Why Does My DeWalt Battery Not Charging? Fixes

why does my dewalt battery not charging

Is the DeWalt battery as dead as a doornail? Then, in this article, you’ll discover tips that can help you breathe new life into it.

DeWalt offers a variety of power tools and woodworking tools with rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery packs so you won’t have to deal with electrical extension cords or searching for an electrical outlet.

It’s the last thing you want to discover when you go to use your DeWalt drill that the battery hasn’t been changed. Charger or battery-related problems can cause problems when it comes to charging.

One of the first things to think about if your DeWalt drill is having battery problems is that your battery is dead. Your battery can no longer be properly charged if it is dead. Batteries have a limited lifespan, particularly in tools that you use frequently. Resetting your charger can frequently solve the problem if it is your charger that is the issue.

4 Ways to Save Your Dead DeWalt Battery

Are your DIY plans being hampered by a dead battery? After putting the battery on charge, you spent some time going about your daily activities. You came back prepared to begin drilling, fired up. The drill did not start when you turned it on. It’s game over for the battery.

But there may be something you can do before you grab the battery and throw it into the trash with all of your might. Most of the time, a DeWalt battery can be revived. We’ll look at four options in this article. View them in the section below.

Method #1 Clean the Contacts

So let’s begin by fixing your DeWalt battery using the simplest technique possible. That is, to inspect and thoroughly clean your contacts. Sometimes all your battery requires to get it working again is a thorough cleaning of the contacts. This will spare you from having to tear apart the battery or flip the garage upside down in an effort to locate your multimeter.

For the reasons listed below, you might need to clean the battery contacts on your DeWalt tool.

  • It has rusted contacts. Rust prevents the battery from being able to charge.
  • It’s dirty on the contacts. The battery cannot be charged properly if they are dirty.

So what can you do to address these issues? Do the following if your contacts are rusty.

  1. Scrub the contacts gently on the battery and the charger with sandpaper*. Continue doing this until there is no more rust on them.
  2. Check to see if the tool charges by connecting it to the charger. If not, move on to the following strategy.

*NOTE: Fine sandpaper with grit between 320 and 400 should work for this task.

What to do if your contacts are dirty is as follows.

  1. Use a clean rag to wipe over the contacts on the battery and the charger. Make sure all the grime, dust, and dirt are completely gone.
  2. To check if it charges, connect the tool to the charger. Proceed to the next approach if it doesn’t.

Method #2 Charge the Battery Slowly With Mini Boosts

why does my dewalt battery not charging

You’ve cleaned the contacts, but your DeWalt battery still won’t charge. And now for the following strategy. Specifically, gradually boosting the battery charge.

But exactly what does that mean? The battery can be awakened from its sleep by gradually charging it. Just enough charge is added to the battery to enable proper use of the charger.

Exactly why is this required?

If your battery won’t charge normally, it’s too flat to be safe for charging. This occurs if you use the tool until the battery is nearly dead and then leave it unplugged for a few days. A little more information about what transpires when your battery goes into sleep mode is provided in the graph below.

The battery gets a gradual boost by intermittently connecting it to a power source for just 2 or 3 seconds. It continues doing this until it is no longer in the sleep zone. So tell me, how do you do it? Examine the actions that come next.

  1. For a period of 2 to 3 seconds at a time, connect the battery to a power source. Remove the battery from the power source after a couple of seconds. Just prior to the lights turning on, you should disconnect the battery.
  2. For a maximum of 30 minutes, repeat step 1. The battery ought to receive sufficient power from this so that you can use a standard charger.

Method #3 Connect the Battery to Another Battery

You can pass the charge from a charged battery to a flat battery using this technique. By doing this, you’ll be able to charge the flat battery normally with enough power.

Here’s how to get going when you’re ready to.

You Will Need:

  • DeWalt battery that won’t charge
  • Another battery (preferably another DeWalt battery)
  • Two pairs of scissors*

NOTE: Instead of scissors you can also use 2 unfolded paper clips or 2 razor blades

Do the following after gathering your tools.

