Why is My Ooze Pen Blinking Green? 4 Fixes

Why is My Ooze Pen Blinking Green? 4 Fixes

If your Ooze pen blinks green, here’s a quick rundown of the causes and fixes.

  1. Charge the pen
  2. Clean the pen
  3. Change the cartridge
  4. Change the battery

If you regularly use an Ooze vape pen, you are aware that it requires 5 clicks to turn it on or off, 3 clicks to change the temperature setting, and 2 clicks to activate the preheat mode. The button on your vape pen will turn green after each click. If your vape battery is blinking green while you aren’t pressing any buttons, however, then something is probably wrong.

We’ll go over the main causes of your Ooze vape pen blinking green in this blog post.

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Ways to Fix Ooze Pen

Before sending the Ooze pen back for repairs, try one of these four solutions to stop the green notification light from flashing.

  1. Charge the pen: One of the causes of the green blinking light on your Ooze pen, as previously mentioned, is a discharged battery. So, if the pen flashes green 10 to 15 times but is still inoperative, plug it into the charger; the pen should then turn green while the charger turns red. The charger will turn green when it has finished charging.
  2. Clean the pen: A connection error, which can be brought on by a leaky cartridge, a cartridge with an odd shape, or damaged coils, is most likely the cause if the pen blinks four to five times but doesn’t function. In this situation, you might try wiping the connectors down with a cotton swab that has been dampened with rubbing alcohol.
  3. Change the cartridge: To avoid damaging your pen as well, it is best to replace a damaged or leaky cartridge with a new one.
  4. Change the battery: If the battery is dead, you must locate a nearby Ooze store or retailer and have the battery for your Ooze pen changed. Learn How to Charge An Ooze Pen Without a Battery.

Why is My Ooze Pen Blinking Green?

There are three main reasons your Ooze vapor pen may be blinking green:

Why is My Ooze Pen Blinking Green? 4 Fixes
  1. You need to charge the dead battery in your vape.
  2. There is a connection problem with your Ooze battery.
  3. The factory delivery of your vape pen was marred by damage.

Your Ooze Vape Pen is Dead and Needs to Be Charged

One of the most common reasons your Ooze pen is blinking green is that the battery has died and needs to be charged. Your Ooze vapor battery will typically flash green 10 to 15 times before it dies. Connect it to the charger first. If the pen lights up green and the charger lights up red, your pen is dead!

The charger light will turn green and the pen light will turn off when your pen has finished charging and has enough battery life to last for several uses. If a dead battery is not your problem and your pen is still blinking, you might be experiencing another common problem: a connection issue.

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Your Vaporizer Pen is Having a Connection Issue

The battery will usually blink green four or five times when there is a connection problem. There are three possible causes of connection problems: leaking cartridges, cartridges of unusual sizes, and deformed coils.

Many pre-filled cartridges leak because of how vape pens are made. Sadly, even a tiny amount of leakage can stop the oil cartridge from properly connecting to your battery. The connection can be fixed using a few simple techniques, fortunately.

The most typical cleaning technique involves dipping a cotton swab’s tip in rubbing alcohol. While doing so will solve the problem, it is never a good idea to have too much liquid near or on your battery. After swabbing both the bottom of the cartridge and the connection point on the battery, wait until both pieces are completely dry before putting them back together and turning them on.

Your Battery Has Been Permanently Damaged

If you’ve tried and ruled out the first two reasons your pen could be blinking green and followed our fix-it tips, your Ooze battery might be permanently damaged. If this is the case, you will have to get a new one and it might even be covered under warranty.

While we fully stand behind every vape battery we produce, irregularities during shipping and handling can potentially damage the battery.

Conclusion: Ooze Pen is Blinking Green

Again, we review these four ways to fix your ooze pen blinking green:

  1. Charge the pen
  2. Clean the pen
  3. Change the cartridge
  4. Change the battery

Hope this blog can help you solve the problem.

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