Will Autozone Install My Battery? Types Of Batteries It Installs

Will Autozone Change My Battery? Types Of Batteries It Installs

When you have run out of your car battery, you may wonder whether AutoZone will change and install your battery. Here is the answer.

AutoZone offers various testing and installation services in addition to selling auto parts and accessories. Do batteries get installed at AutoZone? AutoZone does install batteries. AutoZone offers both battery sales and, in the majority of situations, battery installation.

Please read this article to learn more about AutoZone’s battery installation.

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Does AutoZone Install Batteries Or Not?

This retail store offers batteries only when you buy a new car battery from this store only. According to the customer service representatives, every installation service is free of charge, as is the purchase of every new vehicle battery.

However, in certain required situations, AutoZone might decline to install batteries. You will start the battery installation process elsewhere if the associates need to remove parts of the car to complete the installation. Additionally, if the battery is situated in an unusual place, such as inside the wheel or under a seat, this retail and distribution center might decide not to install it.

It provides free battery testing and evaluation while the battery is still inside your car, in addition to the installation process. The services offered by the stores change depending on where they are. Therefore, you must make contact with the closest store before visiting such a location.


Will Autozone Change My Battery? Types Of Batteries It Installs

The battery might need to be installed somewhere else if the installation requires the associate to remove other parts from the vehicle.

Additionally, if the battery is placed in an unusual location, such as under a seat or in the wheel well, AutoZone might not install it. In addition, AutoZone won’t install a car battery that was purchased from a different store, like Walmart or O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Other Battery Services

In addition to installation, AutoZone offers free battery testing while the battery is still in your car and free battery charging while you wait.

You might want to get in touch with your nearby AutoZone before going because store services vary by location. You have 90 days from the date of purchase to return a new car battery if there is a problem.

What Types of Batteries Does AutoZone Install?

There are various kinds of car batteries, and if you currently have one of a particular kind, you might want to replace it simultaneously. The following battery types are among the many that AutoZone sells and installs.

Lead-Acid Batteries

This is one of the most common battery types and one of the most affordable. They have six cells and, when fully charged, have a voltage of 12.6V.

While these batteries are fairly low-maintenance, the electrolytes need to be refilled when they run low. To stop the acid from spilling out, it’s crucial to install these batteries at a vertical angle.

Will Autozone Change My Battery? Types Of Batteries It Installs

Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are a kind of flooded battery that resemble lead-acid batteries. They have a more modern design and do not spill easily. Silica is added to the electrolytes to make them thicker and more gel-like, and calcium is used to stop the acid from leaking out.

Compared to conventional lead-acid batteries, it is a more robust battery and last longer.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Denser material and a thicker shell are features of deep-cycle batteries. They are robust, draw less current, and have a longer lifespan.

Campers, boats, golf carts, and motorcycles frequently use these batteries, also known as marine batteries. They are expensive compared to other types of batteries but have a long lifespan.

How Much Does AutoZone Charge to Install Batteries?

The installation of your battery is free if you purchased it from AutoZone. On the other hand, the battery purchased from another retailer is not refunded. One suggestion is to ask the staff at AutoZone if they can install your battery before you go.

At AutoZone, a car battery costs from 50-200 dollars. The experts at AutoZone will recommend the best options for your needs based on the information about the car model, manufacturing year, and battery type. Selecting from the catalog is advised if you are on a tight budget.

Will Autozone Change My Battery? Types Of Batteries It Installs

The normal range of the battery is from 50-120 dollars. With premium batteries with extended warranties, the cost is 90-200 dollars.

Does AutoZone Charge a Core Fee for Batteries?

Batteries purchased from AutoZone and other auto parts retailers have a core fee. When purchasing a battery or specific other auto parts, you must pay a core fee, which is a refundable deposit.

If you don’t present your old battery at the time of purchase when you buy a new battery from AutoZone, you will be charged a core fee. The core fee will be deducted from the cost of the new battery if you exchange your old one, bringing down the price of the new battery.

Does AutoZone Recycle and Buy Old Batteries?

It’s true that AutoZone accepts used batteries for recycling. For this service, the shops even give customers store credit and gift cards. Batteries should not be thrown into the trash. There are strict laws in some places regarding battery disposal at AutoZone.

Additionally, AutoZone does buy used batteries. The old batteries are not paid by cash but can be exchanged for the core fee when buying a new one. The stores will provide a store credit and gift cards if you don’t purchase a new battery while giving AutoZone the old ones.

Does AutoZone Offer the Battery Charging Service?

Battery charging is available at AutoZone. The shops provide this service free of charge. Therefore, employees will check the battery’s health before charging to avoid wasting space and time charging a bad or damaged battery.

This service is still provided for batteries not purchased at AutoZone. The battery needs anywhere between two and three hours to fully charge, depending on capacity. While you wait for the battery to charge, you could browse the shop, go somewhere else, or leave and pick it up later.

A small number of batteries can be charged simultaneously by customers at some AutoZone locations. The service is provided on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.

Wrapping Up: Does AutoZone Install Batteries?

AutoZone frequently includes installing car batteries in the scope of their free service. Batteries are installed at no cost by AutoZone. The client must purchase all new batteries from their store, and that’s the only requirement.

In less than 15 minutes, it completes the installation of a battery. They have taken out complicated battery installations, which call for taking out a few car parts.

You could save time and money if you read this post in advance about AutoZone’s battery installation service.


Do You Tip AutoZone for Installing the Battery?

I can genuinely say no because I used to work there. They should do that whether it’s a battery, wipers, or even bulbs.

How Long Does It Take AutoZone to Install a Battery?

Employees at AutoZone can install a battery in a flash. It usually only takes about 15 minutes to install a battery. The installation of batteries in various types of vehicles is a skill that employees receive training in, though some may be faster at it than others.

You can also install the battery yourself and ask an employee at AutoZone to check it for you.

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