter cable only needs to be connected once, and the Tesla home battery can then be used to charge the vehicle. People tap the Tesla charger to make it open.

Continue reading for details if you’re interested in tapping the Tesla charger.

Why Do People Tap The Tesla Charger?

There are some reasons that can explain why people tap the Tesla charger.

Tapping The Tesla Charger To Activate The Charger

Not all chargers will experience this, but there are some instances in which the charger won’t turn on after being inserted. You repeatedly tap your charger nozzle on the back of your car to solve this issue.

It ought to start charging after you put it back in. It’s unclear if this is by design or if there is a flaw in the charger’s construction that can be fixed by repeatedly tapping it. Many Tesla drivers have never needed to perform this.

Tapping The Tesla Charger To Open Charger Port At Non-Tesla Charging Points

The second reason why Tesla drivers tap their cars before charging is that this is one of several ways to open the charging port, especially if you are at a non-Tesla charging port.

Why Do People Tap The Tesla Charger?

When using a Tesla charger, you have the choice of pressing a button that unlocks the door of your charger port. However, these features won’t be available at non-Tesla charging stations.

The charging door will need to be opened in these situations by repeatedly tapping your car near the taillight area.

To Remove Debris From Charger Hole

Debris may have accumulated in the charging hole, which is another typical cause. Debris that may have accumulated in the charging hole can be easily removed by tapping the charger.

This happens frequently in outdoor charging stations because of the elements and the volume of users. In the end, debris gathering in the charger is a situation that is unavoidable.

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How To Tap The Tesla Charging Port?

For better charging, there are several ways you can tap the Tesla charging port:

Tapping With Key Fob Or Phone

Both the mobile app and your Key FOB can be used to open the port from the dashboard. Use a key FOB or phone to unlock the door if you forget to do so from the dashboard. The charger pot door will open when you tap one of them on it.

By Using The Display Panel

Through the display panel, the Tesla charging port can be opened. This can be done by clicking on the charging icon in the image, which will cause the charging port to be revealed. Re-click on the charging icon to close it.

why do people tap the tesla charger

By Using The Charger Handle

You can use the handle of the Tesla charger in place of tapping it to open the charging port. Press the charger handle until the port unlocks to accomplish this.

By Pushing The Port Cover

Pushing the charging cover will reveal your Tesla’s charging port. Comparatively speaking, tapping the charger is much more difficult than this.

What Is A Tesla Charger?

A Tesla charger is essentially a wall outlet that enables the Tesla to recharge in 30 minutes or less. The connector used by Tesla cars and the Tesla charger is the same.

Because a Tesla charger has more power and can charge a Tesla six times faster than other charging stations, it is superior to other charging stations. Three ports on a Tesla charger enable it to be connected to automobiles.

Six ports on the charger are used to connect charging cables from a wall outlet to the cars. The ability to quickly charge their Tesla and carry on with their work makes using a Tesla charger a great way to save time for busy car owners.

Instead of waiting for their car to charge for hours, they can drive. Once more, three cards can be charged simultaneously by a Tesla charger. Therefore, even if there are no cars around at the time, you are not required to use the outlet.

How Does The Tesla Charger Work?

Typically, a cord connects the Tesla charger to the vehicle’s battery. The Tesla cigarette lighter is where this cord is then connected. The Tesla charger begins charging the vehicle once it is connected.

One of the Tesla charger’s ports can be plugged into your car while the other is being charged because each port has a different charger. The ability to charge at least six vehicles with the Tesla charger is a significant benefit.

In order to recharge your car using the Tesla charger, you can leave it parked there while using the outlet for other purposes.

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This is because the Tesla’s home battery charges the vehicle as you plug it in. Buying a Tesla charger is a must if you want to reduce your electricity costs.

For drivers who travel frequently, the Tesla charger is portable and practical. With the Tesla portable charging station, you can recharge your vehicle wherever there is a standard electrical outlet.

Benefits Of The Tesla Charger

Less electricity is produced to power the vehicle when using the Tesla charger. Several advantages are provided by this. Because electricity is now produced without the use of coal or gas, using a Tesla charger, for example, reduces CO2 emissions.

The Tesla charger charges a single car in less than 30 minutes, so only a small amount of electrical infrastructure is required to run the Tesla. A Tesla charger also uses fewer natural resources because it requires smaller batteries.

Utilizing a Tesla charger has yet another advantage in that it necessitates lighter vehicles, further increasing energy efficiency. Additionally, using a Tesla charger saves time and money.

Considering that the charger has a fast Tesla charging speed, the charging process only lasts a little under 30 minutes. Again, purchasing a Tesla charger will result in a lower overall electricity bill.

Final Words: Better Charging Your Tesla

The aforementioned advice will be of great assistance to those who are interested in learning why Tesla owners typically take chargers. The cover can be opened by tapping or pushing on it, which is one of the many ways to access the Tesla charging port.


Do You Have to Tap the Charger on a Tesla?

Whenever the motor mechanism is functioning properly, that is. Of course, there are other methods for gaining access to the charge port. You can tap the “bolt” icon on the screen of your Tesla following parking and unlocking your doors.

Why Do You Have to Double-tap a Tesla Charger?

It helps line up the electrons so that they can feed into the car in the most efficient manner possible. A longer recharge session results from the electrons tending to collect at the charge port if this is not done.

Why Do Tesla Owners Tap the Tail Light?

When Tesla owners tap the panel that resembles a tail light component on their vehicles, they are actually tapping the panel rather than the tail light itself.

In order to charge their electric vehicles, most Tesla owners prefer to use this method, which involves opening Tesla’s charging point.

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