  1. Use one pair of scissors to connect the positive terminal to the positive terminal*. (or a razor blade or a paper clip).
  2. Use the other pair of scissors to connect the negative terminal to the negative terminal
  3. Leave the scissors in place for 5 minutes
  4. The flat battery should now have enough power to be recharged normally, so remove the scissors.

Remember to double-check which terminals you are connecting. Positive and negative interactions should be made in pairs, and vice versa. If you do this incorrectly, the battery risk receiving long-term damage.

why does my dewalt battery not charging

Compared to reading the book, would you prefer to watch the movie? Then watch this practical tutorial video, which will walk you through each of the aforementioned steps.

Method #4 Connect the Battery to An AC Adapter

You’re going to construct miniature booster cables for the following technique. Your battery will be revived by these cables. You will have to part ways with one of your AC adapters for this. Use an old AC phone charger for this task if possible.

You will need the following items for this step.

You Will Need

  • An old AC cell phone charger
  • A pair of scissors
  • A wire stripper
  • A very thin screwdriver

Here is the method

  1. Cut the end off of the AC cell phone charger
  2. Use your fingers to pull and separate the two wires
  3. Use a wire stripper to remove the cable covers

WARNING: The black wire is the negative one. Positive electricity flows through the white or striped wire. These cannot be combined. This could harm the battery permanently.

  1. Screws on the DeWalt battery pack can be taken out using a very thin screwdriver. The case for the battery pack should be removed.
  2. Remove the two plastic side pieces
  3. Use your fingers to tease out the battery pack
  4. Plug the AC cell phone charger into an electrical outlet
  5. Use the two wires to “resuscitate” the DeWalt battery. In order to do this, connect the black wire to the negative terminal while connecting the white or striped wire to the positive terminal.

Make sure you are touching negative to negative and positive to positive.

  1. For one minute, switch on and off the wires at the terminal. This should be enough to charge the battery slightly
  2. Put the plastic cover back over the battery pack
  3. Place the battery pack to charge
  4. If the battery doesn’t begin to charge, remove the cover and repeat step 8 for another minute

DeWalt Charger Red Light Meaning

why does my dewalt battery not charging

The battery is simply charging, as the phrase implies. Wait until the battery is fully charged before unplugging the charger. The light will turn green to let you know when the battery is charged. Not all DeWalt chargers are like this.

For instance, the DeWalt Support Page states that a DeWalt charger will continuously blink to indicate that the battery is charging. When charging is finished, the LED will only turn a solid red color. Checking the manual is crucial because of this. If you anticipate that your charger will turn green when it is fully charged, you will be alarmed when the red LED starts to solidify instead of blinking.

Whether the red LED is solid or flashing, keep in mind that red lights are particularly connected to the charging process. Your battery or charger is defective if your batteries are fully charged but the red LED is still flashing. The battery either won’t charge or the charger doesn’t recognize that the battery is full.

DeWalt Charger Orange Light Meaning

An orange light might indicate that the battery is charging. If so, it will turn green when the battery is fully charged. The charger is waiting to charge if the orange light is flashing, indicating that it has detected the battery. Orange may also indicate a Hot/Cold Delay problem. To find out more about what the orange LED means, refer to the manual.

DeWalt Charger Green Light Meaning

Fully charged batteries are indicated by a green light.

You should look for an LED that flashes red and then green. When a battery is being charged, DeWalt chargers frequently blink red. When the charging cycle is complete, the green light will turn on.

The charger has attempted to charge the battery but failed if the LEDs have begun to alternate between a blinking red light and a blinking green light. The battery is most likely flawed.

Never overlook consulting the manual.


There’s nothing more frustrating and time-wasting than a battery that won’t charge. It is frustrating to set it to charge and then return to find that nothing has happened. Now, you learn how to fix the DeWalt charger not charging. Do it right now!

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