Why is My Tesla Charger Showing Red? Fixes

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We’ve compiled the troubleshooting advice you require to deal with this scenario either independently or in conjunction with a Tesla-certified electrician.

Your Tesla car isn’t charged when you wake up one day. As a result, the only light on your Tesla Charger wall connector is a red light that is blinking six times when you go outside to see what is wrong.

You should worry about red because it rarely has good intentions. This is what you need to do if you encounter this issue.

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How to Fix a Tesla Charger Flashing Red?

If your car has been charged, it isn’t the vehicle’s fault; instead, you need to go to a supercharger close by. If the red light on the Tesla wall connector is flashing, consult the charger’s manual to determine what it means before repairing the issue.

If the Light is a Solid Red

Your Tesla charger’s solid red light could indicate an internal problem or that the wall connector needs to be changed. This is verifiable by an electrician. The breaker supplying power to your Tesla charger must be turned off and then back on as a troubleshooting measure.

Contact Tesla with the details of your product if nothing has changed and you continue to see the solid red light.

Your Tesla charger may have a GFCI if the red blinking light is red. Start by checking all the components, such as the handle, cable, Wall Connector, and vehicle charge port, for damage or indications of water infiltration.

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Then, make a call to an electrician to make sure the ground wire in the branch circuit is not directly connected to a conductor wire.

A different issue is indicated by two red blinks than by one red blink. It could indicate a ground assurance issue or that a high ground resistance has been found.

To check if your charger is properly grounded or if any physical connections have problems of this nature, contact an electrician.

This denotes a high temperature that your charger has identified.

Look for warmth in the wall connector’s physical components, such as the cable and faceplate. It doesn’t matter if you feel a lot of heat or not; contact an electrician right away to make sure the connector is safe and the conductors are the right size.

Thankfully, four red blinks only indicate a problem with the internet connection. Find the source of this interference by investigating. like a working router, a new password, etc.

The issue ought to be fixed by addressing the cause.

What to do when Tesla Charger is flashing red?

Five red blinks on your Tesla charger could indicate a communication problem with the power-sharing system. Consequently, the charging speed has been decreased. Check for interference and try re-linking your wall connector as you would with four red blinks when troubleshooting this issue.

Six red light flashes indicate an excessive voltage or a defective grid. When using a level 2 charger, the power source should have a nominal voltage of 200–240 volts. Ask an electrician to remove the Wall Connector from the wire box and check the voltage readings.

What Does Red Light on Tesla Charging Port Mean?

A fault is identified if, while charging, the charge port light turns red. For a warning describing the problem, look at the instrument panel or touchscreen.

Even a common occurrence like a power outage can cause a fault. If there is a power outage, charging will resume once the power is back on.

When Do You Need to Call An Electrician Near You?

Your Tesla Charger should be fixed by a Los Angeles electrician if one, two, or three red lights are flashing on it. And here is why:

  • One red light shows that there’s an unsafe current path causing ground fault interruption;
  • Two red lights on the charger unit indicate that there’s a potential high-ground resistance occurring;
  • A high temperature has been detected, as indicated by three red lights.

Note: Overcurrent indicates seven red lights. After lowering the charge current settings on the vehicles, you must get in touch with Tesla if the problem still exists.

In order to check the earth-ground wiring, make sure the conductor sizes and the terminal block adhere to specifications and address these three issues, an electrician with a valid license is required.


If the solid red light continues, note the part number and serial number before getting in touch with Tesla. One red blink, charging disabled due to ground fault circuit interruption caused by an unsafe current path. Check for damage or indications of water intrusion on the handle, cable, Wall Connector, and vehicle charge port.

You can either contact Tesla or schedule an electrician to look at your wall connector for the majority of issues.


Should I Charge My Tesla Every Night?

No, is the quick response to the query. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t charge your electric vehicle every night. In most situations, it is not required. The routine of charging an electric car at night could reduce the battery pack’s lifespan.

Why Did My Tesla Stop Charging?

The plug will only charge the car in spurts if it is only partially plugged in. The charge may begin, but then abruptly come to a stop. The charging plug’s inability to properly connect to the port in your car is to blame for everything.

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