Why Does My Tesla Charging Get Interrupted?

Why Does My Tesla Charging Get Interrupted?

You might be curious as to where these problems come from. The causes of these interruptions and potential fixes will therefore be discussed in this article.

Nothing is more inconvenient than a Tesla that stops charging without warning. One could go insane from having to wake up to a car that is flat or only has a very low charge that they believe has been changing all night.

For a number of reasons, such as a corroded charging port, a damaged vehicle battery, the activation of your battery charger limiter, a malfunctioning Tesla, or a burned-out chip, your Tesla may experience interruptions each time you schedule a charge.

The potential charging problems Tesla models may encounter are described in this article.

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What Does the Error Message ‘Charging Interrupted’ Mean on a Tesla?

The maintenance charging performed on your Tesla is probably the cause of the error message that shows ‘charging interrupted.’ Your Tesla will not be charging during this time since the firm is performing maintenance charging on your vehicle.

The process will be finished when your Tesla is fully charged. The transition from one phase to three-phase charging, along with many other factors, contributes to this.

This issue can also be because of a bug in the Tesla firmware. In this case, despite Smart Charging’s best efforts to stop it, your car will continue to charge. Attempt to separately activate and deactivate the departure and charging schedules.

Why Tesla Charging Gets Interrupted With?

Why Does My Tesla Charging Get Interrupted?

You can see here that charging problems with Tesla vehicles occasionally occur. Most faults are not from the company but from these events:

Faulty Superchargers

Tesla is well-known as an electric car, and stations have been situated where this car is used. Because many people are using these public chargers, they can develop faults.

Once you plug in and notice your car is not charging, don’t panic, but allow another person to test the charger. If there is nobody to test it with, you can change stations.

This situation could be demanding, but it’s best to check another charger or a different station for differences. A technician can be called if the problem persists because Tesla is well-built.

Faulty Charging Port

As little as this may seem, this is one of The primary issues with Tesla vehicles. A blocked, faulty, or damaged can be the major reason you’ve been facing charging difficulties all this while.

Your Tesla model’s charging port is one of its delicate components. Any slight intrusion from outside elements can cause charging issues. It would be best if you were careful when removing or plugging in.

Faulty Flash Memory

Your flash memory chip, also known as the ‘ECCM chip,’ can also be faulty. Additionally, this mistake may result in your Tesla car’s charging system performing improperly.

Why Does My Tesla Charging Get Interrupted?

The previous version of this chip couldn’t work effectively because of insufficient memory, but there’s an upgrade.

This upgrade was increased to 8 times higher than the previous version. This version helps stabilize your Tesla’s function to ensure everything works perfectly. Your charging problems could also result from the fact that you haven’t received this upgrade.

Burned-Out Chip

The various parts of your Tesla are covered in numerous chips. The ability for your car to accept an incoming charge is also enabled by one of these chips.

The MultiMediaCard, also known as an eMMC, contains a flash storage chip embedded within it. If you put too much strain on the chip that charges your Tesla, it will burn out. And as a result, your car will experience chaos because the charging may stop suddenly or may not be allowed.

Unfortunately, you cannot resolve this problem on your own. The good news is that you can immediately get in touch with a tech service at Tesla because this is a common problem with Tesla cars.

Faulty Wall Charger

Tesla owners frequently experience this problem, which is very frustrating. This issue can be seen mostly through third-party chargers, especially when many people use one charger.

The way some users are careless with wall chargers makes them worn out and spoils faster. Try buying a new Tesla wall charger on Amazon if the problem is with the current model.

Interruption in Charging

Why Does My Tesla Charging Get Interrupted?

Charging can be interrupted by loose electrical connections, leading to your Tesla not charging. This cause is not vast because power is stable in the countries this company operates.

How to Fix Your Tesla’s Charging Issues?

We are aware of how frustrating and difficult these problems can be. Below is a list of fixes for your Tesla’s charging issues:

Contact Support

You should get in touch with Tesla’s Technical Support as soon as you notice a problem with your Tesla vehicle, especially if it has to do with the charging port.

It’s possible that your Tesla car has an electrical or software problem that is preventing it from charging. So, if this is the case, your only option is to contact a Tesla technician to fix it.

Although calling them on the phone might put you off (for fear of a poor customer experience). The best course of action would be for you to not worry; they are accommodating and will take care of everything for you. You can always contact Tesla on their hotline: 1-888-518-3752.

You will need to bring your vehicle to a Tesla shop for a support visit, though, if you are unable to resolve the problem over the phone. They’ll help you make this arrangement.

Examine the Charger

Check for any potential damage to your Tesla charger as well. Check it carefully for any corrosion or damage (to the chip, port, etc.) signs.), then check that the connector’s green light is on before plugging it in.

Why Does My Tesla Charging Get Interrupted?

We’re here to help if you need clarification on what the various lights on your EV connector mean. When you’re certain that the problem isn’t with your charger, you can be certain that your car is to blame.

In a similar vein, if you are using a public charger and discover any damage, call the number posted on the charger.

It’s always best to confirm that your electrician properly installed everything if you’re experiencing this problem with your Tesla charger in a new house.

But if a qualified electrician installed it, this shouldn’t be a big deal. The condition of your charger should be checked before plugging it in, though accidents can still happen.

Hit Reset

If you find yourself in this predicament, Tesla’s hidden reset button can be of great assistance. However, before hitting the reset button, you should put your Tesla in “Park” mode.

And then, follow the guide below to achieve a successful reset;

  • Hold the brake pedal down as you get inside your Tesla.
  • Activate the buttons above the scroll wheel while maintaining your grip on the button.
  • Keep everything firmly in place until you notice the screen going black and then turning back on.

Owners of the Tesla Model 3 have a slightly different but much easier reset option. All you have to do is:

After locking all of your car’s doors, go to Control, select Safety and Security, and then turn the power off. After this, you will have to wait for at least five minutes (avoid touching anything during this time).

Why Does My Tesla Charging Get Interrupted?

If your car hasn’t started charging after five minutes, check your doors.

Is It Normal for Tesla Charging to Get Interrupted?

Interruptions during charging on your Tesla vehicle may seem commonplace, but they’re definitely not. And these interruptions could happen for a number of reasons.

They are;

  • glitches with your Tesla car.
  • Your home experiences power outages.
  • a high voltage in the charging outlet.
  • The connector was set up with an excessive charging current by you.
  • The wall connector wire is too short.
  • a faulty electrical connection in your system.
  • irregular ground faults in your charging outlets or circuits.

If you find that any of the aforementioned problems is what’s causing the interruptions, great.

In that case, you should pay close attention to the voltage your mobile app reports right when charging begins.

The charging current may then increase quickly several times before reaching the programmed charging voltage. Always be sure to check these voltage figures. We also explore the charging time of the Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla Model 3Tesla Model S P100DTesla SemiTesla Model STesla Model XTesla Model YTesla Model S Plaid, and Tesla Roadster.


Tesla models are the only electric cars that don’t use gasoline. This car includes a charging port, a wall charger, and other essential components. However, these electric cars can experience charging issues and car dashboards popping error messages.


Is It OK to Interrupt Charging Tesla?

You can charge your electric vehicle in accordance with your power requirement, and you can also interrupt this process at any time.

Why Does My Tesla Home Charger Keep Turning Off?

This could mean that the wall connector itself is bad and may need to be replaced. What to do: Disconnect the circuit breaker (which ought to be labeled), wait five seconds, then reconnect it. If the solid red light continues, note the part number and serial number before getting in touch with Tesla.

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